A Grep on Sound

interlocking samples (natural sounds,
Allgrena "Rotor" C60 $7.99 primal ritual sounds. percussive and
noises, and other strange sounds. home made electroacoustic. Birdman
and subtle sounds combine in a minimal
sound texture. numbered edition of 500. Irrah-verlag Germany irrah 01
Pierre-Andri Arcand "Eres + 16" CD $11.99 repeating layers of sound
cover on transparent plastic, with text by David Myers. Sounds for
revolving repetitive sounds moving back and forth
Asia Nova "One" C60 $5.99 dark and ethereal soundscapes. two female
* Aube "Aqua Syndrome" CD $14.99 liquid based ambient sound
Aube "Flash-Point" C46 $9.99 using only glow lamp as sound
sound material. porous cover. G.R.O.S.S.
Aube "Maze Head Shift" 7" $4.99 noise made only with the sounds of
sounds. limited edition of 500 copies. grey
different sound source (metal, heartbeat,
sounds of magnetic resonance spectroscopy as
building into a massive waterfall of sound. colour
using water sounds only. G.R.O.S.S. Japan
noise. Cock E.S.P. sounds reprocessed by Aube.
10" $15.99 manipulated sound of metal and
plus one track by each using the sounds of
Bacillus "Pregnant Disease Formation" C20 $3.99 sounds of internal
British Library National Sound Archive England 0712305068
sounds. in special box. empreintes DIGITALes Canada IMED 9628/29
Wendy Bartley "Claire-voie" CD $6.99 distant swells of sound and
of a sound poem into electroacoustic
soundscapes. trente oiseaux Germany TOC 952
edition of 150. contains no sound. Germany BEHRENS 10
creation of sound sculptures. loose bound, large format, slip
sound sculpture. limited edition. U.S. VBT
using granular sounds to build textures,
minute sets of highly varied sound manipulation. tenor sax, drums,
sound. also includes a sound journey through
the waters of Venice, a mixing of several soundtracks of simultaneous
sounds of nature against piano (played by
sounds generated by violins of violin related material, then
processed, or not. Sound of Pig U.S. SOP 161
layers of vague sounds passing though each other. collaboration
Generations Unlimited label. Sound of Pig U.S. SOP 180
of voice and sound. Metamkine France
Book of Wisdom "Mors Nigra" C60 $9.99 great mystic sound and dark
Chris Brown "Lava" CD $14.99 molten fragments of electroacoustic sound
creating completely new sounds not normally associated with a
strings to effect various sounds: resonant, dry, metallic, wooden,I
sonorous sounds and polymorphic shimmers.
soundscapes and orchestral music. no cover.
L. Chasse "exfolia motors" C60 $4.99 quiet sound explorations. half of
sound textures from member of id battery. a
of slow moving sounds. Unique Ancient Tavern
Michel Chion "Credo Mambo" 3" CD $5.99 jangled assortment of sounds
Schaeffer. collages of sound and dialogue. INA-GRM France INA C
reconstructions of sound into new forms similar to old musique
sound poetry. written in French, except
introduction by William S. Burroughs and time line of recorded sound
instrumental sounds and yelling voices. also
overlapping repeating sounds of unrecognizable
character. studio and live. Sound of Pig Music U.S. sop 129
sounds creating an aura of far away lands.
Songe est Savior" CD $16.99 sparkling sound
the sparkling sounds that inhabit the air." subtle crystalline
violins with additional sounds from bass, guitar, accordian, weed
1995. beautiful violin drone and short bursts of sound
7" $4.99 collage sound piece. numbered
through the walls and floors. powerfully dense waves of sound like
the tapes, the "music" to reveal the sound
Core "Chants Of Race & Emptiness" CD $16.99 ambient industrial sound
bells & pod-rattle with amplified stream; high, soft-pure brass sound
squeaky wood floor, footsteps, and delightful sound-disturbance by
of shifting sound. 50cm x 50 cm two-sided
conglomerations of sound. On one we find the
soundscape based on complex non-sense. Dom America U.S. dom us cd 09
returns. subtle hammered rhythms, electronic sounds and
electronic sounds and obscured voices. a
brief deformation of sound from "Koitlaransk". live recording from
drones and perversions of sound sources.
