My life began in a closet
among empty skins and dusty hats
while sucking pieces of stolen sugar

Outside the moon tiptoed across the roof
to denounce the beginning of my excessiveness
backtracked into the fragility of my adventure

Curiosity drove me down the staircase
but I slipped on the twelfth step and fell
and all the doors opened dumb eyes
to stare impudently at my nakedness

As I ran beneath the indifferent sky
clutching a filthy package of fear in my hands
a yellow star fell from above and struck my breast
and all the eyes turned away in shame

Then they grabbed me and locked me in a box
dragged me a hundred times over the earth
in metaphorical disgrace
while they threw stones at each other
and burned all the stars in a giant furnace

Every day they came to touch me
put their fingers in my mouth
and paint me black and blue

But through a crack in the wall
I saw a tree the shape of a leaf
and one morning a bird flew into my head

I loved that bird so much
that while my blue-eyed master
looked at the sun and was blind
I opened the cage and hid my heart
in a yellow feather


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