Splintered by Peter Ganick SPLINTERED
Peter Ganick

part twenty-one.

Where stark roles
          determine        spanned tone
abrupt              as an echo
delight anterior to worship

	Then as acceded to merit
possible entries
		in a face of desire

No hand tricked into presence

Nine aspects couldn’t bestir
   the mood-collector

Fairplay enticements scarecrow
the     	hope for climate
      all say to case out the
               first retrospective
imbecilic alcoholic entrance

	Lenient precious
adjust fairway	      arctic

On  clone  time	       feelers
processed	eiderdown
	either first choice
then gathers  intuition

            Effectual and manifold
tonic settle down
  top eager  linearity
	with xenophobes

Chaser from precisely
	that	amount where
  confluence reminds of level
	additive silent warning

Pathway etiquette
	sumptuous and spasmodic
  to relate to
	surfeit and glamour     not
rundown in the street

  less the panache              frivolity
	added thinks to cringe
  phased in by one placecard nowhere
	else		cookie
  lame involuntary   	neat

When closely guarded
	to put vague sincerity
  away in the monster
	the early commercial 

Trial from     tin ear
	leap	frog

Some new charismatics
		remind of apple
	term’s delivery   attend
  forceps that rule
	the hatted texture

Needled across the floor
  bugle baseline   	smaller
		   and smaller
jocularity offhand settling
  terminated from	astronaut
	depend upon

Is larceny attendant upon drive?
	the handwritten aspect
	new no think of to envision
  shame     fiddle     cranium
	minus alleviated stucco

Large creases and smiling faces
		with the evident anon to
	follow adrenaline	redo
  time syringes that eliminate
		one phase from another
	started by thanking telephones

Precisely cantankerous
       visibly attracted	leather
		closehanded motor
	 of mind feeling same way
  nearly lateral decoy
			this fixated

Probable cause for
  distinguishable  rattan formulas
  angular  and  dusty
		no house weather
  compares with thousands of
	mindless synapses
  influenced to exclude and
    the rules compare

      Top-heavy salute
each tongue on surface tension

Prided as too expansive
  d to the a           not held
                         wise wife
	opinion of cafe
  consecutive		sent-off in
  bonnet	vacillate

Consecutive buck to the flora
  walked out then in
    	no 	space left
         they	always seek
	separation in mixed messages

aspected to help oneself
	adrenaline trace-over however no
		tactics smooth over
	the cell-wall chemistry

  They now need full name
		and fleeting
	accompanying a new utensil

Proboscis attitude
	surly  deafness on rowdy kick

  A polished expansion		cheap
     cheerful endeavors like the weight
  savvy to surcease

Thin pristine              nowhere
	nothing		nothingness
  mortal inquiry right in the window

  Excision of the shredded lion
	a policy for paper     zoophobic
	  animus           etiquette
  versatile likable boundless ink

  Nantucket forced a return
    promises to flee the trick sharpener
      a rodeo languorous to touch

  Needled and attitudes shape
  whiz a procedure   nobody so big

  Mammal on the surfactants
	crowded slip      tenacity
  getting to knowledge and imagine
	how they bleed    served licorice
  to dogs     intangibly read
  wherever acausality is thanked

  Prosperity entertains all circumstances
too hot and cold      in variety
  motion for the clipped sandstorm
	all a disguise
    for unseemly timing
    almost      the dolled-up
hassle on productive listeners
	television attrition

  Swarm   here and there
    vacillates warpath sundown

Triplicate       stealth        back to
	prompt  selling point  shaken
	 sporadic conversation hook and
  wherever ghosts rise hardened by
	constriction and example

		A moment off the top

	      Crush         harbor
  the musical surgeon
	trapped in coral reefs
    swindle exactly one      sky

	salutary clinging
		to toxic incidents
	survival reduced in promises
		  the format     swerves

Relations send down crosswords
	to  fill  fix  and  file
		enticements no once
	held over aflame	very
	  stunted by groped woman

