Rune Hunter RUNE HUNTER will be an electronic poetry journal published by me and appearing on an irregular basis. Its purpose is to deliver the highest quality poetry available to the widest possible audience through the use of the Internet with the aim to reintroduce the general public to what poetry is, who writes it, and its power to make ordinary lives extraordinary.

Preference will be given to shorter, lyric poetry of power and insight, but excellence is the first criterion for publication. Submissions should be e-mailed to in ascii, unencoded and uncompressed. Snail-mail submissions may be sent to Philip Brashear, 3771 Camelot Drive #253, Lexington KY 40517. Payment will be in copies only. RUNE HUNTER claims only first North American serial rights, but requests that future appearances of a work acknowledge its initial appearance in RUNE HUNTER. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but previously published work is not.

Subscriptions are available free upon request, and sample copies will be provided free as well as soon as they exist.
This is a new publication, so it will be some time before the first issue appears. Keep this in mind when submitting your work. I anticipate a response time of no more than a week or two, but this may vary widely depending on such factors as my school responsibilities, my son's health, etc.

Questions may be directed to or to me at (606)273-7557.