The title of this fragment of writing offers four possible readings. There may be others.

Mon Tour -- my turn. My turn to begin. My turn to tell the truth, or the lie [same thing]. My turn to tell how it is. How it was with the two of us -- moi et mon tourmenteur [me and my tormentor], in two languages.

Menteur -- liar. My turn then to lie. Or to tell the truth about Mon Tourmenteur.

Tourmenteur -- the one who inflicts suffering on the other. [Celui qui fait du mal à l'autre].

My Tor -- seemingly a meaningless syllable. But this is a bilingual fragment of writing. Perhaps other languages are hidden here. Tor? Yes, of course, the door -- Das Tor. To tell the truth or to lie through the door. From behind the door. To shout the truth or the lie from the hole behind Das Tor [the German hole, the German door].

Mentor -- the master, the teacher, the guide, the one who is above, the one who inspires. The other in this fragment of writing. Lui [him].


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