Crawl Unit "Remains" 7" $2.99 soundtrack for portrait of
flowers" LP $4.99 sound poem using an interview
Crib "Bloom / Lick" 7" $2.99 spacy bass sounds on yellow vinyl. odd
sounds broadcast simultaneously from 6 different European radio
sounds. Experimental Intermedia U.S. XI 117
and environment recordings, sound
artwork. Sounds for Consciousness Rape France
mystic and bizarre sounds from half of Evil
Dead Fish Fuck "Silence at the Eye of the Scream" LP $10.99 sound on
reflection and environment sound. featuring Mark
reverberant sounds of dripping water, voices, and
story (in French) and sound re-enforcement.
affair with howling sounds and percussive sounds throughout, ending in
a massive wall of guitar sound.
Willem deRidder + Crawl Unit "Voice & Sound" 7" $2.99 infamous Dutch
sparse and otherworldly collages of sound.
'organized sound' recorded in the 1960's. dense,
soundscapes. packed in an old sock. features Peter
industrial and experimental sounds from N|rnberg.
various sound sources, instrumental and otherwise. emprientes
towards composition and sound. 24 min. hi-fi
Domaine Poetique "Exhale Slowly" C60 $4.99 a dense grey mass of sound
Sound of Pig Music U.S. SOP 142
of trance. John Hudak and Jeph Jerman together through the mail. Sound
Hudak. Sound of Pig Music U.S. SOP 219
throbbing. soundtrack for a long lost life. new
Drift "The Beyond" C90 $10.99 obscure soundtrack, sinister
house hold sounds and voices punctuated
with expressive concrhte sounds. Metamkine France MKCD016
as a sound source. Accord France 202222
and reshaping of sounds. INA-GRM France INA C
Peter Duimelinks / Frans de Waard 3" CD $8.99 three short soundtracks
Dumb Type "S/N" CD $20.99 electronic soundtracks for performance
moving sounds. Edition Modern Romania EDMN 1005
spectral sound using only acoustical instuments such as contrabass
with electronic sounds. intense and
recordings, instruments and concrete sounds. features Christoph
* John Duncan "John See Soundtracks" CD $13.99 includes soundtracks to
Love". with the original soundtrack from "Move
for Morton Feldman's chamber opera "Neither". a very austere sound
Kelly; and an audio collage of digital field recordings of the sounds
sound material played by a stationary tape deck. Firework Records
electronic sound made up from small particles. Caprice Sweden CAP
Erosore "Excision Kit" C20 $3.99 sharply defined sounds and textures
varied sounds and atmospheres pull you in and
sound collage moving into areas with
violoncello sounds. La Grande Fabrique France LGF002
blending natural sounds with sharp
electronic sounds, all mixed together in a very subtle way. sounds
droney industrial sounds from Germany. first
environmental electroacoustic works from 1963-89. realistic sounds
unbelievable that no samples or sound effects have
symphony of extraordinary sound colors. 38e
Terry Fox "Berlino / Rallentando" LP $12.99 droning soundscapes. side
found sounds and 3 different piano wire instruments, a kind of aural
Bernd Friedmann "Leisure Zones" CD $11.99 77 minute soundscape of
subtle sounds meant to be heard before going to
INA-GRM LP) paired with gliding electronic sounds transforming from
noises. "Image-mirage": melting and boiling electronic sound textures,
other. A visible density of altered sounds blurring into each
sound images. sounds bent and reflected upon themselves. GMVL /
publisher of Soundings Press. @What Next? Recordings U.S. WN0008
Jon Gibson "Two Solo Pieces" LP $8.99 exploring sound capabilities of
electronics. hypnotic rhythmic soundtracks to ballet and
electronics. hypnotic rhythmic soundtracks to ballet and
Bruce Gilbert "Music For Fruit" LP $10.99 electronic soundtrack music
soundtracks by Wire bass player. Mute Records England CDSTUMM39
modern electric sounds. NO-CD Rekords Spain
sounding of the instrument. an incredible
Malcolm Goldstein "Sounding the New Violin" CD $11.99 solo violin
into the life of sound and texture. @What Next? Recordings U.S. WN0005
occasional nature sounds. U.S. Goo01
sounds made only with solo clarinet utilizing
under the influence of cannabis, observations of environmental sound,
Harry Bertoia sound sculpture. Opus One U.S.
