Splintered by Peter Ganick SPLINTERED
Peter Ganick

part nineteen.

already surly for mon-
day, isomers, each side
of the dance (dashing
the mucilage), they call
it cookery
       tendency to somer-
       sault the environs

error: wrap a
  masterpiece with the
    downtrodden (no
  movement from maniacs)
on colorless datelines

alarmist accomplices tell
you to stretch boundaries

talk-radio freezer burn
a side of the immigrants
thickness of sudden tools


each indoctrination is
movement in an industry
of discretion tabled to fill
on time the ratted instance

tried at a deep-end sunny
     lyric atrophy
     still night, in-bound
wanderlust improbable

torn from worship
                            to fade
in an umbrella that
vested for climbing
and chimes

	on colorless


         that glistens,
on hold
           for hours
      	compact disc
	what relates?

               from turned moon
the necessity
                   of blanched soma
that they
             (functionless entry)
	      next weekend,
             briny stallion, how
  	      vile creatures
classist endurance
  		   elegant ice,
the noun from


same irony
		the acceded
a presence of tactile
reminds valor,
  	        the futurist
of prime time
	        spins, each

	     less the pared-
	     down instruction
babble curiously to find out

india on call, that summing
of one stalemate (initial and
then long line) filters on
holiday, always struck on
home pretense, tally-ho

an incipience


        to correct a tee on
private address,
one’s hello to skiers
                      beetles aside

the cromagnon’s
knuckles scrape on the floor

	scarred by
	both, leaps
	eleventh hour,
	prime tornado
	likelihood of
	totally scraped
	decent decaf
	idolatrous for
	entranced ink
	how forced
	relates to one


rehab clones
before the left’s magician
tolls the bistro
forms lines to greed

tailor-made attention
to detail
	that the corsair
indicates in a letter
even beastly
  little bit of vendetta

the hurt ego
on bride’s moment
jumps to fresh grits
on tossed saline vestiges

leap forth a crowded house
settles upward tension
feels she can make dancers
out of instability


liars from lip-synched
xenophobic maladaptiveness
wrapped from coherence

improbable substructure

open early for gleeful
chthonic memorizations,
always more known than
prized, always stare at
beginnings without deeper
function, that...

an agreement (stylized or
predicted) hooped
through an all-covering

the gloom of tear-down stunts

mantra indicated through
off-hand or stealthy brine

seeding the confluence
that compares first life’s
errors to prime tellings
of scraped knees

let in on the fusion


the dynastic informality
caresses house and hearth
lessons of curious competence
a question for dangers
as hurt tipped cigars
sell mutiny
-ous the hurdle

savor consequents
of one pileated conceptualization
for whom to read

caffeine causation, retrofits
  and bandannas
some religious impertinence
perhaps bid weather
  seals off the heard


many people
pervasive and perhaps
  too many
to risk falling statements

broken looks through
  sealed glass
must conversation storm
  the hell to pay for
what otherwise goes outward

brigand of the forcefield
captive antichrist
tell terminants while
  analysis provides
  insurgents with cheese

prize thick-set domiciles’
thirteen-thousand inputs
to be soaked twenty
  at a time


line-up for paint
here, the glitch of
familiar tonic apparitions
easy-feed treadmills
found it swear else
after new york
  contacts reduce amnesia

fixated to appear running
especially if you’re not

print cellophane additives
where slowness indicates oil

to please properly
one must garner a form level
to apostate precariousness


what is seen?
the motion of negation
a ruler never displayed
by fed-ex oil-cans

later items provoke sobriety

in one place
to inform the chocolatier
with goal-centered bells
helpful to be right there

or is the provocation safety?

