Appendix III.

"Windows 95"

by Loss Pequeño Glazier

The primary building which divides

come to Mayapán o how is known

as "The Castle" oh "Pyramid of

Kukulcán". Anchoring albondigas

loss investigators affirm that is lunz

reminiscence, dale, o Chichén Itzá,

others do not stand all accordion tall


          -- Glazier, "Mayapán"

I guess that’s what all computers will look like, a leading sentence and a pad that allows you to slide the triangulation toward Perseus or whatever constellation supports such a 32-bit encounter. The letter then -- inside a box at the bottom of the screen—describes itself as being "as easy as changing channels on your television set" (obviously they think the most logical pointing device a remote, not a mouse) but of course we wouldn’t want it to work out the way it did with beta tapes, which were actually a superior technology. The point being that the market favors the superior marketing, not the superior product. "El Castillo" de Mayapán, un acertijo, that it oscillated or was an "Opus". Oh say can you see this chronic it’s not youapan it’s myapan. Itsa well pooped colonial medial conundrum designing restaurant chains. Best to consolidate them, evacuate your bowels of diverse structures of citation & put nail polish on quarters for the juke box. (I stayed home today simply for the pleasure of the housewife as Mayapán is clearer still from an origin of its own instruction & if under-garments from Cambray as pans occults the base of yage bury some lizard head of serpent spuming foam a culmination cloud scales north castle of Chichén.) 10.0441 as the aesthetics of programming: "In a sense code resembles classical poetry. The requirements of meter (poetry) and syntax (code) pose both limitations and challenges for the good poet/programmer to adhere to and overcome in the process of writing a great poem/ program." The activity of writing IS to gawk, permission, and chmod all this into some useable idiom—or hopefully even decent Latino syntax. The presence of four escalators from the orient to four quartz points drawn from blood cardinals whose cemented balls structured the construction similar to the pious lizard head of Chichén sugared a den of Mayapán tambourines press the phrenal bliss of light’s somber come equinox rhinoceros springs atone. Passwords you mumble paying your money to ride on someone’s back across the river. Rev. MACTLACTIONCE-Calli. MACTLACTLIOME-Tecpatl Tozoztontli CAXTOLLI per ducor, duceris, ducitur … ducebar, ducebaris, ducebatur … Deuce o’ spades, do’s and don’ts, do as I say, drag race, space out, let’s deuce it out ace, action figure, keep pace. "School" comes through Lat. schola from Greek schole, "a place where leisure is enjoyed"; the Run and Shut Down items have three periods after the item name, and only a Help item is unadorned. These signposts are used inconsistently to tell you what to expect. Keeping track of laundry cleaning the timepiece, a czar’s Cro-Magnon ointment, bull pens or flight, viz. you can’t even count on a good bass Stratocaster that indexes coal – foo on evolution of any importance you urban columbines! How does it work? It might freeze up on you and you lose every word or you might find syntax buried so deep your ancestors, even with their dubious roots, provide no excuse. Deeply latent incremental climb to sweeping sighs of dulcet mark-up. Fathom a lake of sleeping children, a refrigerator in the barrio of shallow graves, enter urbanity, basura, and original dompe rules. La Virgen de Guadalupe’s darkness suiting the charro charro Mexicanos. The one of mixed race, of Indian blood, the one for atravesados, those who cross cultures. Oh my, a pan! Mebbe the natives will cook up some quaint tacos light up under pyramids costs a C-note "Achin’ Mule." If now loss caved in and C-notes had grains, imprinted parrots, lost antiques, inhabitants of My, a pan, eat hay for your prostate’s sake – until the date no see hath compromised that existence a relation in C-notes why less structured pyramidal con games a center to this simply prehispanic, ciudad prehispánica. Across the tortilla curtain. In contrast, la Malinche is the archetypal whore; she who represents betrayal, the preference for foreign values, the conquerors. For example, someone who would argue the primary meaning of "tortilla" is "omelet" even though standing in the Americas. Or Shakespeare’s colonial wench. Malinche also means translation. Like they say in the ads for the promised new world: on the minimum or maximum reserved space, type the new disk in the Hard Disk box and type values (in kilobytes) in the Minimum or Maximum boxes. When finished, left-click OK. In order to optimize swap file performance, you might want to click your heels. We’re a long way from flicking a BIC. Or having come a long way baby, where’s my cigarette? No - hey - that Olivia Newton John depresses the workers realize in herapan sturgeons munch hippopotami—on a beach naked I suppose among fragments of date fronds wafts corroborated. Ever sit in a fast food restaurant and notice that there are so many ads on the windows for the latest movie theme tie-in that you can barely see outside? Windows offer slivers of content as a frame for commercials. This might be the ideal path for the Web, according to many developers, a place you catch glimpses of information as you view windows plastered with ads. Hey you could win big if you just peel the game piece off the side of your cup. Or register your software for the latest prize giveaways. You may have already won. If you have the right attitude towards directories you will never flail. After making your choice, left-click the Next button or pass go. Right-clicking a file produces a pop-up menu that varies by type. Artists tend to left-click while Republicans tend to the right. If the period might’ve once been called "Error & After" it will now be known as "Eudora & after". Thorn and sing-shrub or Subject: I know I shall have awful DOS pains in the morning as a result of this.