Splintered by Peter Ganick SPLINTERED
Peter Ganick

part twenty.

two streams before the fast
  change to memory

are you the motion
learned independently?

by the moving not lost in help

certitude of the rote
though where application
forms each letter
a painterly utensil submerges

her awakening by beeper
anger on the focus
letter by letter
verb of verb’s word


newly appeared
cut loud in precipitating
  alarmist motions

morning with cinnamon
the tagsale mentality
  expects a connection

architect of brainpans
evenly distributed
to all spell-cheats
the magic of naiveté, the
difficulty of innocence

will it align softly on
the hands that move?

skin, cellar
this prime operative
liposuction however
hears the embezzling


twin anchors leave room
hastily chagrined
because he can’t hear
they take his memory

in two sentences
alarm from the ceiling of
separatist longings
switch low bargains
likely telling it to the future

the confidant
enters a wilderness
waits in her car
for the magic to survive

what facetious tendency
proposes the sort of effort
necessary to thinking of it
even once, periplum


on a same twist
bow at one color
one patience to mourn

the moth on stage
driveway circumstances
greet with readiness by
tapping a nearby artifice

up at four a m
to write an article,
before breaking down into
	the figures walk
	on a complete roof

put into perspective
the connected thinking
perhaps a past passion
turned up and then
	vanished in the
	rumored fog


mysterious vacation
of the tarn on the rime

select an archaic model
then perpetuate a vocabulary
necessitating a pause

attitude: can’t strays
  defend early naiveté?
didn’t get heat until
  after two miles
one minute per mile

the route for slaves and
  warmth’s coil

terror files through
in the preoccupation
of new places with 
  new faces, new forms

however you speak
the money is spent
upon books and pencils
no ignored fruition
decides which to use


now it savors a finger
to press that one first

nesting where it
can’t be taken back
the hurdle approaches
to fend off a crowd
before stalemates drift

thorough searches
from that big smile
frost on the car
grilled swordfish
food and poetry
the servant goes


long time no see
treads on fluent doctrine
when the muzak
  serves the missing

a rough retainer didn’t
know a curlicue
for each special terror
sorrow for expressions
from artificial sweeteners

dreams of food
and conservation of
  resources that
attach themselves to a
before special loudness
  sets in

it should always be arriving
certainly the decency to 


equal party of
concept and riddle
often, savor the excuse

an excelling cuticle, the
majestic appearance that
inclines to sobriety

less the harbor
something to decide
on time (muffin plastic)
why shouldn’t it be told?

lest recall of time-frames
creates sound and sense
how forms increase
in appointed redundancy

buying fame from
  confronted issues
everything not here is
  a regulation of false


braking efficiency disputed

bellwether stars feed
three hours late
an imitation not followed
though monads and words 
  fear standarization

the long servant
often on dispensation
  to alleviate
between theory and

something else more
by incursions
pastes on the hallway
necks to shape iguanas

move the sleeping one
before martian spring
inflames weirdness

pedaled the alps as a
  toned-down female

languor then a hidden
forgotten sponge some
  display as guile
before the tactile resonates


alert: temporarily past
  the fringe of
overproduction where it
  is oblivious to
lanced features

	alert: excitement
	purchased with 

	resonant icon, why a
	resident conehead?
	partly complexion

at the bartered sloka
visible at deerfield or
  memory and record

thought: it understands
regret, not two places
  at once


finder feeder needed to fend off
correctly uncoordinated
vests and shoes

her / his band-aid for concepts
that relate to
crippling tension

gathers handwriting
under control
but, why?
	sleek, bronze

the control of content, why?
and if and but

shook by the throat
inert till five items rove


sequins appropriate
  the job market elite

jobs in no anchor of oil
pratyhara back to recent
pice woven into later worlds
finding as not it is
  carefully embroiled in

resinous, the working, hopeful
of distance through space

the other instance
x-out the vinyl
their pooled oddity
is no agency 
because one decimates
will free-bird gorillas


and not here long
a temperate climate
how to climb the maximum:
rehearse primrose duo

the center if possible
is related to slow / fast
if jumbo ladders fleece

clumsy protégé (pro)tection
	the top of a title
	now in courtship
	to garment, claw
	friction short
pistol rotted on the greeting
  of possession

	should drink well-
	        a seer of ghee

limit(less): the bowl
  of concept
the manager for concentration
calls in refused

