Talisman's Gerrit Lansing Issue "Talisman's Gerrit Lansing Issue"
The Gerrit Lansing issue of Talisman just arrived:

I. Gerrit Lansing section: Lansing's "In Erasmus Darwin's Generous Light" -- Essays/New Work by Featherston, Foster, Killian, Podgurski, Schelb, Stein, Stroffolino,

II. New Work by Albon, Alexiou (trans. Kostos), Cherkovski, Cigale, Cornford, Davidson, Ellis, English, Featherston, Geranis (trans. Kostos), Glazier, Henning, High, Hunt, Hunter, Kalamaras, Kalleberg, Keckler, Kelley, Lazar, Lease, Lovell, Lubeski, Mac Low, Marshall, Mossin, Needell, Perlman, Ramsdell, Retsov, Rubenstein, Samuels, Schwartz, Selby, Shurin, Sobin, Stoloff, Tarn, Valente, Waldner, Wright, Yau,

III. Commentary by Boughn on Blaser and Emerson, Owens on Nash, Borkhuis on Palmer,

IV. Columns by Mobilio, Schwartxz, Shurin, and

V. exchange between Perloff and Walsh, and nine-page list of recently received (i.e., great new books, magazines to read).

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