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Glen is always "Polite" for here's the light weight. Slango. Glen's legs are "spindly" for pinning in Dallas. To Gee Gaw and "Baluta Face." What happened to the "Penguin" and the "Hammer." Miss Biggy you're turning into a "Majorca." For Lorca. For Joel Zeltzer. And the cute one has yet to have a "viable rump." Slango. Liberman's "Frisbee" trauma in 86 for "Spin." For Spinner who like Spyro was faceless and powered looking at once. Slango. Conversationally the voice of Zeltzer is always "flighty" for the flight of a bullet. For fly with me. Slango. "Spindly." For took the lad for a spin. Slango. When the baby was lifted in Prospect Park from the hill we confronted a "Glen." Slango. O'Neils "tush" for "kushim" for Negros. Slango. The ziz is obtaining the head and face of a "Papuan monkey." For Pow Pow. For rifle shots for Wayne. Slango. To the shochet. With "Joel Steinberg" out of the game there's no reason for you to go through your pretentiously silly motions so near me. Slango. Glen the "peanut" has "integrity." For a shell. For I've shot. After what I tagged after. Guo bet. To get near me. The "Mul" "boys tickets" for bites the he is--Ted kid. Slango. Dan Yorty burned his compositon at the "Mud" Club 12 years ago. Michael Carter was also in the room. Mud. For Brokaw. Slango. Peter Liptak who has the personality of a "narrator." For having shot. For river. 4 years ago. For several minutes at life cafe. Had his head shrunk. As for the ten he was a monkey. Slango. The "Mul" has the nature of my brother. For "Ephraim" for afros. For an Atlanta killer. Slango. There has been a tremendous increase in the ziz's "bide" and "nar" amanations. For bathing and rivers. Weyn. Perhaps in his 84 acceptance speech Ronald Reagan was not "John Wayne." But was "Cardinal O'Connor." For the "Mul." Slango. Hell. Nobody would deny that the "Mul" is a "Bonzo" for bun. Chimps have a "Mul." Slango. Chavier speaks as though at one time he "stuttered." For drinking role. For student. 2 months back he was little Caesar. Slango. For castration. The other time Liptak's head shrank was at dorio on "Rivington" St. For river. For Wine. For Wayne. Also shikor. For "swiss up." Slango. In the process his eyes became "darker." For skinny. For the ziz. Slango. Your fish is not an ancestral trait. But an environmental. Slango. To Paul Skiff. You're great at running away from the 6 years old. But he's better at catching up with you. Slango. Whether Roger Manning talks or sings. He emulates for the "Mul" for etan. Slango. To the gee fall I'm not impressed by your fat ass. To me it's a cheap spittoon. Slango. Twice of late Roland's eyes went "blotto" for bli ito. For without. Him. For blow the otto. Slango. The reason Ray Tay was all gray and silver. Sitting on a bar stool 12 years ago. Is because he had something to do with the poisoning of "Swiss Up." Slango. Richard's Clint Eastwood's voice. For "Blodoie." For "Tu." For winny the shvanz. Slango. The last time I spoke to Richard. Who helps me out with petty cash when I'm broke. He had Clint Eastwood's voice who 2 years ago starred in a movie about securing a president. He's the one who was inquisitive about lach. Slango. I see him on the average about 3 or 4 times a year. Slango. When I sang "Do The Goat" the mountain goat was an elderly statesman. For the lad is my error. For a prince. Shmokolde. Brokaw's Liberman's I.D. in shallow water with sediment. For the bath at the "Mul's" place. In which the tub was mired with mud. For Roger Mud. Slango. When fat face sits she's a passenger in a cab. Slango. Mortal man subject to mortal law becomes mortally wounded. By now the shochet is the ugliest turd that was ever shat by Granny Goose's asshole. Slango. The small black guy with the dead eyes and the congos who mingles with the rastas. Could be "Arnie" who had a large pharmaceutical compendium. Slango. To the shochet. Bring over your latest mask. Slango. To the ziz and the shochet. What the fuck is your problem. You're nothing but a couple of fucked up shmegelegem to me who should be terminated. Slango. When Robert Bailey reads he "mourns" with "dignity." For morning and burial of the small. Slango. What I thought were motions of stranglehold being released by Ellison and Steve Paul Miller. Could have been the lowering after off a rifle's discharge. Orion. When Harry Ellison reads it's always "pater noster." For the termination of a travelling president. His voice "pipes." For the tube a bullet goes through in a rifle. Slango. The owner of Odessa is turning into a "John Gacy." His mouth is smaller. Thinner. And more twisted than it has been. Slango. The duckling craw is on his chin and grovels on his navel to attain his deformity. Respite spa;