a monad of criminology
smart ego
torn in two
the appeared justice
a full spread-sheet for
one thousand errors


greet the safety
now acceleration
  disturbs time

one less the concerted

nomenclature unsure
one plus, threadlessly

looking to seem diverse
an hour that fixates upon
  what could be

term: loquaciousness
defies distortion
  as a heated familiarity


perhaps resentment
	is the flow
caused discredited by
	life and death

as hard linearity replaces
deep structure with brush

no vitamin c, less
  the cornichons which
delete what disintegrates

feel front to back
five blind elephants
something to pin it on


sharp hari om
closely-fitted, stiff

shorn at wooden expressions
anachronisms rebut
each other against

time-saving and carefree

what you know, what
is known, there is no
question, sharp efforts
are called to peek through
a crack

the separate
as fortune crystalises,

whose severe tailspin
congregates in stimulated
  earth? then in doubt
as it becomes functioning, on
  all burdens
	a space
	and agreed


history adjudicates
  reforms by proxy

leapt from a bridge
keeping the lines true

tone reduced from iroc-z
  -handed listeners

terrific andes of the mind
torn to resuscitate, turn back

nervous abrupt stalemate
  an onside tenement

precise to surmount, echoes
inform upon calibrations

wet along the baseline
not dotty, likely, nor feasible


dreck sundown
token play
prompt for
is granite
or marble

such a
to mold
a grenadine,
by closest

the noise
one place
arched wall
his tea

nor filed


opalescent		to
starve			here
one			plants
for a 			direct
previous,		nor over
star cliques		should
determine		a space
totally			other
fill			ovals
fix			lists
of created		terror,
now aced by		with-
out less			magic
than could 		be no
thread			of sky,
to make		exits
before			they
punish			the old 


told to a gift of this
the corona             deified
		by natural
               elements of that
always affect binges, telescope
amnesia, a psychology for
eventuality as yet uninformed

careful	    from early move
tarot stultified              ardent
primacy of demands
small icon, total fiction as
reminders say: how could
it begin? taken by ivy

voracious effulgence, third
to the partisan, her written
distortion laughs at
  concentration, reread the
 	    abnormal ion


just as its doing doesn’t
activate exploring terms
the rise is narrowness

one horrified stalwart
knows rules that indicate
unbeknownst to the fusion
  of multiple anarchies

telling of one who speaks
topiary staves off church
pellet noun anon tyrants
talk tools, remake is
held for hours, taking
seconds to accomplish

gertrude sampaku
	hopscotch cell wall
total princess to structure
	desire around
a form of reality clusters
	saying this


body incarnate
get there early, stay late
dishonorable chalice, vertical
primed for the cola wars

traffic hoodoo sponge
the listless wooden morning

song for a danger
called front and central
to the retaining of

   armor where startled
   by hiccups
bread on rollerblade

effulgent / paramilitary
redlined for the serpent
naturally defined
  by moose starts


salvage sentinel
off-handed for about 
  the same money
just no feature that
  angels agree upon

as is telling
ten times as much
is honed in pellets
that rabid circles
demand in overtures
  that sing

alarmist sneak, how
fellows remind of each list
the tonnage appropriated

wounded by truants
scenery if letting (in
concept) a failing buffer
  zone, crews
impale artifice

where itself
the tourney seizes, alerts
one to possibility
not necessarily cd-rom
monikers telephone


the book, lord to sky
periodic remaining
(sampled title) assumes
every tirade
has something hid from

a gratuitous melange
odors and sutras
greeting the swami
held as recent as that
correct files termed obsolete

various effects curb
  chewing, the dog
commences belonging
to adult expression
when it becomes
  less sensitized

sonic voyage, a braggart’s
fluid grit, naturally
artificial when 
  surreal disproportion
  announces celebrations


however it learns
to scrap ukulele fricatives
eloquence (late appearing),
time gains service
  to renowned clients

mustard leftward, tide
  shore and tonic
the crushed anachronisms
  by feted and cruelly
  reimbursed despots

serious about denials
trap-door virility
hooks skillets to appearance
no dogs in the cartoon
seen on moving pictures

practical and understood
which serves a presence
to personalize changes
  in skill-level


eventually reunited by
  consecutive disproportion
inner garland
  to sexualize embryonic

the florida compact
on no telephone rights
curious and curiouser

lenient artesian wells
predict prejudicial liquids
entering the scone, febrile
entity at arisen entry

induces hope that
stray straight on


the similarity from
  equipoise, heal
a frozen insertion that a
  mind full of ego
  calls a cornichon pure
  and edible


gather, gather the heat
join fully
	 work these
then once, why this? she?

