Gloria Frym
from Cento Magazine

No clouds bloom the soft-dying day


a sonnet on the occasion of Ed Dorn reading at UC Berkeley, October 30, 1997

October 31st, Keats' birthday.

A line of red liquidambar on Rose Street.

Summer over-brims our clammy cells

and tricks even San Francisco

into sleeveless. Last night heard

Ed Dorn read for maybe the last time.

History and lyric geography spun into

epic mind. The humble Titan drew poets who

wouldn't agree on much but him. He could see

what flowers were at his feet and said so.

He sat strong and delicate, slightly frail

but there was no wailing. Half the audience

stood up with applause hoping not to offend

this most unravished of men.

Gloria Frym's most recent book of poems, Homeless at Home (Creative Arts Book Company), won a 2002 American Book Award. Her last book of short stories is Distance No Object (City Lights Books). She is the author of several volumes of poetry, and teaches at California College of Arts & Crafts in the Bay Area.