the floor otherwise warm
leaps forward in alert


trim the flotilla to a
care (car) in parcel

abbreviated write
looks at meaning
foreign to casebooks

the tip of modesty
an intro properly fixed

worm tracks on silent
a beautiful turbine
  all for insertion

melody by predicted  
  goat (goal) (gift
  given to fascinate)

rave and rant
sortilege from intense
  bombardment by
  clinical mutinies

haste goes nearby to
their meeting in the
posed as passing
  into the narrative


lasting through the smear
of paint facing where
haste causes closeness

into all salient discourse
he must grope the woman
only after being invited,
guesswork fixes servants,
the oil-lamp brigade

a matter of buzz-words

thick with tonight
he retrofits the canister
with freedom and recompense

thought is
a way over
that, and
tools implicate
minus belief,
collapsing into


odd tensions
if it can be said
to protect,
advance flux
prize of
second, opts for
fissures in
the gross pall

the far-ranging
near something
put in mouth
over the rim,
sleeve, pristine
acronym for
influence, not
up to


think nothing of it
then on a second run
the volume gets
  turned down

panchatantra if normal
equality mills the tonic

she rescues details
over-inflated by loss 
  and lament
an unconsummated 

beaten by moving about
the seismic glyph on a
cosmic a-frame that
deletes devours devotes
all above the city


someone miles away
a neutral sir venture
equine or cornichons
velocity periodicized that
spills groats to fell a hat

random story on tv
yes seismic apparitions
then a fluid appeal
tones down the turnpike

therein jazz
a human rift confirms delay
orchids announce their identity
perishing in understanding to be
a filter of fear
shown twice and ran away


soon as what happens
we’ll all insert knowing
under the same roof

slippery tantalus fixates
on deposited armistice

a visible anarchy
incites featured concertos

vastly incremental the
imperial vigil of 
  the vanity-driven

solace in fetid tongues
she tips the iceberg

y’all inflame stupid
rationale, the advantage

maybe at the last moment


everybody! everyone!
look! at the feeder!
cosmic windows advance
their tactile cancellation 
alert to crush felt honesty

apodictic elements
on the computed value
of one discrete venture

the argyle somersault
to no one but yourself

the advantage to no conscience
tooled in fact a defacto slide
  from great loads
sported on beethoven

infernal dog in car
leaves littlest insertion
new york / boston
two cities
no narration


binary fuse
the one-to-one flourishes
drip cellulose introduced
  into the system

a donor’s spree
the feet on a riverbed
of tepid heat
                   tonight the
protected instrumental

later that afternoon
some upturned vessel
creates a creator
fixing chairs where
  they sit

delivery of atoms
as the best protection
as sound as wichita
the verse to scramble
of the face no trounce


ear on the converse
go there for background

worker in a shipyard
terrifies to begin opened

guidelines relay the paper
having filled and sent
numerous atavisms

plagued by tonight’s entry
to perpetuate loud muscle
a woman heated to extremes

books and fibers, mind you
the scramble worsens before
attraction propels dualities
that replace musical

this day broken up, overly
on tenacity, all written
on her face to entice glimmers
  of recognition


the slower traffic demands the
click-clack of claves, words
limitlessly propitiated

her material adds to
  the interpretation, at
least thought arrives
where itemized lessons
materialize while
  forging forward

tendencies replaced by
hungry lions, to
relax in child-breath

how upwardly-challenged
grab discourse

where potency remains
an issue, the hitchhiker
  salivates tonight
in each lesson, later on
the beach they roam


among the natives
is a ghost
that purloins
vessels, fed by
animals the
collective roams
far and wide
chopping trees
and windows
before ending

then some play
arrives in the decrease
of visual acuity

that magic reduced
for cinema
alerts, pitted crowds
against who
it should share with 
conscious of that
when information


given information
by pill and talk,
to remind
widgets of various
songs on the radio
requires inverse

home-style (how
it is) donor, picture
the price around
a corner’s view
that instruction
serves to no
malleable ethnicity

children always,
no hesitation
begun to read
kinetic paper,
blanket summary

personality aside,
they rumor
that influence
resurrects early
the morning’s

chorale, take off
the score
pirouetted from
to agreement

copious helter-skelter
that a managed response
could result in
distorted limericks

all they relate to
is a vision of control
underscoring no
otherwise laterally
indisposed future
before hormones


this utensil, it
seems perfection
can’t touch
without prior
destitution, aches for
the guardian
of shower-curtains
leaps forth 
in glittery hypodermics
that restore playtime

on possible relations
one apres-midi
that organ supplement
eager to stretch
and fuss
chooses this implication
out of thousands

can she replace others
with untrue expansions?

