Introduction to _E_: Poem in HTML

Set against the turbulent aftermath of the discovery of HTML, this work, read socio-typographically, juxtaposes the latent fears of print fantasists to those realists sufficiently comfortable with writing as writing to not balk at a new tread. This new thread in literary pursuits has made its mark not only in avant-garde poetries but the world of information. As E. Finneas Waite has pointed out in his Literalis: A Cure for the Residue, "One has always had to sift through information to find knowledge." Further, in chapter one of the same work, he noted that "there really is no information; only data" and that once one sifts through the data, information may be discovered. Take it for what it is; dig turpitude. Can any sense be drawn from asocial histrionics in a social context?

Perhaps some questions are best left unanswered. Still, besides its social setting, one must approach the question of theme itself in this work. Can a theme center on the language of theme? Surely the experiments of innovative poets most deliciously L=I=N=G=E=R here. What could Modernism have hoped to lead to? Certainly Postmodernism offered no prescription to metaphoric health! Perhaps a postscript to procedural improvisation? It cannot be argued that any better attempt is here concluded. Suffice it to say that there is no rhetorical positioning of precursors, nor is the medium itself subject to examination, nor any component of it. Can anyone say then that anything been accomplished but the writing itself?

Just remember that "E" is the fifth letter in the alphabet. I challenge you to disagree.