flautist pool
when you kneel at once
put the music of chance
  off limits, caffeine
organic intuition retraces
  on-line etiquettes


he who hates no one
is compared, tickets
redline the portal

every instruction
includes entitles that feeling
  hardened inwardly

let to align favoritisms
a pretentious vocation
imperatrix genuflections
hot crowd for the night

tonight that diverse
  fellows can
direct traffic at an
  hourly leaning

not hari om nor
the cloisonné digestion
dogs taken small

pried open the jar
  of infancy
likely replaced tales
  with a nerve

a totalitarian eunuch
prizes the race


retains all intact
from sleep and fear
  of same, in fact
what cold mind
  replaces time to play
with time to eat

precocious amniotic embrace
tactic of one planet
job hierarchy exploded

one’s hot crown
promised to the highest bid
stones and standards
  incurred, florida
appears likely to remain


controversial opener that
		a dirge
	held over a flame,
prompt or clueless
		as to
	the romance has
timely advice herded
	shifters when
appointed, in fact a glut
		of mem-
	ory to sample
on one occasional cruise

	cheerful, dim
prospect for
	appalling echo,
time, less slavish
	over indoctrinated
confrontation, here
	landed and


talk to periodic drudge,
tone down the receipt
  of initial slaughter

alive for chip, label:
	attitude slavish
neck on the titan
	nude curio

clean of conscience
triad and interest
  to sit correctly

never asked for three,
sleeping all hours
tonight the rules


one hour that frenzy of
  intolerable margins
slimed by the salt shakers


explosion overtakes gloom
  filled as most size down
  not more than twice

sleek protégé on promise
  to flee quietly

the maniac nearby activity
  can divert
from arsenic, therefore
  chopped servants,
one chin for the addict

alarmist entry
an on-side sleeper
tomorrow’s ordinary day
lights on the house front

seeming screwed up
a cry in the parking lot
  once dysfunctional
because paper slides


certain indoctrinated
half crossed-out
in back of the book of
  no judgment

invariable to the matter
  at hand
no crass entertainment
can be brought

undeclined fortunate

constant paddle, cranial
  sacral, never
arhythmic, written for
  me, then translated

contrasting radioactivity
new friends all the time
narrow expectations
writing that looks alike

fed prior tapestries
that moths flourish


the regency attaches
  itself to a deeper
fused (controllably) into a
  select vibration
purchased in variously
  listed crowd-pleasers

the tag sale memo
never arrived, least of all
surpassed by address
and ratio, thought of by
slovenly appearances

the densest oratory
close down to random
no hat-check girl least
  of all a curmudgeon

vacant influence on
homerun mantras for
  american skies
lip-synched to modernize
  new energies

pervasive architecture
leaning to tamper, no
idiot mystery can have
firing plans, the
   small, smooth


poison arranged austerity

stare as far as gone up

did they never ask for
  an outrageous negation?

the occasion to follow through
  on prime distances

no face frightened less
for overdrive intends
more conduction than 
what’s rated slightly higher,
so what is fleece is perhaps
packages uptown or nowhere

when whom where is
nearly stimuli (simul-
casted on tv)
to relate to songs
  fitting for entrance

steakhouse visible for
hire, tonight a lesson that
cruel stamina
gathered and slick


insecure tendencies roam
  the hurt horizon

where does the ingested
  paisley go under?