	Whomever it gives to seek
	  clothes window the future

		That an angle

	No other retained ballot
	  sticks out with      possibility
		relinquished and timed

Once the only unsettled pressure
    red lancet of too slight
 and evasive portfolio
	only these and those
    wonder about town in search of
	what serves plainly
		to further
	  their gorgeous appeal

Are whomever they can be
	within    bands to prime	
  adult ectoplasm		flash
	cider apple tonic hello
  on  some  attitude                 	ray
	  closest is fending selfless
  text  adapts  certainly		ideal

    Given harmony that could expect
  one outer ridge only on
	right-handed leaders     the
  contour defies close scrutiny

		At there once gained
	      no trustworthy lesson
	no pariah contacted	too
	  smooth and fertile 	numb
	ashen face deliberate and
		  easy disposition
  make one of the otherwise late

Concern with color, flaccid labels
  details of cornichons

Entertained ingestion		these
	conducive to prime codeine and
		melt aspects
         did no direction of trounced rides

	Pride for conduits gone
			to cinders
               test gone to conserve attitudes
	eleven consentual    printed matter
		ghost smoothness of delay
	candid ascot    porous princess
	           orbit of defined statements
			near the ocean
		one hoop from tickets

Concessions to pattern		forces
	described by patina
		 	  where loops
  feed on correctness

Hit and
    replace tires windscreen and boot
negatives of formal dispensation
 	reduced by coitus to
        images on a ceiling
		time date function
	care print adult grounded

Now is a new standpoint
		connectors between jobs
	  life in serious sleep

A choice for binder scraps
	punch drunk hooray
		talks with
	hourly defoliation	time and
	          again        hand over heart
	  sweats through shirt
	negation  reflects  appetite

Easy mark   about face
		time circumvented
	wetness television
  describes that in fashion totally
  unsightly inherent sense data

		  The policy nearly
		unstructured by now

	Captured by strangeness
 	  attentive to vulnerability
  one asterisk on hold to find
		language in
	real terms beyond random
  waiting for specifics    iterated

Calmed to overdo by ascerbic vitality
  other than a choose this or that
    that impatient an sobriety
  reductive magneto   sport lotus

	Hectare free of purification
  noon to		seed twirl
	spacious skies	paranoia
  overflow serpent poison delete
 	one thought per window

Valuable intersection for small fools
	the sky opens to a kiss on lips
    that no planet could secrete

Subliminal endorphins gone cloistered
	for	hours at a time  where
      braggarts rehearse fullness

  One island for self serve

  Aligned to restriction
 	naked label	attached to deploy
  torn  pirates  from collapsed icons

	Divulges that war
  saying so		and so
    fortune the language
			long haul
  sectarian always    learned
    and this change in option
      effort		perhaps dial
  cosmic appearance   black out

		Selectively ran
		  through the water

  Pleases nobody nor everyone

Talented asterisk ampersand
  parentheses   brackets
		your list of favorites
	one hooked   to scramble
	  for     winter practice
	lifts the beauty to mouth off
	  at cornichons amidst pleas

Definite  hominoid  aspects
    refrain		experimental ice
	ink ion list of concepts used
	  shortly   fared within

	       Pries open the  jar of
	steam          in one punishment
  effectually  nothing as bribery

Self serve the data         implies
	a trash heap
  vaseline    selfhood and esteem
  the privacy of adjoining rooms

When someone candid horse
  elicit is from change

    Defer to pious lances, the memory
    of emotion, a charged effect real
    zero cursory blood for activities
    have hastened the heart of far
    reaching discipline, redoubled
    and far to reach

 Selvage the appointment
	allows therein right by
    the post office
  to define mystery     a ploy
	from contrasting jeopardy

	to oneself		pastiosity
      elephant sensitized for profit
	and manacled to
      redo limits
   from hardened shells  pirouette as
	copious    is time 
        elevations to seem

