Table 1
"It playfully exploits such rhetorical figures as pun, anaphora, epiphora, metathesis, epigram, anagram, and neologism to create a seamless web of reconstituted words..." (Marjorie Perloff on Bernstein's "Dysraphism")
Table 2
"Raph" of course means "seam," so for me disraphism is mis-seaming--a prosodic device! (CB)
Table 3
"When words are, meaning soon follows. Where words join, writing is." (Silliman)
Table 4
... sensitivity to etymologies and latent meanings is reflected in the poem itself, which is an elaborate "dysfunctional fusion of embryonic parts," a "disturbance of stress, pitch, and rhythm of speech" in the interest of a new kind of urban "rhapsody." (MP)