Ragnar Grippe "Sand" CD $13.99 multitude of dripping, echoing sounds
of gentle musical tones with odd sounds
and energetic. limited edition of 500. second edition. HEAR sound art
and quiet motions of sound transformed into
sounds delicately appearing through a fog
and austere compositions of microscopic unidentifiable sounds. a
electroacoustic sounds. solo from PFN member. limited to 500. Quiet
Hands To "Christage" C60 $4.99 a dense haze of powerful sound. Sound
using sounds which may have once been heard in a site to circumscribe
sound. Sound of Pig Music U.S. SOP 126
Hands To "Klangfiguren" C60 $4.99 soundpaintings from the Arizona
sound sources. include a homage to Harry Bertoia and a work to settle
Hands To "Mose Wreck" C60 $4.99 a dense haze of powerful sound. Sound
places through collages of nature sound
Jon Hassell "Vernal Equinox" CD $14.99 a tapestry of natural sounds
Jon Hassell "Vernal Equinox" LP $8.99 a tapestry of natural sounds
D.S. Hastings "All Washed Up" C30 $4.99 disassociative sound, textural
Christoph Heemann "Invisible Barrier" CD $12.99 processed sound and
acoustic sounds and music with processing.
blending strange atmospheres of sound. Streamline Germany SL 1003
* Bernard Heidseick "Vaduz" 12" EP $17.99 one of this French sound
Bernard Heidsieck "Poisie Action" book + CD $48.99 a history of sound
sounds from Budapest. edition of 200 on bright
Hithlahabuth "(drone)" 7" $6.99 mysterious, religious natural sounds
with sound and collage. split tape in book
John Hudak "Halls" C60 $5.99 sound derived from water rushing through
lulling wash of sound. audiofile Tapes U.S. aT 26
John Hudak "Natura" 7" $2.99 very minimal sound textures. the sound of
fruit flies backed with the sound of ice
John Hudak "Tall Grasses" C60 $5.99 closely recording soundscapes from
electronic sound with underlying nervous rhythms of hand made
ambience and shifting sounds. one side only.
instrumental sounds perverted by processing
into odd soundtrack. concept work drawn from dreamy diary. edition of
I.A.M. Umbrella "Nowhere" CD $13.99 soothing sounds, confusing
I.A.M. Umbrella "The Sound of Shadows Breathing on Themselves" CD
small sounds from brandon labelle and loren
on headphones. uses high frequency sound
cutting through sounds and 47 minute section of pure droning
Immortal Agony "Orgasmic Acts I/XII" C60 $10.99 doomful death sounds
sounds, voice and textures. uses many hand built instruments. New
splint, designed by Charles Eames in 1943, as the sole sound
and violin bow, etc. some sounds are dry live to tape sounds and some
also find some explorations sounding a bit
different." Interior Sounds / New Plastic Music U.S. NPIB-3
altering sound and a psychedelic story. originally released in
Maki Ishii "Afro-Concerto / Lost Sounds III / Polaritdten / F|shi" CD
was common. includes soundtracks to Maya Deren's films. @What Next?