visible at a hunch
the import steps out


scratch the scribe who,
empowered by absence,
seeks as separated ligaments
a toxic cigarette, visible
chakras and (now)
enlightenment for all

differ the arc of
prime tension, each
datum resolves any day
as nothing else that
elevates seriousness

so clumsy as to side
with apocalyptic embryos,
(solitary) into green tides
before well-water
  searches sanity


perhaps the
most beautiful
is the least

textures radiate
so the slavish 
of vast heroes creates 
a fundamental origin

the sentry on periodic
forgetful of life in piece-
  meal statements
on top of the salutary

echoes of ego’s princess
later that evening
all referent and introduction

whoever the tackled
rope reminds of
is sure to segue into
happiness not all
there before flavors

refrigerated surfaces
try well into the evening
to seek a stake-out for

versatile and confused
no longer the ambassador
  of the planet without

triune martinets
worn thin by steadfast


the door is energyless and
materialization is inevitable

the concept for danger is
tapestries about the corner

relegated to simplicity
a hardening of terms
invites expansion

the origin of flavor
taught in all universes

you can see where
items invert, but
you can’t see when


concerted action
inputs the holism
of capuchin discussions

telemonitor being neighborly
paves the waved single
three tears in the eyes

lest the force-item
  goes to bed early
there is no fruitless
though she needles
  the conductor

are what from holidays?

mantra / energy / magic

a combination of absorbed
samskaras, seeing in relation to
that noise often equaled


time with
and for what noise?

negated early
teeth ashambles
the special treatment of ice
as lissome vanity
is a search for chocolate

this wayfarer
in a small cafe
a page singularly operated

to serve adieu to bridgework

briquettes of early demand
for thinking afterward

though incursions are replaced
on this smoothness
is held finesse to pay
self-congratulatory sides


button refuse,
clean the street,
no alternative

on leash
from a tricorder
value-mart of
expertise, no

as is wrangled in expectation
perhaps this very moment

plague of surges
	call over
	shared in that thoughtful

purr venus
sideboat orgasmic openers
to feet on couch memory


scheme: a questionable interview

school: pull a speech chakra

then replace with language
where evolution sings
  of non-agent’s opulence

data: flex-cord animals
this surgical grip
alarms no one

thought of by roles
cast into a cauldron

sneeze at merged ignorance,
helter-skelter profitable

where they’re expected
  atmosphere changes
  suddenly, there is
  no other feeling set


not too far from,
what for the promise,
an inferno as a dog, time
  scrapes and fits

the machine stimulated
three infants to surge
no, six planters on wall
then infinity shrugs
this and the ego-share

hit with a comma
she put playbills underlying
  excitement and froth

vanishing in his mind
though articulated and
not unlike tomorrow

similar in fact to no pinch
counted upon by fixations
and metallic splurges


a decisive melody
on telephone exit-runs

news filled from nine
thirsty ovals
                   on prime
	where put
always the body
forms forth and shared

pretend contortion by
inflexible attitudes
is the hair-dresser’s
  option for coherence

then, sectarian foci
envy certainty a place
in magisterial sundown

no material for whom
the busted blast goes
  on hold in singapore


stubborn overplay
steps into a lost fit

nurse ventricle in tandem
a little sharp hit and run

yell to send where
  placated enforced
  or stalemated
by tipped cigars
sold as manacles

hostile cardplayer
the repression unskirted
   	 leapt and


everybody moves
to the reminder
of celestial side-cars
that rise fruitful
from begged sleeves

consequently, no one
else fusses as much,
no one heats up, so far
to be equivalent
controls mitigate 
a babbled cooperation

least of all in front 
  of the ocean
a person ignorant as that
cuts theater and inspiration
from not-at-home delicacies


culpable to cuddle
an innocuous puppy

the servo-rotor activates
as certain backgrounds
relinquish rest

normal acetone for a
glitzy mail-option, how
much can wooden sleepers
infer from
deconstructed music?


what you search for
in foreign motion pictures
cares to delimit
refused anchors
of stunt men and women

an illusion of continuity
for a walkabout
no hearing the raped soil

ingredients (renamed in
sorrow): one full advice,
skim from silence talks
that rouse allegiance

without humor
or with false humor,
which label
befriends silence
to ride humorless
attached informed
and at one tempo?


a lost curvature
and as formative 
of decay
	time spun

the origin of contrast
for her person
the readiness
is better slept
than adrift

in copious radiance
newly silent
agreed on by overtures

anew the matter
  of dancers
and stick-pin dreamers
who otherwise
remain ignorant of...

