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A grep of the 1995 Poetics Logs

Procedure by Loss Pequeño Glazier

Both Tony Petrovsky and Paul Lauter's comments reflect quite clearly I'm not clear whether there's an etymological connection between I suppose Schwerner had both social registry and the nuclear I offer this list with a clear conscience, but with the understanding that Perhaps I should be clearer in this "flyer" I regularly send out but ANNOTE AND JOHON, who clearly was a patriarchal bastard if ever there was > Perhaps I should be clearer in this "flyer" I regularly send out but Indeed, the opponents of the NEA/NEH have a clear majority 29. The clearest example of work which actually leapt out of the area of if any AMerican can see our work as clearly and compassionately and it was clear to me that they were constructively self-conscious as to clearly as possible that the thing that's really struck me since which it was clear their objections were not to Mapplethorpe way, so to clear a space to write, afflicts or at least affects There remains the question of what is done in this cleared space, clear a space for itself and that the Language poets, as James Sherry revolutionary without being clear what one is *for* and what one is and this all makes it so clear of how much is really at stake I suppose round of hearings made clear was unacceptable to congress. they We live at a time in which "modern" no longer makes clear not clear on the committee that Gunderson, Goodling, Rukema and Castle clear line between the two and I know theory can be helpful to practice. Harmonielehre? I think my point was clear > Harmonielehre? I think my point was clear I'll try to do better, because it's clear that you're one of the most > Harmonielehre? I think my point was clear Blur* by Nick Piombino (Roof Books), portions of my own *Our Nuclear deregulated market forces and advertising remains unclear to me). Ref: Habermas. I have an extensive discussion of this in Our Nuclear > Some Canadians made it clear just hours before the talks > identified in the following ways: it has a clear syntax and the "There are things in the Poeticare system that clearly need it's always clear that any administrative body (including my own) will make U.S. House Speaker Gingrich and his allies have made clear in the first I think it's clear what that means if it is understood C'mon Marc, I think my trope was clear. Haven't you ever violently I'm starting to get a clearer picture of what is implied musical expression. And this clearly is theoretical Yes, yes. This makes it clearer. And extremely interesting. only poets worth _studying_, are those who set forth clearly in is in practice quite clear.

is *un*representable. There are some truths which cannot be conveyed, some spectators - and a bright-eyed horde quietly transporting the gates to theory, and that I have this unbounded, starry-eyed faith in the power > eyed. brilliantly conveyed the feel of being a lurker on a list of people Sentimental? Yes, maybe. Hackneyed? Certainly, & part of its (for me) this is prolly like the blind trying to lead the one-eyed (pardon my identification, of being spoken for, were conveyed? if they were convincing to and most of us are blonde and blue eyed. Also, once when I showed my Awakens the Wide-Eyed Stone" which, though there are no lyrics, is as an American poet. I myself always think of him as a one-eyed poet. tosses, dice throws, I Ching, random numbers keyed to dictionary entries are in the present case, has conveyed, in full spirit, the subliminal Auntie and my Uncle. I, who am a dry-eyed man, feel my eyes fill with Responding to Burt's clear-eyed questions about logic, I thought I saw Pocahontas is just/of course buxom, scantily clad, doe-eyed, and somehow surveyed 20th century lit. My prof did an amazing reading of Plath's student conveyed was that duras, otherwise tremendously respected, was seen to myopia the window the eye of the daisy walleyed pinochle & "Kiss my rabid dog" and "Why you smilin like a wide eyed chessy cat?" conveyed as something more than a set of ditto marks after that Venus Mars sympathetically, as anyone who's read my work wd know) as a wild-eyed ignoramus moneyed dealer/museum structure--calling it corrupt is a symptom of of the pastoral with the clear-eyed availability of language to the One Dimensional Man, nicely/frighteningly keyed to the 50's and 60's As always, results of interest will be conveyed to the assembly.

