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Placards Fall 2008
(cf: "Palin/McCain and the Cult of Irresponsibility")
& beyond

Lipstick on a Bush

the audacity of mendacity

Bait & Switch

change we can't afford

Heighten the Contradictions!

Vote McCain-Palin
on November 4

paid for by the committee for proletarian revolution


four more years of catastrophic change


protect unregulated markets

Vote for John McCain to continue the Bush economic pogrom program

paid for by the committee for tax relief for derivative, subprime mortgage & hedge fund investment

I voted for Bush’s war
and Bush’s economic policy
but don’t blame me for the consequences
— Senator John McCain

Vote McCain

Four more years of Republican moral values


Bail Out

I restructure
you restructure
he/she/it restructures
we restructure
you restructure
they profit



“We’re New Yorkers.
We can take it!”


vote for John McCain & Sarah Palin

paid for by the Gomorrah Bible Study Centre


The Conscience of a Conservative

I deregulate
you deregulate
he/she/it deregulates
we deregulate
you deregulate
they profit


Support the right of rapists to have their children.

Vote Palin-McCain

Paid for by Sex Offenders Against Choice.

Defend Our War Industries

Stop the Special Interests
who block  unjustified wars & torture

Vote McCain-Bush

We support
John McCain and Sarah Palin

Jews for Huckabee
Upper West Side Branch

“Let them use Emergency Rooms!”

Vote McCain-Bush

paid for by private insurers against affordable health care

just say no

to abstinence only sex education



vote McCain-Bush '08

Privatize Thought


David Horrorwits & Campus Witch


the terror within

McPalin-Bush '08

theocratic family values

Scared yet?

Let the Republicans who made the mess
try to clean it up

Vote McPalin-Bush

paid for by the Dick Cheney Legal Defense Fund


blame the voters


a bridge to the Dark




Artic Ice Caps
New Orleans
Justice Department
Wall Street
Civil Rights
Freedom to Choose
Supreme Court
United Nations

Just Let Us Finish the Job!

Vote Republican
on Nov. 4



it's like a nightmare is ending but I can't wake up




New Placards 2009-2010


Protect Our America
from mob rule

"no public option"

paid for by
Republicans for Limited Democracy
Michael Bloomberg & Hiram Monserrate, Honorary Chairs


Fall 2009



Money Rules!

Vote Republican to
Safeguard the Rights of Corporations
& to Keep the  Supreme Court

Paid for by Mike Bloomberg, Chair, Oligarchs for a Republican Future

January 23.2010


Ted Kennedy:

We spit on your grave

Stop Socialized Medicine Now:
Health Care Is for Profit Not People!

The voters of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts


January 23. 2010



We Need Their Language Skills

Repeal the Ban on Gays
in Military Service

Civil Rights Is a Privilege
National Security Is a Necessity

Paid for by Hiram Monserrate
& His Royal Majesty King Michael of New York
Republicans for Limited Democracy

Feb. 3, 2010

Just Say No
Meaningful Health Insurance Reform

Listen to the people who brought you

U.S. Federal Government Takeover of Iraq
The Great Recession
Historically Spiking Income Inequalities
Election by Auction: Scalia, Roberts, Thomas, & Bloomberg


Paid for by Fox News’s Republican Party

March 21, 2009

Hands off Goldman-Sachs
Stop Socialist Regulation of Markets

Big Bonuses Buy Entrepreneurship
& Innovative Investing

Paid for by the Republican Party
Business Family Values®
Antonin (“I’ve never met a big business I didn’t like”) Scalia, Chair

April 19, 2010

Republicans to Coal Miners:
Deregulation Is Salvation

Free Markets Rule!

April 26, 2010




Republicans to Environment:

Drill, Baby, Drill!



Deregulation Is Sal(i)vation


May 7, 2010



He that cannot pay
Let him pay

committee for a Republican future

July 21, 2010


Big Government:


Keep Your Dirty Hands
Off My Social Security


Paid for by Tea Party Refiblicans




Just Say No

healthcare, education
economic & immigration reform
the middle class, the poor, workers

democratic elections

Just Say No to America


Paid for by the Republican Party

Our America Not Yours



I love America so much
I want to lock her in my basement & have her all to myself.

Vote the Republican Party line
Nov. 2

The tea we’re smoking ain’t pot.


The Republican Party Has a Proud History
Standing Strong  & Proud Against

Social Security
Labor Unions
Minimum Wage Laws
Unemployment Insurance
Environmental Protection
Market Regulation

Consumer Protection
Global Warming Science
The Theory of Evolution
Immigration Reform
Civil Rights for African-Americans
Civil Rights for Women
Civil Rights for Gays
Lower taxes for the poor & middle class
paid for by higher taxes for the rich

The Republican Party
Our America Not Yours


Make it legal:

Christianifaction of U.S. laws

Is God’s Will


Republican “Tea” Party
for Christian Ascent


O! Oklahoma!

Nov. 30, 2010

Defund Government
Zero Taxation for the Rich

They Give Us Enough in Tips


The Republican Party
Our America Not Yours

Republican Ideas, Democratic Votes

Dec. 7, 2010

Stop Sabbaticals Now!

Research & Knowledge
Engender Free Thinkers

Tea Party Republicans for Limited Intelligence

Our America: Up Yours!

O! Iowa
first the Supreme Court, now the University

Dec. 10, 2010



incentivize the rich to hoard capital

stimulus a fools' game
progressive tax pinko pain

Paid for by the Republican Party
Our America Not Yours

now that pejorocracy is here”

Dec. 13. 2010



I defund

You defund

He/she/it defunds

we defund

you defund

they profit

December 15, 2010


Repeal Medical Insurance Reform

healthcare is for profit not people!

paid for by the Republican Party
our America, not yours

January 8, 2010

Let public employees pay

For the cost of private profit


Stop Unionization Now!