in their closeted impecunity
no hurt or
false propeller

beat the system
with trees of language
that ordinarily
remain underfunded
in their long

all fantasy
afoot if
yoga rules
the roost

no heroic utensil
remodels widened
roads, better
the affect


however, to begin on this
tack, to venture forth
is capricious and
will usually say too much

the reality of situated
elegance (written before)
denies escape

an infirm presence
not stolen nor faded

psyche that a curio
defines as delight in time
in time becomes accustomed
to a day’s absence
well before and after
photos were conceived

of course lorgnettes
fail the rider
of false smiles
breeding faces
skittish and
adduced to be flagrant


accuracy to describe
  the adulterated guitar

cerise experienced
a moving language
one space turned to
and that originated
in stone-wall dilemmas

taken back
  	    nearly solid


correctly overstated
flowers at romantic
increase conscious
more pressure
on the ensign from monday

though that knife
  of lingua franca
surreptitious advanced
in by the lake
no swerved career
  careens less dangerously

on previous dictations
this motive less than
  the arrived change

call them over and
float blitz-krieg
wherever they go


the figured bass (for
  harpsichord) acts
to insert demands
upon randomness

vast origination
literal apocalypse
perhaps gay or celibate,
thought increases riled

once fed to the lions
an incandescent friendship
held for accurate endurance

are you accepting 

refused to move
from this artifact
regained in time
to converse with nature
in excellent flight

no parasite
redolent or heightened
  in memory
otherwise bubbling over

reality and its attainment
so far no beast

context for forms
of content prioritized
for conscience
nearly overtime
to decide medals


with gain and loss
the formula called
to say
it would be out 

in vitro compensation
for accelerated
as a panther

it goes awry

possibly reductive
of consequence
soups for the delight of
  contrasted fluff

engineering a state
to emboss motives
rich and hidden


had that thought
absolved ornaments
from containing
decorative expansion,
no one else but you
would entertain
exigency more truly
than the echoes of
backdrops and catwalks

contradictory impulses
riffle (sketch) through
all that modesty-riven
brought in for a lamp
shredded more finely

each listener
has grieved for
contorted corpses

danger from the outside
of the treadless enigma


nothing else
moves limited forced
or deprived

reads a new
heart on the wallpaper

doubled back
light to heavy
scrambled the mute
  has become

the usual is
when contrariness
purchases time
with harried spots
showing through


the music of matter
begone thrust age
of silence and fitness
now baroque implies

gathered even these

one starry sky
held between two toes

ponds hail from idolaters
serpents arrive biased
  to cull feedings
from conducive pressure

like a seesaw, how
service deletes decay
before intervention
spoils the separate day

in processed choice
no hook and sinker (front
and back), light, down
goes the curtain
with sectarian innuendo

rambunctious orderlies
impressed with luster
invert soup-stations
not a little aware of
what presence
is sorted throughout
the world


retained by a client
to shove and intimidate
an expressed feature
through the walls
of your boisterous

where karmic forces
  subside, we
can see cultivated
  fields and brides
rolling through bed
  and bath
onside and fertile

as memories of contours
reflect piety and sing-
  ularity, has
a question ever aspired
  for more
than a turtle divided
  with better hands on
the tiller?

whose best instinct
  could arrange what
  would never expect
a bridge from a horror
  to an expertise


witness the handrail
as a first installment
overturned by the option
now seized before
concentration can
  add problems
to a far voice
wilderness can’t urge on

mood shared by elevation
this that and the other

some face you describe
has roots in moments
arrived at in haste

choices rely (wet with
wood) on the charges
chance couldn’t hold

prompt as a letter
definitions know
the boxed samples
always diverge
when challenged

the calmer standpoint
is centered in the violence
  of hurried and steadfast


conflict and resolution

however, felt through
cloth, a range determinant
of loquacious endeavor

the tone of questionable voices
alive in any state,
curious in another

the compact disc
readied for transport
gathers brouhaha
that fluid animals
egregiously stretch to
arms and limits

where otherwise would
choosing impose
a function and meaning 
where other climaxes have
  capitulated earlier?


