Writing space by Loss Pequeño Glazier; text by Simon Biggs

This work was prepared at the request of Braxton Soderman and Jason Brown of the writing program at Cal Arts, Los Angeles. In the words of Simon Biggs, "They invited a number of artists and writers to collaborate in pairs on creating what they called writing spaces. I took this to mean literally a place where somebody might want to write something." I agree with Biggs on this. For me the "writing space" is a contoured aesthetic frame, made by an artist for a peer artist, that provides the opportunity to complement the space with the content it inspires. I was delighted to work with Biggs, Research Professor in Digital Arts, Art & Design Research Centre, School of Cultural Studies, Sheffield-Hallam University, Sheffield, UK. Biggs's complementary project is called "non-LOSS'y Translator", available at his web site as part of his Book of Books.

The writing space I designed for Biggs, called "Biggz", is consciously designed as a frame of ideas and of design. Text that appears in black is provided by Biggs. Other content that constitutes the space, not to give too much away, is designed in the context of the Web, driven by specific search criteria and using found design, visuals, and subtitular text. It's an aesthetic and conceptual space that provides the "space" for the text provided by Biggs. The nature of the textual component was to explore the possibilities of five pairs of variant sequences of words of approximately ten words in each sequence. That's the nature of the space, the way you need to remove your shoes before entering certain homes. I saw this text as most appropriately presented in a recombinant context.

It's a single page, as I saw the call for this work, a single writing space was the idea. A single place in which two artist might have a brief, but quite uncommon conversation through inhabiting, momentarily, each other's writing spaces.

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