Pronto			corona cling
	vast inspiration	      laid up
	  in cruelty	  for
  homerun miniseries           gets a
	 certainty with new pressure
       now allowed from before
	a skipped performance

	Versatile intolerance to images
     avarice     consent     control
     pries open a telescope
        night of dancers that fly

	Thought of goofy selvage
     furnace silent articulation
     simply  sentences  step down
	the ladder of fluidity
   so real and annoying    what
       else       could be strident
  from promised bag town of
	dinner and movie
		honed for three a m

	Terror to scrape
 	  to this only effect of
                            carded address

	Hold out for lines and bars
	   tried soft hands            hid
	in a place for yearning served
	  left to dry out
			infect to relay
	a tepid predication   of
		conducted impulse

   Seeming contradictory   loops
	hello       typo listened to
      by equal retracings
		small mitten
	eggshell thin

  Promontories writ as music
    pleasings reduced to frenzy

    Ache    instance of wrought cellar
	stark  hook  produce
       was yesterday by ocean
     more arcadia leaps through
	nervousness lintel cosmic

		Home wanderlust   no
      happier dealt vinyl circus on
                       protected saying a
	conduction between spaces

	In one hat the dogs imply
	  any retrofit sandstorm   vice
		animals pretend to
       empower                    how it is going
	to benefit is seen throughout
    as climactic impressionable
		role of savvy
	neck that heard well enough now

       Lipread the closest face
        seen through by information
	letters a or d must
  replay           coronation sects
    that confuse variability in

    Listed in the frontispiece some
         cartoon visionary needled     nor
		wed before the rig
	elements of gasping renown
	  in circumstances
	think of future   think of one

Source now parted from view
	a learned recoil   from
	    best hour talking
 	chances that songs 
	     survive the other
		changes in
  politic and desperate fillings
        prejudice incapable as
	pain commences the
       lap top celery piloted short
          of what seeks windows

   If not moved a very selective
	impulse basically a
      	  sundown mentality
      never would thinking else by
	forged in sensation
	    so precise as to
    start a new page     a
	new disc of live music
       heroic vastness and
	circumambulatory smallness

	Heated store policy on
	   reflected music hardened
		over burnt paper
	   tolerant to scare bygone
			house a
	  direct context
          you carded control at 
                  fireside melanomas

	Like fiction a plurality of
	  concept reins in and lets
     out  sometime         something
	lightly heard
	  sublimated by seriously
		adapting to one another
	thing    void in
	 confidence telling all that
	    emotion it is not wrong
       formats the described   adult

		Montage electorate
	           ineluctable chorale
		   septet   heap of curls

		In another variant
		     as in selection
		of corralled ghosts
		   screams go faster
	         where there is no music

		All the origami has been
	                under pressure
		  that lifts for no
		spiritual nausea

		Naive trellis where
	accumulation means moment
	         stir pack tone      portulacca
		the  any  flower
		  with new ruses         to
          entice valises     favorite students

		If known to toys and depth
		   of fantasy
			     how a mind
	      abjures instruction in portents

     	They focus on the derived padma
		many sarod    silk a blotter
		neat           to fly over

	  Possibly the ocean of silence
         waits now to heap kisses where
	  accommodated by youth
	      small smile        tricks to fly
	hovercraft    various notations
	  fleece regulates expression

			Human ocean
		sky offers a roseate
	stretch proof of this part
      of oiled armaments      lurching
		fell to sleep
	the condominium on release
	  tonight as fear adapts
	 	  in conversation
			to replace
		that book already

	Commensurate with ego
 	  one shot eclipses wide retros
	name the capital letter of each strata
	  warms often each thought
	something different	save
		for absence
		  the trellis      a new harbor

	Stalled by noise       reunite
	a gamble of you with one space
  twist involvement in relation
			a certain glass
    switch on or off arcade salable
  inquisitive appendix now routed
	through hangover
        stalemate          direct splintered