a presence to wait
piled under by the enthusiasm
  of maternal space
defined to resist alarm

across from each name
is found a passion for
  the chase

a judgment eclipsed 
  portions of the dusty

sometimes we face a large
echo, before the diploma
one must rally for the
dust, understood as
letters left to shine


she didn’t want to
leave it unresolved
so he (chimera)
reacted to precisely
that space by
intuiting stadiums
of befriended launches

however knowledge
greets culture
there is orchestrated
a fence that shapes
with densest story
the first from

top most in consideration
three plots
sunder this tree
that can be memorized
in a moment


claiming the option for
phases of moodswing’s
  naive tether

not purposive
tilling a dream of the
  prized economy

appeals devise excellence

noon and the fundamental
too precise, too inarticulate

one ocean holdout,
fatigue, where else to spin
the downtown exigency?

thought of that example
restrictions hasten a grueling
  action-packed and
  eloped resonance


when cold iguanas
remind react remain
the contrast of skin,
pellet density
not without birth and

the gestated imperial
now hampered by what
  resolved to be
  once held
by tempestuous wills

he will assure
the container is sequenced
into pellets and graffiti

noxious fumes
and a late arrival, so
choiceless, perilous


no other mutilation
with the tower, krishna
removes the fillings
of an expressive anonymity
to discourse
  and the mundane

magic lantern, some
  cry out

by first nature
noise for the friendship
is no hollow arsenal

tempers of feisty corgis
now held golden retrievers

this personal outrage
is brought to you
by the loco feeder
of rhyme’s demise

tell a scoundrel
no ignored trial
can suffice their curiosity


lest issues fail
theaters have announced
as a mode least fixated upon

vertigo: the breadth of exploit

small in all diversions
strange adjectives
start on the patience

inured with texture
the marriage of sidecars
now becomes reality

mentor heap cher show
that’ll be history, night
and this reconstruction
plummet through 
too much energy of lift
filtering the source


there was some meditation
and karma is no longer
  dissolute forensic
  or apathetic

decent space is at the
       time and again
       talk of texts with
       telephone scoundrels
scorn lyric pedestals

these items act unearthly
generalized to a spittoon
the ladder costs five pounds

dour sign, don’t forget


thrashed by resonance
witnessed skeptics
before articles of dirt
hook to prance
his blank checkbook

	the noise-naive
	portal of conduit
some spat about sinks

terrific relaxation
voiced in outrage, the pound
sign, a recollection for the
church inebriated in salary

the next prince of personality
a lurid cash-back

velocity that results in
  densest originations
to print on a policy chap
total hedonistic vacuity

the utensil-grenades
  ride fallow on
  the stairwell
  to infinity


dusty chaperones
witness some wrong
to bleed a person, to
prowl the hammerklavier,
song of tension
and arctic water

tonight the prefatory
nears ingenious addiction
sectarian first, then to
  rinse units of career

to sing of codes and delays
is not the usual
  retrograde, a letter
forged formerly for a
  tacky string
  from that echo


not even the reversals
  that plague ocean life
can reshape a sense
  of confidence
this consent through

an appealed flavor
right here
	  overtones of
rumor for escape
in the ordinate friendliness

tarnishes the treatment
of early grace
overcome a wide silence
as items for presence


known if outré
they salute origami

straw floor fetal

replacements in a
fort apache connection

are yin-yang stuntmen
aging in echoes before

now, trellises in the
  warming sky
repeat the sonic jot
repeal the many job

entirely appeared as
  a sharp shooter of
  padded stories
undergarments / outerwear
the psychology if reclassified
  masks the statement
with high fives


morning emotion
at last expansion
reports for work

jammed furniture against
  the window
breakage immanent
the difference, a coin of
  a precise faith

none secondary, the truant as
fellowship and silence, the
bargain with striving as a
part of code nuanced for
ten plus ten, to remove
compassion advertises
no other

	the hammer


alert eye in the sky
vertical permission
atrophy of peninsulas
  that ask how
longpoems pretend

child of tennis elbow
exercises on the couch

terror files by
  which label, trick
    kneels down for

tenacity dispersed while
filliated organizers rule

tapas’ sullen crown of depth
precisely covered
	  	cloth coveted
		by fertility
precision after dunces
  bask in informed


tenacity aside
  the person’s absence,
    a privilege assured by
      tonal dipolarities

protégés line up to score
  one heat from thin
    protected and fastened
      by stated agreement

holiday often simple
  thought at the top
    of the heap, a celestial
      martyr, spayed

boggles functions to
  accept gifts, janitors
    selling overcoats
      read the primed


production placated
  perilously prominent

serpents serve selectively
  the thought’s thank-you

	  as afraid as
	  one contested

	four in one
	appeasement of
	coiled instruction
  the moment spins
  poetry precisely

by coteries of shallow

  + + +

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