Hacedor de cascabeles

Be careful, these mosquitos carry malaria. Noise, heat, activity thickens the entire field into a dense weave of tropical fervor. Profuse hibiscus flowers, lemon, and pomegranate trees. How amazingly full it is of sounds, insects, sensations. Not, not just flies, but as if via Darwin's beard, numerous distinct species and sizes of flies each working its own area of the papaya rind.

Children & houses dotting coffee bean fields people parados parada de pie paraderos lemons rusting Escuela Republica de Cuba tin tobacco fields melon mounds boys get on bus to sell chips, pan de calabaza buying every bread that passes, arboles de figuras, flores de queso.

Thorn and sing-shrub let it spring up for you,
When you eat the plants of the field!
I love the elision and short gasps of air uttering tight precise vowels. Oh, Rimbaud, how my soul aches for you! Like the curtains in Bombay, the dirt-packed streets, a vowel is something that shimmers in the breeze. Or the vowel in Venezuela: un "desorden público".