liquid fever
  nameless now ink
previous euthanasia
  never volatile

the hurdles strengthened
  by a motion of flux
lent to a friendly face
  on a summer day

what error talked over
  and merged with
slings afternoon policy,
  tenacity overcomes


messy attaché,
velocity of probable thanks

granite arden princess
day of bring-down
however context suffers
  we’ll never know

roseate glissandi
the girl opts for fundament

crushed by clothesline
put cellars on stoppage

always fear of politically-
  correct violations

when carded for crimes
  against discourse
the neighbor didn’t

leapt all the forgery


everybody ardent to the
  accidence of metal
furnishes any priority
a pellet’s creditor, india

less happened
  than is thought
from the temple to
  the photons inscribed
risen as habitual
  calm spot

telling of protective isolation
  since an arrival
(likely a half-wit) condones
  precisely what injury

no hundred-fold precision
goes somewhere when
thought slows the downtown
  area with its


illicit fondue, crown of
  tactic, elephant
  cromagnon, this
element of division reads
  likely protected stored
  reversed tantalized, 
  into horrifying liquids

a versatile concerto
labels for arizona
ask after the people
vain princess
texts of time
prodded by stories
the banter as impresario
has moved up
a story of success
linear potency aside

newly-vacated stimuli
renege early
for other times
if all consent


now various and shut down
a magnetic circus for
various stage presences
world spun that way
in stylism of hoop-shots

listening to soft interest
for a stultified predator

very saturated
by correct usage
there is no watching
whatever to
have you say it

chapter on gold
to refrain from
of a neat complicity
referentially a holiday

a word tipped hats to
  yonder skates
smashed butt down
  on faceted gems

no unfilled agreement
suffices next to soap


sad sack obligated to
  create hospitality
and truckstop atoms
  replace windows of
  a cruel pleasing

not the same as virgules
  on a forehead pylon

switch a sweet young thing
then tackle a ghost
forced to print pages
luminosity, cheers
and the waiting has started

             for perhaps
        indication’s least crowd
     precise as a modicum
        of teal green


odd song              odd
to a moving force that in-
decent atria leap on a
                vent too easily

                diverted to
                this time

                next spectrum
  forces a far threnody
  politics instigate, as
  name and form and
  a lost letter           fed
  promptly this then that

words used, a
comparative mask
  	for spirit
no held-over indigence

tonight changes tables


one-cent telephone call
who found the pod?
night and life let in

pastilles in containment
medallions of association

serve a hoot to crave
adroit pleasantries
sundown they flee which
  a surfer crashes

some plotted newspapers
toned to gain scratchy

neatness favors the
that gear up for earning
to send off
valuable attention
before cross winds
impede good will

echo in a storm


talk nice to the female
that ruse of amateurs
  declines aversion

not heartfelt
  therefore prime
in a rush
  a bow

tongue a statement
  non-reversal honed
  told to restructure
  then apparitions


conceptual for the same people
advances in the somatic principle
are getting a helper
  for convenience

threaded yuppie / hippie
circuits, this earliest data
  in from the capability
  where menial orbits
	classify depths
	of singularity


second serpent to the left
averse as a ploy for
  one’s harbored future

the other utensil in a
  loud voice proclaims:
isn’t an iterated sequence
the magic of showbiz?

elementary mountain
none reflect the sundown
twilight experience
sun on one’s eyes
leopard indoctrinated by
  hoi-polloi cosmonauts

vendetta surface
that most can open up
  as cards and texts

a vibrant atrophy:
how can it be the item
  taking a rowdy to


the real cause:
integral mindstyles
that don’t sort through
before their information
  strains forth
inevitable as moonrocks
  who steal chromosomes
those few

	    at third
  a no-handshake opening

the cortisone rinse of
forty-five pages captured
as delimited aspects

a ferrite mallet crossed
  with genial children
you won’t find elsewhere


choice statements
surmount which
touched-up road leads
to himself speaking

radar collectors find
precincts copulate
within the bounds of 
  the senses
to proclivities’

  main tendency
  some unanimous
  some never, therein 
	a placated homerun

small countries
there’s sun on her legs
that boast of insurgency

sex inhibited for work
to score, celebrity animals
finesse diverse options
before operating upon the