All power to corporations and the state!



 The Republican Party

19th century values for a 21st century America



Feb. 19, 2011

We’ve come to take your bodies back.

Smash Planned Parenthood
Protect the state’s right to choose

Our America, Not Yours

Paid for by The Republican Party
& Sex Offenders Against Choice

Feb, 19, 2011



"We’ve come to take your unions back!”



Corporations Rule!


Sponsored by
The Republican Party
Making the Richer Richer

Feb. 23, 2011


Collective Bargaining

Is a Chokehold on Unbridled Capitalism


only the elimination of taxation
& the accumulation of individual wealth

leads to fiscal salvation


Dare to Think Different
Vote Republican


which side are you on?

March 10, 2011




eliminate corporate taxation


end ideology-based politics now!

bipartisanship works!


millions to influence government

not one cent to fund it


our America not yours


March 26, 2011

only the transfer of wealth
from the many who create it
to the few who deserve it
will right the economy


vote Republican


our America not yours

May 26, 2011
Memorial Day Placard

Defend American Plutocracy



Support Republican Voter Suppression Laws



A leaner vote ensures the best result!




Paid for by the Committee for Pejorocracy
Lord Bloomberg, Honorary Chair


May 29, 2011

starve the government
feed the rich

June 1, 2011


March 26, 2011


June 3, 2011



we will bring America to its knees
Tea Party Terrorism
will triumph

Vote Republican in 2012

paid for by Hedge Fund Managers United
all we are saying is give plutocracy a chance

July 27, 2012

starve the government

Vote Rick Perry for President

two million starving Texas children
(28% child hunger rate)

August 29, 2011



You know, really, I get it, the whole slavery thing & that it was, like, terrorism, torture. I get that. & then 150 years after of violence, imprisonment, discrimination."""

But why the anger?


vote the permanent government

our America not yours


Oct. 16, 2011



Rally Round the One Percent

no taxes
no jobs
no bank regulations
no unions
no infrastructure

no safety net
no green house effect
trillions for war
billions for jails


our America not yours


Nov. 6, 2011


The Palestinians are an invented people in the same sense the Israelis are.

America is a nation founded on the invention of its people.

Gingrich Terror Watch
First they come for the Palestinians.
Then they come for the Jews.
Then they come for the rest of you.

Dec. 11, 2011




You won't be able to understand it anyway: the best stuff is all over your head.

And there aren't even any commercials to liven up the action.

Anyway, you'll end up with a headache trying to figure out what the poems are saying because they are saying NOTHING.

Who needs that. Better go to the movies.



April is the cruellest month for poetry.

April 1, 2012

The Bane of Capital

I work
you work
she works
we work
you work
Bain profits


May 28, 2012

Poor People Make America Strong



Protect Income Inequality

Citizens United for the One Percent

June 9, 2012


The Right of the Few to Govern the Many

Citizens United

Paid for by Bloomberg, Koch, Koch, & Rove, LLC

June 10, 2012



Stop Collective Bargaining Now!
Living wages slash business profits.

Rally Round the One Percent



Paid for by Scott Walker for President

JUNE 10, 2012


Money Rules!
Keep the Supreme Court on the Right Track

Citizens United for Plutocracy

June 10, 2012

preserve tax cuts for the one percent

income inequality
is a necessary safeguard against democracy

June 10, 2012

voter suppression

the last safeguard against Godless

June 24, 2012

in these uncertain times
ensure a darker tomorrow

Vote Republican

Our America Not Yours

July 19, 2012


Don’t emasculate America
Support the NRA
On Election Day




July 27, 2012

Support the right of rapists to have their children.

Vote Ryan-Romney

Paid for by Sex Offenders Against Choice.

August 13, 2012
reprise of Fall 2008 placard


Rapists have always been in the frontlines
battling a woman’s right to choose.

We hail Todd Akin and Paul Ryan
and support the Republican Party’s 2012 Platform criminalizing abortion.

Sexual Offenders Against Choice
Our America Not Yours

August 22, 2012


Citizens! Be Vigilant!
our nation's core values are threatened

Don't Let America Slide into
Godless Democracy

support voter suppression laws

our America, up yours

paid for by Racists for Voter Suppression
Republican Party, USA/2012

August 23, 2012


Legitimate Rape

The Bush-Romney-Ryan
Economic Agenda

August 26, 2012


Tax Primer

I redistribute
You redistribute
He/she/it redistributes

We redistribute
You redistribute
They profit


October 5, 2012


Mitt Romney
America’s Putin
Not to say Rasputin

Ocotber 5, 2012


climate change will disappear
if we close our eyes & stop our ears
(& line our pockets year on year)

Vote Bush-Romney
November 6

The truth is hidden in a veil of tears

The scabs of the mourners grow thick with fear

Nov. 4, 2012



Stop the School Massacres!

arm principals with artillary
teachers with automatics
jr & high schoolers silencers
&1st & 2nd graders
let them have

Don’t emasculate America
Support the NRA

Dec. 21, 2012


First it will background checks on our guns, then it will be a machine gun ban –– and before you know it they will make us register our cars, get a license to marry, recycle our garbage, disclose money given to government officials, pay taxes on gas, regulate markets, inspect food, and outlaw marijuana. Before too long we will paying income tax too and well on our way to socialism.

Support the Republican Party
the last safeguard
against Godless Democracy

April 19, 2013

June 24, 2013









January 21, 2013


Don’t emasculate America


Memorial Day, 2014


income inequality

the last safeguard against Godless

Memorial Day, 2014


July 2, 1014



full set of placards

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