Tarn CD

We (Spoken Engine) have just released our second CD, Nathaniel Tarn's, I Think This May Be Eden, with music composed by Billy Panda.

The selections cover most of Tarn's career -- from The Beautiful Contradictions, Lyrics For The Bride Of God (including a stunning rendition of "Section: America (2): Seen As A Bird"), Seeing America First,and four sections of Architextures.

This CD, as well as Nathaniel Mackey's, Strick, is available for $14 (postage paid) from

Spoken Engine
P.O. Box 771739
Memphis, TN 38177-1739

or through Small Press Distribution.

And we are working on a CD with Maxine Hong Kingston. We've been trying to get her to change her name to Nathaniel Hong Kingston for continuity's sake, but she seems resistant for some reason.

Paul Naylor