Derek Jarman "The Garden" CD $15.99 soundtrack by Simon Fisher Turner
improvised cut-ups of various sound with
layers of abstract sound are allowed to develop natural rhythms and
a potentially infinite continuum of sound. a possible glimpse of the
works dating from 79 and 77 are sound improvisations in a certain
sounds more like a composition. This latter one clearly breathes the
sound that J. recorded at his home.
his installations (illustrating the sounds here on "Small Music
sculptures and processed nature sounds from
sound installations in Bremen which form the slow moving sound
$15.99 the sounds of Julius' small sound
electric environmental small sounds. sounds from
tiny buzzer instruments mixed with nature sounds. a tiny world not at
intrumentation and sounds. a wide range of
of sound. Apraxia U.S. PXC10184
ambient and industrial sounds from Frans de
inhuman computer rhythms or melodies to abstract sound studies. Zero
and loops and strange droney sounds.
Georg. "From the opening feedback, sounds shift and swirl. Some of the
sounds are drenched in heavy reverb and
sounds of various kinds and built up
rampant sounds by Hajsch, Monika Westphal
mysterious pieces and sparse rooms of sound from
till 1996. limited edition of 500. HEAR sound art library Japan HEAR
Kranivm "I - The Blood" C60 $9.99 dark droning ancient sounds. intense
* Ulrich Krieger "Walls of Sound" CD $11.99 very thick textural music
sound. Cage's "Four5" is recorded here so that there are 20 layers of
micro-processors and electronic sounds; guitar and
phonetic sounds; soprano and stereo tape; and poem with
aim to emphasize sound both as physical material and a sensorial
Lab Rat "For Bob Jr." C60 $5.99 sparse sound explorations. sonic
sound textures. special gatefold corrugated
with a cello bow) to the whirling soundscapes
landscapes. intimate vibrating sculpted sound
acousmatique sound collage mixing everyday drips, barks, shouts, and
morphed sounds. GMVL France GMVL CD 011
Philippe Le Goff "Titakti" CD $6.99 electroacoustic sound paintings
using sounds from the Inuit culture of the
sounds. empreintes Digitales Canada IMED 9524
electroacoustic sounds. voices are filtered so as to barely be voices
any more, bird sounds inject themselves
sharply, and electronics sounds slide out of shadows and chop up. an
almost stroboscopic sound film as sonorities
sound installation designed to be diffused, inside or outside, over a
system of 2 to 8 sound sources to reproduce
a musical and maritime soundscape. sounds recorded in Brittany,
Richard Lerman "Within Earreach" CD $11.99 ambient sound snapshots and
sound flow. made up by the simultaneous recording of different types
Annea Lockwood "A Sound Map of the Hudson River" CD $14.99 aural
mesh of rhythms and pitches created by the sounds of the moving
objects are used as sound sources and the
thingummyjigs"). an acousmatic sound assemblage using extreme
Francisco Lspez "Azoic Zone" CD $19.99 soundscape journey of life and
sounds from Arcane Device, Illusion of Safety, John Hudak, Chop Shop,
Francisco Lspez "Belle Confusion 966" CD $13.99 very low level sound
sound mass. an incredibly powerful work. 55 minute studio version of
Francisco Lspez "Tonhaus" CD $19.99 very minimal soundtrack to a
anti-music, soundspace and disappearance of
sound. uncompromising music of absolutes. entirely clear package with
Maeror Tri "Exorbitant" 7" $5.99 hypnotising walls of sound drone you
to a dreamy spacey sound. Old Europa Cafe
Maeror Tri "Language of Flames and Sound" CD $14.99 intense ambient
Maeror Tri "Myein" CD $10.99 beautiful deep ambient sounds from
to Elvis and James Tenney's treatment of him, and sound studies with
Chris Mann "Chris Mann and Grammar" book $2.99 isound-text
sounds and high voice and silence. a high
(from '66 and '73) and piano piece (from '77) and sound environment
electronic sound from France. one side very
on tour soon with Loren Mazzacane and Fuzzhead. edition of 750. Sound
Mauve Sideshow CD $9.99 strange space sound collage with ethereal
ethereal strange mists of sound collage and
and sound collage. Ventricle U.S. VENT-03
electronics and sound. colored jewelboxes and fold out color poster
lightning bolts with the earth's magnetic field and sounds created by
frequencies (earbath time). sounds reflected back through space from
track: 'garasu', not a soundtrack to
acoustic sounds, skillfully constructed.