I could senf you there mail (not email) addresses. Valerie Fox of the Ney, Royce, Fox, Forbes, Saxton, Dornan. Those dogs may scare the fox. Perhaps you should have kept Subject: Charles takes young prince and princess fox-hunting Cape's (or Cope's?) "article" on foxhunting was too kind to me; aloud. Chanting "Fox in Socks" while stomping around a dorm room can be very voice and a copy of "Fox in Socks" Academy, never too far from fox-hunting in the past (and the The Fox by Jack Collom * $4.00 Also I recommend Evelyn Fox Keller's books especially the earlier stuff (American)-and these were white as snow, no trace of fading or foxing-MINT! Keller, Evelyn Fox. Secrets of Life, Secrets of Death: Essays on Gender, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 | I can't do it, Mr. Fox, sir. Keller, Evelyn Fox. Secrets of Life, Secrets of Death: Essays on Gender, Also I recommend Evelyn Fox Keller's books especially the earlier stuff leaden habitation). Then say, "concerning foxed duplicates from outcry, Circular Quay. 2 Admission $8/ $5. 3 Sept Judith Fox, 10 Sept Susan Geason, Fox, Hazel Smith, Ruby Langford Ginibi, Judith Beveridge, Morris West, Judith Goldman, Dirk Rowntree, Michael Basinski, Bill Luoma, Vallerie Fox, Rosmarie Waldrop, Tom Mandel, David Fox, Ben Friendlander, Susan Howe, David Fox wrote: Retallack, Milo DeAngelis, Bill Howe, Joe Elliot, Vallerie Fox, Jennifer look, lungs, not really like a foxglove 80208 ### DIE YOUNG, Skip Fox, English Dept, Univ. of Southwestern monologue and mime. At the Blue Fox Bar 274 Victoria Street Darlinghurst everyone with children is passing by the obvious! FOX IN SOCKS (if you'll

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the reviewer states that Elizabeth Barrett Browning is "an obvious figure" in songs and ballads. It's true that Tennyson's and Browning's poetry impalpable musical impulse--and stick to Pope, Tennyson, Browning question, i've noticed similar uses of the dash in browning, which i read were often the same book. And, in Browning's case, a railroad timetable Whitman, Dickinson*, E. B. Browning, Carroll, Stevens, Williams

but who has lots of online support, says this goodtimes virus is a hoax. unfortunately, works the same way with most facts--like they're some hoax Word here is that the "Good Times" virus is a hoax. Subject: AUSCERT yAlert AL-95.02.virus.hoax.returns (fwd) > "Good Times" Virus HOAX returns. >********* THE "Good Times" VIRUS IS A HOAX. ********** >who believes the hoax will simply delete the message unread.) >This is a similar hoax to the "Good Times" virus hoax that had very > "Good Times" Virus Hoax Circulating Again >The "Good Times" virus warnings are a hoax. People are circulating the >report appeared to be a hoax. Actually, the hoax posting was allegedly I'm glad to hear that the virus is a hoax. That message was forwarded to in the next issue of _Angry Penguins_. Then, the hoax was leaked to the hoax. These matters will be fully dealt with in the succeeding issue of When I was in college 10 years ago, I perpetrated a kind of "hoax" of but said that it was a mistake for me to look at them as "hoaxes." I went friend then told the editors that I considered my poems "hoaxes," but The poets of the Romantic period who valued Thomas Chatterton's hoax hoax, there wasn't a lot of hullabaloo about that. Likewise, when I _Aerial_ a couple years back was a hoax, I thought no less of the editor similar episode in U.S. -- the Spectra Hoax -- look up those ole spectral The Japanese poet/scholar hoax: Well, Tom, I think you're right to question the hoaxer's character. I don't know the hoaxer myself, but I've heard (from a friend of his) that the hoax was *racially* motivated: what the hoaxer didn't seem to take into consideration was *why* To me, the hoaxer has proven nothing we didn't already know; and not only readers) taken in by the hoax (being again one of the readers taken in), my feelings w/respect to the hoaxer -- assuming, again, that my source > similar episode in U.S. -- the Spectra Hoax -- look up those ole Looking back at yesterday's post about poetic hoaxes, in my haste to Subject: Re: hoax spectral book about "The Spectra Hoax" pub'd some decades ago that lingers in many heart of the Spectra hoax -- the book I read about the hoax (back at the Ern Malley was revealed to be a hoax, Max Harris was put on trial for after the hoax had been made public). A very late addition to this thread. Not really a hoax, but worth checking out: Kenneth Koch. Some effects of the hoax were: to unbalance the equation of Subject: literary hoaxes hoaxes (besides the famous ones like Chatterton & the Ossian poet), Ashbery and Kenneth Koch. Some effects of the hoax were: to unbalance the Subject: Yasusada = Hoax? INTENSITY #5) that it is more than likely a hoax; that is, a person or but I want everyone to know that I did not know of the hoax when I accepted My main purpose here is to alert you all to this hoax, and to warn any springboard to some kind of notoriety is unconscionable. There are hoaxes target was a single editor) and there are hoaxes (such as Yasusada, in which The "Good Times"virus is a hoax. Viruses (at least at the present time) hoax! Enjoy them anyway.

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