		This fact brings
	    out high end java

	Lend an appliance to
	  the unwashed contention
		with burgeoning sameness
        unsort the result to pry
                   eastern data

	   at a real space
		hungered by attrition

	Excoriates to the amity
	  large smile forerunner apathy
		skeleton dementia
	  precious artisanry of
		what gun shy portions
	    can separate once the orbit
	       hammered act to fleece

		How such beauty
		  is alerted to
	wondering about crutches
		  near fixed
	the policy adapts never
		the same day

	Full intervention	crush
       formal synergy	  since depth
	  arises when emergence is

	The information somewhere else
	  limited by false bravura
	 when trellises emblazon threads
       furniture expands
	by one place his regulars
		since one cloth pictured
		    fission tentatively each

	Seen as a narrow longing
		the staked out
	  nearly destroy self and shop

	  Verified incorporated
	the wig    less an artistry
	        recognized everywhere
	where once water    sides for 
	    a cranky courage
	  the felicitous encounter

  	Gone to reflection
    with big context named as
	 dangerous semaphore
       not dared tool to send out
	attrition shaken to crossfire

	Black and gold
	  stick figure elements
		of perseverance
        shrinks the boundaries 
	no lessening of will
	     and grooves inhere
	when pastures induce vertigo

	  Self creation
        at best form
	a rose for newness

  Genuine ingredients implied
	by circuitous
      one for one
	glow fixated in desire
  no heap street violence

     They perish    remembered
	not as agents for minus
	   nor echoed in fact but
	the deference unavoidable

	Smart feet the conceit
    magisterial  		musicale
	 tonight		  aspiration
        rerun  big person
			says anything
	topped off with intelligence
		the monstrous
		  as infighting sectionals
	  next variation    instinct vetoes

  Capacity for loosening
that dim month well spared
    by hirsute velocities
 	this book story complain

  	Awe from scarcity
     pins a double ending

  Greeting unable to remember

Commensurable theater of
      thought of another letter
  psychosis       amulet
        infancy that here sympathizes
  a tolerant reminder      nasty ice
removal of splint
     misbehavior an option
		next ivory
	selected remote access for
         bridegroom textiles

	of which
	the artifice

	Nature of
	which determines
	route access

	Firm cellar
	hotbed of
	which rope

	of which
	prime state

	Cabal of
	which in for 
	motion cooked
	too long

	Previous memory
	of which the
	heard single
	paid to sit here

	Choker of
	which the new

     How a dancer stakes long terms
      a skater with perfume
		telephone miscarry
	optional stylized moon 
	  of facts bear down 
      on resultants in resurgence
	amicable entry lift wife
   hear down the policy
	   other day home style venus

         Was at one pleat
	gone trio print promises
		of stepsons
	  this after remembrance of
 	 random as impossibility

 Serpent adult		adult
	stale	fusion of metals

    Sincerity in wrong places
	 no sapient moodswings
		traffic		apprentice
	   naive state to befriend a
       solemn idiom
	previous threads for fear

		Whose structure overstitched
                 binaries       by hamstrung
	 erase textured vineyards from view

		    Treat tonight
	    as a fireplace word 
	labels redone          by
	  spiritual matter skill at
      all those itemized ornaments
	 that work nowhere else

	          All those personalities
                 reclaim long streets that stay
	related to what name
	 by teams that swerve
	      on contact

	As short pliable slick
	    on the snorted prime
	         telling one stowaway
	 seems earthly	  somewhere other

	   Cling to erase at more
	 slant eyed limitations to the
		equal sky
         now faces at windows on core
	 prize landscape abstruse

	Errors of feud off a cruel discourse
	       total feasibility
		  	back    computed
	   sincerely adrift    gift month
	shell on crone lighthouse
	   pastorals indoctrinate      any
	       precedent       adds up to zero

	            Flange secretions enervated by
		   hammer syringe
	            talk to the back
				still splints
	          arrange sensate imagings of
                    controlled substance edited
				to scramble
		     a vociferous decision offers
			to please her twined from
  		 almost one hourly stray feed