torturous soundtracks for bondage videos.
harsh noise. Merzbow transforming the sounds
cut brisk loud sound montage. solo and
piercing soundtracks for dance performances at
Merzbow. Sounds for Consciousness Rape France SFCR 026
noises exploring the sound surface of objects. Pure / Ulcer House
* Kiyoshi Mizutani "Transcendent sideways" CD $12.99 layered sound
and fluid sounds combining into austere
journey into monumental sounds. second edition in bluish green
sound-collage which has an unusually
humanistic and organic aura. an unfurling tapestry of sounds and
text wih landscaped sound and ritual
and textural points of sound. Matchless
short wave radio, water, tape delay, electric guitar, and sound
projection. Sound of Pig Music U.S. SOP 77
Morphogenesis "Solarisation" CD $12.99 strange fields of sound from
states of sound in a room. amplified sounds of
Mud C60 $5.99 echoing strange and mysterious sounds from Indiana. Yen
Gordon Mumma "Mesa / Pointpoint / Fwyyn" LP $6.99 cybersonic (sound
instruments used, just treated sound. a
everyday sounds processed with salvaged,
Mystic Moog Orchestra CD $9.99 electronic noise orgy mixing old sounds
and sound. numbered edition of 200 in steel
naj "resituation" CD $6.99 microsounds building into a cacophony of
New Blockaders "TNB Est Mort" 2 CD box $39.99 dense scraping sound
Phill Niblock "China and Sunsets" video $19.99 massed sounds paired
Phill Niblock "Music By" CD $10.99 minimal atonal drones. sounds made
Nightshade "Black Harvest" C60 $5.99 sounds range from acoustic flute
sound sculptures heavily laden with lush guitars and
Nigredo "carmina defunctorum" C30 $7.99 obscure mystic sounds drawing
volume 1 platte 2" CD $11.99 soundtrack to
deep harmonic string oriented sounds, all dripped in
soundscapes created through the use of home made
sounds. includes highlights from performances. blends together drones,
Noise Maker's Fifes "Soundscapes of the Inner Eye" CD $13.99 slowly
building drones and shifting subtle sounds.
unconventional and restrained musical sounds and natural noises. NMT
innocent sound sources. Mute Records England CDSTUMM32
sounds and opus for ever shifting loops of
fragmented sounds. Mute Records England 12MUTE15
Arditti violin and Andri Richard sound
MNortham/JGrzinich "the stomach of the sky" CD $13.99 sound artists
* Noto "Infinity" CD $15.99 produced as a sound project for documenta
day lives of airport, radio, and railway station. based on sounds
prepared piano and Baschet sound sculpture. very bizarre and
mysterious sound poetry and singing. Vand'Oeuvre
Kirk Nurock "Natural Sound" LP $9.99 using only vocal and body
the sounds of magnetic resonance spectroscopy and radio telescope
the sounds of magnetic resonance spectroscopy and radio telescope
Omit "Recycled" C40 $3.99 recycled sounds on reused cassette tape with
sound and loops. Hithlahabuth Records Germany HRC.002
forming a dream like soundscape. recorded live
as triggers for sounds of drones and warped choruses. Het Apollohuis
Luis Paniagua "Arbol de cenizas" CD $11.99 dance soundtrack ranging
Para-Noise-Terminal "Evolution" C60 $7.99 organic soundscapes drawing
shimmering and reverberating mysterious sounds. Para-Fin-Tapes Germany
clicking, sleeping sounds. a hypnogogic surreal
sound. Magison / INA-GRM France MGCB 0795
devolving natural sounds. difficult analog soundscapes. N D
ten short section of concrete sounds and
spoken text. recordings of relatives with various sounds
sound. emerging and changing in a relentless slow and
distorted and purified sounds. live
Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta "Digital Music" CD $12.99 dense sound
electronic avant-garde techno sound. minimal