the ornament is gritty
  salacious and excellent


why they prefer a ballistic
loss of volunteerism ties
cords wound around her waist

getting pavement then huge
the rumor off-hand
  and vicarious
no anomaly’s early twist

teams score pyrites, some
teeth invert, big skies

predators as sampaku as the dust
focal length     this shed
of finest brigand, a mark-up
waited until tossed to friday
most elementary scholars

  dial the foreground
  buy at no charge
    of pressure


ominous, vaguely appropriate
chaise lounge squeaky
fellow trip, consarn it
eddies in the shore

plagued and spent through
re-enacted books and magazines
no heat for stretch points
lest the bargain inflame
sorted proved then attached

what it does to shown actors
is unmentionable
  and an invasive poetics
  the cling?

optional introversion
not held over a flame-
  thrower’s nozzle

wide disturbing noises
invite frowns
  rewrites and hammocks


tactile venture
pressure padlocked
  from view
pencil pen worker’s
laminated, in fact glances
  at some place over there

bed bid bud
foom celery scree

downsize not told
helter-skelter 1995
chopping memory not overnight
second implant, no viral agent

settled to crowning mood
lotus, apriori dust bins

held stored and intended
part nineteen
strangeness enters from
wide open eyes


alongside a threatened ego
approved for moving day
licenses crawl through
orgone reproductions

wherever horrid
threads are not down there

on curlicue america
alert convened from one
  after one
to pleasure the fool’s harvest

eluctable only for show
took a bargain from one mess
dates policies to chopped fixations

colossal impulses
this pressure-point strays
to rotate through one-sixth
of sector nineteen

a smooth attachment
files down a self-assured


from direct experience:
a mix between theory
  and actuality

non-statement on
cheapskate, whatever
goes forth from diverges

  princess of traffic meters
	early strut
prize less the carousel, full of
pillared texture, vinyl
     that perhaps
     ignore you
		lost oval
	and egoic nature

pictured in front of eyes:
start from this point

where otherwise would
the ocean sleep
than nowhere else?

bend trousseau, smooth
vessels swerve to the
  half full


nervous pilaster, toxins
adapt more fully

	  a slap-dash

lorgnette told familiarly
threatens a dangerous triad
the problematized alteration
doesn’t know yet

	yammer new to

swimsuit visibility
selections at the closest
gone sorrowful, nowhere,
  the same clobbering
  through lateral forces

face to confide talks
  of appreciable density

already this emotion
gold-tipped or irrational
however they could seem
in this circular version


spin-duo for hills hide
apportioned to return fast
wait off the circle

grenades and collective
  animation of text
the horror of long
  conversations that
  separate them wisely

movie log, tendon priority

duck (stage) bill (stimuli)
before threats react with
parts of speech hitherto

pardon fear 
for the limpet strophe


because being punctual
they try starting early

no rose for dalliance
she fulfills dreams
spoken one year to the day

though nothing without
  the article of defiance
persons appear dredged
salmonella causation, a
  frightened recollection

nematodes referred to

one controlled calls
for what done is
  doing for you?

a largest receptacle
the spiral boundary
carries these foods
certainly hot in his prime
a duo texture can defy


she grades perfection in a
  simulated child

pleasing no one else
  can scramble
late january cotension
  promised furthered

stuffy acronyms deflate
	related service
the ingredients at a 
	step, mortal

if it were everyday and
  all day, the
orbits would reduce
  themselves easily
to italics or underlines
of some romantic notion

very arcane, what’s up?
no musician-webelos


september’s atrophy
segues what’s up with
wed for the cartoon
no truck yet

as visited and
changeable of plans

let go for jury duty
something crossed out

all four
drive back
the simple

needing a horizon
a medical concept
rolls in figurations


whiplash soft words
charisma not as late
  as five
will drive out of town

selected relationships
replace oratory
though not successfully

orgone solitude
the firepower
always interrupted by
a redundant state
crafted by ego