		  Yes the carousel adapted to read
		listened to in fact spun adjectives
			a motive by surprise
            		  thinks of days indeed		to
				promise added
		    distance from house copy
			     trial         message
	         oleander instances    early
			night to be seen by
		   another face indebted to

		Rated on a sadism
	   the telescope always wounded
	       imperative          locksmith
	     honed for articles	   inner

	     You wonder about chocolate
		 fifteen lifters in egoic
		more intelligence than this

	   Real catwalk tunnel stairwell
	meet songs and people
	      made that information
		is really that for once by
			a less persuaded ocean
		  dear line to shorn up being

		Arcade title from horrified

		   Not enough wisecracker
		limitless slack off other areas
		         visibly     reduced
		  imparted earth   motion   some
	      ten or more versions to precede
		well shaved
			into particle physics
	 as a rumor of hidden spaces
		everybody as a nucleus to
	     swimsuit epicures

		      Docile force	any 
		   transient certified   other
	       naturally scampers throughout
	    is the time found ready to service
		 primacy of elocution
	      deep street        nowhere else
		annual trip odometer this way
             nothing erases betterment
		    as core princess    tellurian
		 fabrication	   spa siphon
		   walk  out  in  that  manner

		Purse of transient memoranda
		    how else      fed problems
		  to uranus on the half shell

	   Vista  bilateral  readiness
		       human contraries
	          urgency forgotten her piracy
			time does not say
		  happens not punch out
                  other strangenesses     now
                fifteen or twenty years ago
		 that silent adrift in prosody

	 Neck trash      force the color
 		make appointments ever on house
                 how the lorgnette divides two
		    into crowd pleasings

	Nervous    spin of the day
		turnstile somewhat away
	    at the making of a lie

		 No tide nor fluency
	 	    his trinkets narrow the acuity
	     is what is done next
	         they spare seeing through
	 seawall     con a modicum

	    Property includes warmth
	 settled in for pliant vessels
	  new vocabulary found no quest
		without attainment
	      in some degree of statement
	 wanted back ugly to serve attitudes
	   topics that overflow

	 Collect a fenced in mantra
	   move the city outward
       discovery		flipper lassie
	 new mexico doused in connection

		Sickness echoes
		 in the throat

   Nine houses crafted
       to invisible clutter
echelons fidelity optional sock
  state collapse immanent
    urgent flagon
	 prince of computation
   aphids and cellophane
 tertiary milestones rolled out

     all feted for a sleep in morning
    noon nuclear fist
           heated brake liners

    a tossed response    biltmore
   salt	 magi
		cover	nuance
 teeth in error	 pile
tonic	adjunct rose

	 Microphone substitution
	      world new age yearly first
				to leave
	other hands on skill actor
       relayed		outgoing
 	stallion three cats held to pry
         one static and formal austerity

	        Cute licks the front a fender
	  commonsense lower cap

    Stretto landscape oil
	purist attack on hoot pried
       pellet so cute so much
	on central dreams
	   hasten the hurry something
	about inverted circles
     Near a bit of heat
	the london exit
        precise at where ghosts save

		Rope song essence
	toss the screw to pay
	   for mounted insured art
	 felt all over
         that a radiator can cement
	      a hinge for frozen
    was going to leave a circus
       lost underwear on politeness
		whose binary
	    attracts loosening

 Scramble granite in the county
       but yonder in connecticut
     versatile increment for alone
   time scarce involvement

Ratted on the sampled issues
	private lessons indexed
     celibate organ prior team
   one hurdle donor posthaste
     cistern      spatial ending
  real time structure overtone
          maladjusted what thought of
    by     none directed by authority
       pellucid amnesia
	so where is whose becomes
	  neighborhood reality
    sanitize feet
	 toxins strained cut back
        hoop  crown  curio   telex

  Consequently a face is discordant
	   as monday
         leapfrogs serial ingots
      mellow  arch  tonic  organs

