S.Howe Syllabus ( Studies in Genre. Eng. 429)
SYLLABUS  FALL SEMESTER 1994.  ENGLISH 429. Professor Howe

Tales of Transgression and or Monstrosity: Studies in Genre: 429.
T., TH . 11:00 AM-12:20 PM. Honors Seminar.

We will read a number of British and American short stories, poems and
short novels, maybe one or two case histories, most of them written
during the 19th century, and see two films. These writings and films
focus on traditional gothic themes of transgression and monstrosity
but remain outside that genre form.

Poems: Samuel Taylor Coleridge. "The Rime of the Ancient
Mariner," John Keats. "La Belle Dame sans Merci."  Christina
Rossetti. "Goblin Market."

Short novels and short stories: Mary Shelley, Frankenstein, or
the Modern Prometheus.  Emily Bronte, Wuthering Heights. Bram Stoker,
Dracula.  Edgar Allan Poe, William Wilson: A Tale," Nathaniel
Hawthorne," Rappaccini's Daughter, " "Wakefield, " Herman Melville,
"Bartleby the Scrivener."  Henry James, The Turn of the Screw.

Films: Vertigo, story by Boileau and Narjac, directed by Alfred
Hitchcock. The Third Man, story by Graham Greene, directed by C. Reed.

Attendance is mandatory: After three absences your grade will be
automatically lowered to a B-. Lecture and class discussion.  Class
assignments include response papers, a couple of short quizes, class
presentations, and a 10-15 critical review essay.

Required Texts: The Ancient Mariner ,Samuel Taylor Coleridge
(Dover dollar).  Frankenstein, Mary Shelley (Penguin). Wuthering
Heights, Emily Bronte (Penguin).  Dracula, Bram Stoker
(Penguin). Goblin Market , Christina Rossetti (Dover dollar). Short
story collections of Poe, Hawthorne, Melville (Penguin). The Turn of
the Screw, Henry James, (Penguin).  All books available at Talking
Leaves Bookstore.  
Schedule: Week 1 T Aug 30: Introduction. Overview of semester. Discuss syllabus. TH Sept 1: Coleridge, Rime of The Ancient Mariner. Week 2 T 9. 6: No class. TH 9. 8: RESPONSE PAPER DUE Keats, "La Belle Dame sans Merci," Mary Shelley life and literary production. Week 3 T 9. 13: Mary Shelley. Frankenstein. TH 9. 15: No class. Week 4 T 9. 20: REPONSE PAPER DUE. Frankenstein. TH 9. 22: Emily Bronte: Life and Legend. Wuthering Heights. Week 5 T 9. 27: I am away. Take home questions. TH 9.29: Answers to questions due may be read in class. Wuthering Heights. Week 6 T 10. 4: Wuthering Heights. TH 10. 6: Christina Rossetti: Goblin Market Week 7 RESPONSE PAPER DUE. T. 10.11: Dracula. TH. 10.13: Dracula. Week 8 RESPONSE PAPER DUE T. 10.18: Dracula. TH. 10. 20. FILM Alfred Hitchcock. Vertigo. I am away. Week 9 T. 10. 25: I am away. More FILM TIME answer assigned questions. TH. 10.27: Discussion of Film Week 10 T. 11.1: Edgar Allan Poe. Ligea TH.11.3. William Wilson Week 11 RESPONSE PAPER DUE T. 11. 8: Nathaniel Hawthorne. Wakefield TH. 11.10: Rappaccini's Daughter Week 12 RESPONSE PAPER DUE T. 11. 15: Herman Melville. Bartleby TH. 11.17: Quiz Week 13 T.11.22: Thanksgiving BREAK. TH. 11.24. Week 14 T.11. 29: Henry James. Turn of the Screw TH. 12. 1: Turn of the Screw Week 15 CRITICAL REVIEW ESSAY DUE. 12.6. FILM The Third Man, Caroll Reed/ Graham Greene. TH. 12.8: FILM time-- Discussion of film. Week 16 RESPONSE PAPER DUE T.12.13: Windup.
Requirements: Attendance is mandatory. After two unexcused absences your grade will be lowered half a grade for each missed class. The success of this seminar depends on your attendance and your active participation in it: merely coming to class is not enough. You need to come prepared having read the assignments and having written questions of your own about the reading. Each one of you will have a chance to lead the class discussion on one of the assigned readings. Sign up for one of the topics you would like to lead on the SIGN UP SHEET pasted on my office door. Clemens 415. Five or six response papers (one-two typed page each) are due on the assigned reading. I will not accept late ones. FINAL PAPERS MUST BE ON TIME. Grading: Leading discussion = 10% 6 Response papers = 30% Critical Review Essay = 40% Quiz = 10% Participation = 10%