The "rub" of course is translucent. A forum for back woods, word split. Inference is stunted, with engorgement emphasized by large rims of paint ridging pursed cursive. A consonantly articulated friction capable of being prolonged per vowel - completely transparent with indiscrete contour and space visible. Some "stretch' obfuscating the "lyric." So see this as, despite the chorus descending the rock, arched stairs, a single singer marked by the exhiliration of a twirling flabella, rains, shoreline of medieval Japan, shogun and rice contours - you don't have to see through it to know. The story in marked sections, each separated by a definable period of time and circumstances. The plot synopsis is printed and viewers are encouraged to read this first. The text, unlike any of our other media, retains the original foreign vocabulary though transliterated. As the veil for those with a lack of training in combinatory orthographies.