Language aLive
Sound & Language announce the publication of the first of a series of 5 books given over to presenting
writing for Live action
or developed through Live action
or directly related to Live action.
Language aLive presents the materials themselves, unmediated by critical discourse or academic frameworks. Language aLive is a Primary Resource for writing and performance. Its focus is purposefully on Language and on ways in which inter-disciplinary artists are transforming language through their attentions.

The first issue (88pp plus full colour wraparound cover) features:

- Fiona Templeton ('Titova Balcony Speech' & 'King Verdict')

- Forced Entertainment ('Speak Bitterness')

- Fiona Wright ('Jonah Touching Jonah' documents)
Forthcoming issues (two and three will appear in February / March '96) will include work by:
Brian Catling / Man Act / Caroline Bergvall / Aaron Williamson & Tertia Longmire / Gary Stevens / Carla Harryman / Steve Benson / Robert Overson / Kip Fulbeck / Donna Rutherford / Eric Belgum

'Many of those being published by Language aLive clamber deliberately in the hybrid cracks between conventional categories such as drama, literature, music and dance.

The syntax in these books won't necessarily re-present vernacular speech, nor conform to conventional sentence formations.These writings often have more in common, in terms of how their language materials are processed, with movement or sound-based compositions, with film and video editing techniques, with technological modes of production, with interventions into architextural space.
In each case they do not tell their whole story.

Language aLive is an open exploration into ideas towards the construction of 'an' anthology of primary sources that can can be used as materials for study and as blueprints for performance exploration.

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