A weekend thing and funny how it was inverted. It had to first do with the actual place as an inverted
--did I mention that
this text actually exists
two-fold? See, or rather don't
see. You break the lines how you want I
mean if you want to saxophone breathe it
say it works for you two lines at a time.
Then that's what appears on the screen
as you write. But once html chews it up
(it's like that terrible occasion when
the boy was telling me that his friend's
father had died. What happened? I asked.
He got chewed up by a machine. I burst out
laughing. I don't know what it was. And
the boy cried because he was really des-
pondent about it.) it's in paragraph form.
So write paragraphs conceived as puffs of
breath but pouring out like champagne!
Here on the island. It is summer and the park plainclothed pinks drifters tipping bottles of mellow oil say buddy can you despair my prime?