I thought about all these things. Soprano and two tenors perform a trio. In a fashion, swelter of combat between what's in- versus out-. Parameters of why thus or specifically, what is carried or thrust into Publick eye. That is enacted in the body count. Out. Moreso, what protrudes from divestiture and how so, in what array.

See, itĘs the intersection of the points, not the parabola itself, that is at issue. The point is more precise, an arm raised here, a missing baton, the lowly taken aback.

This is to point to configuration not constituent entity. Think of it thus; (precisely not filmic) what is more important: that the baronĘs charge is an entity, or the points of contact and disaffiliation that position the charge within a (and, between oral and written, more importantly your) mutable gardenscape?