a foot, afield, a meter, metier, mitre, mootah

It is not just a change in writing practices, but part of a change in consciousness of the entire culture. Writing about identity in the age of the Internet, Sherry Turkle suggests that Internet experiences should be understood as "part of a larger cultural context". That context, Turkle argues, "Is the story of the eroding boundaries between the real and the virtual, the animate and the inanimate, the unitary and the multiple self, which is occurring both in advanced scientific fields of research and in the patterns of everyday life". If, indeed the patterns of everyday life are being transformed, writing is one of the key areas where this transformation is occurring.
opiate of motion
field hands
of shadows of wings
flickering like slats on midwest
fields clumps of forest

"When an object appears in that square, it is lined up for its picture. As the scientist of the future moves about the laboratory or the field, every time he looks at something worthy of the record, he trips the shutter and in it goes, without even an audible click. Is this all fantastic? The only fantastic thing about it is the idea of making as many pictures as would result from its use." (Vanevar Bush)