One night he dreamt he was dead or rather that he had changed tense and that he was visiting the region where the dead continue to observe the living and there in a large bare room with blue walls very blue walls this struck him when he entered the room the intense blue of those walls blue like the sky on a clear July day there he saw his mother and his two sisters seated on the floor their backs against the wall in front of him their knees folded to their chests he immediately recognized them but his father was not there and that bothered him yet he had a feeling that another person was in the room he felt it but he could not turn his head on either side to make sure he could only look straight ahead he sensed this presence like a shadow an invisible presence somewhere in the room or rather it felt like an absence but he was not sure that this absence was his father and that really bothered him he was not surprised to see his mother and sisters seated there their backs against the wall staring at the ground they were wearing the same clothes they had on the last time he saw them years ago when they were herded away suddenly they lifted their heads all three at the same time and stared at him with empty eyes he wanted to say something to them he wanted to move towards them to touch them kiss them but he couldn't he was frozen in place his feet were nailed to the ground his legs paralyzed but not the rest of his body because he was able to lift one arm and reach for them and as he did that he heard his mother whisper it's all right it's all right everything is all right we've been watching over you all these years.


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