Father cooked more mutton puddin' but no bread or nothin'.

Such smiling noise convicts an apple of deep soiling.

If these pears are bread does the day stay.

Choosing choosing there shows rhubarb happily eaten.

Every happy happening-cloth comes cooked in that very blanket.

Staying makes hearing the deepening word.

An' likely.

Biting learning deranged the there there.

The little time of opening deepens convictions difference soils.

Mention food's necessity so pieces of figs say make our day.

The afternoon show's noise is a louder thing.

This loud pressure cooker shows there's little to give abuse to.

Apple children may say wordy nothin' cookin' mutton.

Smiling bread pudding convicted such apples of noise.

Deepening soils.

Derived from a page (and preceding line) of Gertrude Stein's "A Long Gay Book" (A Stein Reader, edited by Ulla E. Dydo, last line of 240 thru 241--determined by a logarithm table) via Charles O. Hartman's program DIASTEX5, his latest automation of one of my diastic procedures developed in 1963, using the 5th paragraph of the source as seed, and subsequent editing: some exisions of words and changes of word order, spelling, tense, and suffixes within lines and additions of capitals, periods, spaces, and a few structure words.

Jackson Mac Low
New York: 1-8 May 1998

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