electroacoustic/musique concrite like collage of warped sounds. very
realm of emotion and painful love. soundscapes
Pork Queen / Noggin LP $6.99 PQ blends electronic and found sounds
of sounds out of what would appear to be a limited set-up. Eddie
Edwin Privost "No Sound Is Innocent" book $28.99 AMM and the practice
Michael Prime "Aquifiers" CD $10.99 metal storage rack as sound
source, improvisation using environmental sounds
occasionally violent sound structures using
instruments and sound icon. Adhs France 204482
soundtrack for the different areas of an aquarium. CIRM France CIRM
music. all sounds obtain from broken DAT
artist Fergus Kelly creating textured soundscapes concerned with the
with commericially available sound effects
with sampled insect sounds and reworkings of
sections of very quiet sounds errupting into
tense attacks of sound and insane voices. strange and surreal. New
$14.99 chopped of loops of electronic sounds
sounds using the texts of Tchouang-tsue. GMEM - Effects Input France
RLW "Acht" CD $13.99 sparse and intermittent electronic sounds which
are then accented with sounds of strings,
RLW "Eyes" 7" $2.99 short and sparse collage of sounds with help of
KM live sound for his composing methods.
Nirgends Nie" double LP. sharp points of sound
cutting through silence and wavering hybrid sounds. trente oiseaux
$14.99 spacious delicate points of sound. more
RLW/Splintered CD $12.99 through the mail reworking of sound materials
abstract sound, ambient noise and sonic
mixture of electro-manipulated sounds which
* Dean Roberts "Moth Park / Soundtracks to Utopia" CD $11.99 solo
and dynamic sounds acccomdated into a context of comprovisational
* Otto Romanowski "Images of Sound" CD $14.99 classic electronic and
tape music recorded 1974-94. soundscapes
sleeping rhythms, randomized computer sounds,
drawn soundsI Jasemusiikki Finland JaseCD 0026
sound. Slaughter Productions Italy SPT025
film soundtrack in 1930 utilizing music,
radio, automobiles, cats, and various other sounds. Metamkine France
follow up to "Zahir" LP. packaged in slipcase/envelope. Sound @ One
Sandoz Lab Technicians LP $6.99 strange groupings of sound like
Sappho. Sound @ One U.S. S@1#38
sounds. based on "aspect" work of m/s. numbered.
S.B.O.T.H.I. "and" LP $14.99 minimal sound fragments. picture disc and
multilayered recycled sound materials as a base for a
Donald Scavarda "Sounds for Eleven" score $0.99 Lingua Press
of his sound poetry. very influencial member
S*Core "Finger Mark" 7" $6.99 combining rough sound loops with melodic
sounds. white vinyl. numbered edition of
sound. Ash International England ASH2.4LP
environments vie experimental sound sculptures. Ure Thrall's new
sound, background buzzes, and fragmentary
sound collage. six different labels applied randomly. edition of
reverberant and simple sounds. hand made paper
exploration. rustling and brushing sound confection in two
parts. full color picture disc. numbered edition of 550. Sounds for
washes of sound, accompanied on two of five
pioneers of fucked-up sound resculpt each other's sounds. Tim/Kerr
pioneers of fucked-up sound resculpt each other's sounds. full color
polystyrene, mesmerizing sounds are released which can infiltrate the
source material for radio show sections. from sound art to out there
electronic sounds and more. too weird and unnerving to be ambiant, too
Angeles-based noise/sound artist Damion Romero
locomotive of sound. thick drone clusters and transient acoustical
organ, bowed bass, and sound objects. two
Karlheinz Stockhausen "Aus den sieben Tagen" CD $9.99 abstract sound
Structures Sonores Baschet "Palette Sonore" CD $16.99 the sound
soundtracks. very limited pre-release.
