I shall begin by summarizing what happened before this story started. Nothing happened before. It was a wild and stormy night on the West Coast. This, however, is immaterial to the present story since the opening scene is not set on the West Coast. The weather was just as bad on the East Coast. But the opening scene of this story is set in the middle of the country far from both coasts, and no weather report has been furnished by the weather man for this part of the country. The scene takes place near a town called Knox Towers (pronounced as if written Noshtaws) the capital of Knox County (pronounced as if written Noshcunty). But when reading this story it is not necessary to pronounce these names. Nor the names of the characters. Especially since the characters will remain unnamed. On s'en fout des caractères. Part of the story is written in French but readers not familiar with French can skip those passages. The first person narrator will be known only as I, and the other protagonist, the one who will be killed eventually, as he. There are no female characters in this story. If a female character were to appear in the story she would be referred to as she. By the time I confronts he and kills him, the weather on the west coast will have changed radically. But this in no way will affect the plot since by the end of the story it becomes obvious that the plot has fallen apart. The story ends with a question mark. Like this?


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