Poetry has entered the [4]electronic landscape. Even if such a
   landscape suggests [5]images of electronic video games or
   fiction lexicon, the fact is that the electronic world is a world
   its mode of transmission (electronic mail and the World Wide Web as
   the [6]book the stone tablet, the scroll.) Electronic writing, like
   possibilities for poetry's writing in electronic space are to be
   virtual Balkans? Electronic technology offers unprecedented
   promotion of poetic texts but most importantly, electronic space is a
   Postmodern poetic theory is particularly relevant to electronic space.
   has particular relevance to an electronic poetics, where assumptions
   electronic space. The sense of "home" here resonant with a home page
   and an electronic one? The paper press certainly offers parallels. The
   writing. In the electronic environment, the materials shift. As fonts
   terrain: _electronic verse is pieces online_. Thinking of Creeley's
   "making," hence electronic poetries are positioned to enter and extend
   These [23]words have equal significance in the electronic realm.
   gestures towards the advancement of writing's physicality. Electronic
   Importantly, electronic poetics are not tied to the linearity of the
   them their activity and it is through this activity that electronic
   It is the play of _[31]pieces_ that forms the tropes of the electronic
   An electronic poetics alters the "eye" and also extends the
   the 25,000 transactions a month at the Electronic Poetry Center
   Electronic Poetry Center. [42]The reason? Not only could we not get
   An electronic poetics is a poetics. Like any other poetics which
   than in the electronic poetries. An electronic poetry is a public