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". . . it erases the borders, slips through the hands, you can barely hear it, but it teaches us the heart. Filiation, token of election confided as legacy, it can attach itself to any word at all, to the thing, living or not, to the name of herisson, for example . . ."

--Derrida, "Che cos'e la poesia?" ("What Is Poetry?")

"`Are herisson--herissons messengers like eagles?' `Like what, Rose-of-the-Alps?' `Are herissons, I mean, mixed up like eagles with stories out of Greek books?' Now Doctor Berne Blum was an odd sort of person. Most people laughed when you asked them questions . . . or said, `Little girls shouldn't ask such things' . . . or pretended not to have heard, and talked about something else or just went out and whispered (rather loudly) behind closed doors, `Now what does one tell a child about such matters?' Doctor Berne Blum wasn't like any of these people. He said: `Little Rose-of-the-Alps, that is a most important question.'"

--H.D., The Hedgehog
now available:

Chaim Soutine
Bob Perelman


Three Poets
Pam Rehm
Nick Lawrence
Carla Billitteri



The Dream Poems
Thad Ziolkowski

jetting I commit the immortal spark
Benjamin Friedlander
notes toward an essay
on Frank O'Hara

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