Loss Pequeño Glazier


An Interactive Kinetic Textual Composition

COG is a user-interactive experiment in the visual possibilities of a poem. Of course, as a poem, COG contains textual and visual material that determines its field of expression. However, as a user is wont to bring their baggage to any reading of a poem, why not give in and leave certain dynamics of the composition in the reader's hands? The idea here is that the poem is a body of lexical and visual material. As visual and lexical materials are never fixed, most certainly not in the mind of a user, hot spots here allow programmed aesthetic modulations of the composition. But these are slight. Simply. Visually. This is not an exercise in complexity; rather, it is a Zen garden of verbiage that awaits the subtle strokes of your rake-cum-Rodentia.

COG (I) 2002 Loss Pequeño Glazier