		Roseate crisp
    transistor sellout on hold by
        crowded house sunny day

  Too flavored      held with something
     ripe   agar   fan petrifies
        roles  where  skilled
		lyrics indulge
  	 fellow mantras     soap
	    crinoline avocation
    error no new mix    on hold
        still agent from the hollow
   tagsale bed           before stiletto  
	 restless codeine omicron
     delta  surface  visible  ache
  adequate to word with portion

  What it says of anxiety
	know too late which ear in front
           of conducive labor
	          inconvenient lines

          Certain pastiosity
    see if across the universe
     rates the jukebox

     A thinking
   welt for spunky adjectives
       conscious of twenty dollar coffee
      fitness when argued as
	fist   forge   if   proud
    new music	 	lion
		lampshade crisis
   knowing at scarcity
	noon partition       run the kids
         ping cellar agreed book

	Transitory option
      new toned down visibility
    if not you   then soon
        pool pristine adamant
 	something chosen worker
	   sportscaster on porch songs
      that  is  once
              their overuse indicates
       random throat box
           book sortie        leap

      New lion	 cut the edge
  	as name fully erased
	      possible anarchy    to fend
		      for one self
 	   the pervasive property

	 Date of inflexibility
       from trumpeted valor
	    the high road of boss nation
	         fell comatose ingenue
   	a change in served experience

	Likely as on demand
      	   an evolving conversation
		time back to split

Eluctable acronym for ice tax
  correctable organized for instances
 	of conduct that are less aware
       lines chosen that way
     reflect iconist facings to scream

 Heroic glass		wife to seek
	  at storefront humor
	       a voice of anodized steel
	prized from what could do it
   some atari      a pellucid opener
 hit lips		frenzied
	and day job

	  Lurking about the merchandise
			something out
		and scrutiny felt hands
			on throat
 	egoic nuance written a wrap

 	      Hellion too		advocate
		                for melody
           prompt reconnaissance small ingot
		selected movements of style
	  fried nature not there

	   Openers at rhythmic front
	 gist gift gelati		sermon
	talk above the monster
	         erratic overplay in close arena
               visible lordship	canada

		Influence of a toxic priority
	   to the extreme	 a visible
  	      of mundane crosshatched irons
		senescent	wondrous

	Collect a frame of consciousness
       plan ahead units	    slovenly
	armor     fell out     scrape lest
  	   they chide     the singer

	Pests in the classified cone
	    all for purposive interest
			reliable   cheerful
	 eloquence of montage	 imply
		 as angular poetry

	    Person from the presence
     arrival             metallic phobias
        already at prostheses delivery trucks

	 One offers to shot put
	     vasco da gama     ridicule
    answer    moth as a box
	of corrected midrange etiquette

	    think it through
	and reopen   react   fellowship
      anchor gelati vassal     shoots iron
		fitness   same old stuff

      Once indicated    rode for fun
  taxonomic talker walker sleepy
	trousseau advertise parroted
       then articulate   meet mode of
	    any other city    
               perhaps iterates non issues
	that fear salmonella

	    Giggles landscape
		joke from nowhere
         prix paranoiac          dish word
	sling atrium vocal list
      feet fireplug          now
	  brought into and formalized
          falsify orbits from nuclei

		Survival sunny night
	   compression shows identity card

	      Trick of the fountain
	 thinking licorice 
	announced journal date line  a
		new league to screw
	    within one promised coordinate
         illegitimacy said flirtation
		now automata     echelon
	  dullard regulated by sorties
      sofa    serious but not sped
		at that triune vocabulary

	Hasten the nonchalance
   standpoint             stand circles
		away telethon
      other altitude not there

	   The other planet sampled early
	       shorter haste impressionable
	too much good cheer for lariats
	   flourish noon pilots as agribus
     sitting choice where student      blood

    Nomenclature       tried reality
noon service grounds for cause
	imperial    atrophy
   seen twice a popcorn odor clings
       prowess fights for five roles
		quick and quiet
	    the shotgun on hollow
      piracy      big suit of moon clothes
            walking necktie second
		skin	tapas

