__E__ and its Critics
Though the author banters about an "open system," these links don't open out to the Internet but reside in the closed world of E.
(Critical Query)

I can sympathize with the author's idea of form. However, can a technology (html) constitute a form? What's the subject of this? Whither narrative?
(Post-American Literature)

You cannot merely narrate technique and expect a work of literature.
(Associated Authors Almanac)

All the author's hullaballoo about multimedia--where ist it? Can we believe in a poem designed to maximize lynx?
(Microcomputer Digest)

What kind of literary property is this? How is the author ever going to have a literary executor when these texts are ejected into a vast electronic public space?
(Magazine of the Yale Younger Set)

This attempt to achieve the Literary through such an ad hoc back door will satisfy no-one.
(Harvard Standard)