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Well leave leave them the open place refusing nicely.

Little materials light peculiar happy people here who little choose hearing
          deepening words made whole.

That whole little half gave more coming than the larger pressure.

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Leave leave them the very open room and sing it as one blanket.

Such time's better and in and here have love have this.

Likely well do those four sing the opening of that thing.

Use open fire to cook with there the whole following afternoon.

The four likely gave the whole thing more pressure.

The mentioned pears were very green like matter showing more.

Children's merriment happening and merriment.

Not an afternoon describing apples and nothing more.

Whispering afternoons.

Little leg pears.

Leave leave them well nicely refusing the open place.

Derived from a page (and preceding line) of Gertrude Stein's "A Long Gay Book" (A Stein Reader, edited by Ulla E. Dydo, last line of 240 thru 241--determined by a logarithm table) via Charles O. Hartman's program DIASTEX5, his latest automation of one of my diastic procedures developed in 1963, using the 4th paragraph of the source as seed, and subsequent editing: some exisions of words and changes of word order, tense, and suffixes within lines and additions of capitals, periods, and spaces. (Each of two pairs of output lines were combined as single sentences.)

Jackson Mac Low
New York: 1 May 1998

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