	Sack of fleas
	   flotilla ingratitude aglow
       agony	vibration of souls
    and their surfeit incorporated
	 light she plays the game
		at function talks
      foreign strut    noisy quiet
  face and novice motion jacket
	anodyne velours
		for always something

	Swat team	 related to
		  samples of body
 	  scene of choked lotteries
	      agents to glow feeble tone
    strength of principle          serious
       tonight      aardvarks soak

	   Bookstore     holocaust
	lenient pat on shoulder   however
      all                  less               princess
         retrace retro     fend for self

     It is partition internally crushed
  text to avoid question
         querulous arrogant not too heavy
at an earth    foisted upon
     selenium rotor    actifed sonar
                seldom seen wisdom not actual
           the concentric anomaly
   around the corner they play time
                    for sobriquets 

       Averse to summary dysfunction
         the corrected shoe by time

		Renege on thought 
	                   and contrast
      impoverished           hirsute
               garnered from sight
   as    one    to    deal        with
             depraved circumstances
       then tactics rename      public

     Almost lighter than air
         no sense in classist vacation
    open   heart   survival   decoy
        noun   flounce   rhythm   score
      decency   music    driest   horn
   possible atrophy of semantic features
	the hoi polloi engagingly retro

    Backyard                steroid moon
	   sleek voice atop a handshake

          Nominal lack of vision
     psychologist amphora dull
       pleasant windsock hoopskirt
 vantage the heart from piety
              lurching floor leader appoints
                   shell prodigy prize

	 Ear pick of the shoot
    error of versatility april between
        the booth crew heightened
       fell on bad days
	     the heinous blot of
           early crisped sacks
     intentional dedications
    rail   song   periodic   tapestry

      Vistas of backyard airplay
        book   search   willed   text

   Additive request for erogeny
     polite stream of pristine
night how roseate circuits
		depend upon
          transited influxes    pendant
    school fringe     terror filings
   	 the brigand

                    Thinking of that city
		sleeps late    organisms
	 on hold from clarified lucid
     	    promises of visors and scrapers

         The same beautiful face
	 yesterday	 western hockey
     crimp on the attitudes      revoke
	   at sellout	 problems to solve
   terraflora  suture            havoc
	prompt	      sorry spiteful
       hostilities	 blank book     scramble  
                orderly  promptness      refill
    on scrooge practically sound by jury
    	 	several notes change
   	   their laughter

	Defenestration of address
        broadway shunt for pirouette
    gnome   private person   trick
          flat chested promo    label
      soft sundown where convenes
		connections that
  	     salmonella dowries
      glisten   happier   fell upon a
           dreadnought jolly rocker
		justice in the sorrow

	Better check out this reaction
       it could matter your life
     other pedestrian stories       ochre
	monetary flux disproportionate
	   oral sediment never been
		unsightly beauty

		Charades of motive
	     a last splinter from historic
    	        endarchy    no help to pry	 
	 into scoff laws that prioritize
      error in fact	    	just knowledge
	though its possibility is suspect
	   serial immigrant six years
	in an airport	 meld with
		optional structures

	Almost signaled toy trinkets
	  prior   lotus   promise   organ
      sestina   vacuous
	    stray house prize
    	 astral imagineers       police
	resume    trash can    disposal
          deliberate nausea
		neat jettison   retorque file
	    need to find finish    as
        portions like two pads
    ingredients song filled for once

                    Limited expansive nectar
		at the desk when wills
  	  prompt a deliberate orbit
   	    names get headstrong
	door slammed policy
	        prongs impale talon disco
		tactile over strung
	  industrial vocation heaps
         		  of warmth some shard
	pistol   vacant   brown   story
	  makeshift talk to her
    	    spade   undone   sentry   century
     	   violent promise    pro said
	vacillates one the other
    		imperial cost control

  +  +  +

Splintered part 20
Splintered part 22