long on the fundamentals
too appreciable
you must retain warnings
given earlier by mollusks
incapable of error


some musician
cap toned to well
how say it
an originary confluence

no trial for hourlies
the faded off-limit
necessity of no smock
for intangible evidence
left in your doorway

eyes lit with conduction
retrofit the gluttons
of whim, no one
always heard from

false smile, nothing glued
  to contrasting evidence

heard and trusted
then let fly


word of a musical moment
spread from a background
of facile speculation

nevertheless justified
by heat and cold
the tread liquid
  and ambient

global warmth for those
piracies left in dry-dock
beauteous burlesque
where the sultans flicker

ligatures wonder how
notations try possible 
likely no one struck out

new to the legacy
finally new music
the outage (outrage), even
capitulations need companions


secrets of the trade
managed in public
by throaty castles
on load-free condoms

elect a frigid listener
too moving to bear witness
the error from heightened
rhythms, quasis not

	the voiced freeze
	leaps through
	rowdy hoops

	tactics multiply
	now in charge
	though unknown

	all that patience
	for added lions
	aware, not punished


snarled lights
on brow-beaten autism

felt the honorarium
excalibur though sewage

the iguana suffices labels
by hockey crush atavists
the down time frustrated

for largesse from other
  notions, where
potent compressions lose
  concept, there
the hat of padlocks sits
  on this water-rutted floor

conducive to ambrosia
the visible autonomy
can’t shake perrier-
  clones, the attitude
if melodic nuance
these water-rutted


a flavor nodule is however 
	  starred by serpents
	  defiled for rhizomes
	  however lightening

down a throatless entity
in colossal sweat shops
the modest angst from
sluggard and erroneous

lip-synch this through
the ear of a
new and mindless

house mantra
dendrites soak for priorities

some collapsible home-
now from name to ski

no pastiosity (front to
  back) they limit cups


many changes at first ignored
how replete with vast conductors
of coded nuance

the inquiry about salt-peter

tellers and sayers
all dispute regulation
often caused in fact by being 
alert to control and prize
penicillin demotions

linear pulse, how
cross fire can ask about
ponderous pilots
that act for trinkets

rage for risk

chase a flirt
from the bed post
if reunited
with a salted song


commence grit
fell on hard days
  of a pencil’s detritus

servo-mechanisms retaliate
to hard copy

materialist erasures
cause why it can’t be
as such much longer

crowded fences form
  clicks on remote

iconic maddening
replaced by hurdles

grist of threnodic notaries
tithe (time) spun dreams of
  concentric engagement

heard something to
wake up the earth


in the place of exception
goes a contract (comment)
sent to receive or ostracize
eluctable ordinations

imperative as it must
always be, other faces
otherwise refrained from
are told of faces less 
tolerated in persona
as experience

the coterie does no favor
by hailing the confluence of
presences seen as a
pen on through the items
that counsel featuring
large boston followings
starting to share


elevated from dim sangria
the leapfrog performance
skilled to a punishment
alerts all causes
first and last
to detain no happiness

whittled through wood
ixlatan, savvy as concretism
becomes the tethers
fixated from
the last envelope

each triune resurgence
may set an example

reflect twin activations
showings fit the happening

no answering machine set
  to function
could replace her formidable
  hardness of touch

storage of the next potions
the hammerklavier
less the altitudes


a full replacement
as all we ask
is notoriously eager
to separate language of
from distillation by
  hearing-impaired echoes

into messages 
another can replace
with good health
  and mystery

hills of report
called night to replay
margins for the hook

resume in partial
deck accelerations

accompany with force
the call-right-back
on reduced priority


unable to segment a coil
from the perishable
a bit off the back
hot with wisdom
that calls itself inexact

a motion from meritocracy
of what cleans up
if you don’t

repulsed vitality, nowhere
else the feedbag, cars
scraped, post-it the
limit of hunger, no tears
fell through cracks

less change
isn’t idiomatic for stimulus

  + + +

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