Per Svensson "El/ Element 1" C40 $7.99 sounds from the primordial
infrasound and psych-out (hostage hallucination, lycanthropy, scrotum
to form a subtle "soundscape", like a poem.
This piece was played at the first Nordic Sound Art festival (Iles de
sound with his field recordings, but the
first: a building swell of noise and sound like a heavy wind or
sounds, doors and distant voices. Dedali Opera
tac "sound events" C90 $6.99 a documentary of audio
household machinery and other sounding objects
blocks of repetitive sound moving against
"his music is made using only a 386 PC and a soundcard - it+s down to
punk, sound poetry, folklore, and electroacoustics rolled into
pure electronic sounds created in the Bell
computer music, often sounding more industrial
James Tenney "The Music ofI [Soundings Thirteen]" book $7.99
history of his work. 297 pages, 8.5" x 11". Soundings Press U.S. Sou13
soundscapes from tantric to total apocalyptic
immaculate ambient soundscapes. special 'bullrush'
structures. recycled and processed, analog sounds from
mutant tunes, absurd atmospheres, surrealistic soundscapes. Raum 312
atmospheres, surreal soundscapes, tortured tunes, and
Ure Thrall "It's All Yer' In" C60 $5.99 primitive avant-garde sound
specifically engineered soundtracks for motivating
Ure Thrall "Technological Abyss" C60 $5.99 the sounds of circuitry
into sound: absolute chaotic electronic
been doing experimental sound pieces since the early 1960's. for the
sounds (female voice, mellotron, effects,
pieces. project to compose with the least sound
goals of T.B. is to explore macro-sounds in
of "How to Discover Music In the Sounds of
composing with environmental sounds. Lovely
Ultrasound "Loom" LP $9.99 dark droning spacy music with mucho guitars
loops and heavy ambient sounds combining
different sound energies found in nature, cyclical
mixture of electroacoustic sounds and crisp
Voice of Eye "Mariner Sonique" CD $10.99 strange nocturnal soundscapes
John Waterman "Calcutta Gas Chamber" CD $10.99 a collage of sound
with the plasticity and pliability of sounds both familiar and
churchyard, heat and wall of sound found on the
sounds into a subtle form with sudden loud
Larry Wendt & John Hudak "Widening Lain" C60 $5.99 surreal soundscape
of broken sounds and strange squawks.
sounds with underlying sense of tension. handprinted tar paper
Trevor Wishart "Red Bird / Anticredos" CD $14.99 sounds of birds,
producing unusual and difficult sounds. rather
insane sound poetry. reissue of material from out of print LPs (1977 &
bucket and pot-top creating high-pitched rapid bursts of sound. in a
concept of sound-installations, copies, boxes, implant, looks,
Wound "in statu nascendi" 7" $7.99 fractal loops as soundtracks for
Wright and R. Yau. first side features ambient soundscapes and second
sounds. a small orchestra playing clusters and combinations against
1977-78. a pure electronic soundscape.
hiss to obscene vocal vehemence with voice as the only sound
amplified capacitance, pieces using sound sculpted
Y-Ton-G "Live in the Attic" C60 $7.99 gently scraping sound revealing
reverberating sounds. secretive and private. Terminal Tape
Y-Ton-G "Y" C90 $7.99 slow scraping and echoing soft soundscapes drawn
screechy violin over small amplified sounds.
photograph by Chemin!. numbered edition of 100. Sounds For
sound. reissue of cassette from 1987. part