Very pleasant celery and rhubarb there discuss the pear.

Better pears endear completer convictions.

Soiling follows better frying's thick and smiling merriment.

May they any happy day say that there thing anywhere.

They differentiate.

No material eaten all day is still nothing at all.

Say when no more louder apples choose the dearest way.

May they the they they say make way.

Very happy the pears there.

Asking when that is staying there is best when pears stay with it there.

Choose the dearest where is is not there.

Larger happy people leave half-afternoons to happening.

Which beginnings deepen the little.

The cooked

So conclude.

Leave merry conviction whisper completer conviction.

Is difference conviction then happiness is description.

There thick happenings deepen beginnings.

Staying the very same each way is abuse.

Merriment's dearest noise staying there all the day leaves complete conviction.

That follows soiling.

Derived from a page (and preceding line) of Gertrude Stein's "A Long Gay Book" (A Stein Reader, edited by Ulla E. Dydo, last line of 240 thru 241--determined by a logarithm table) via Charles O. Hartman's program DIASTEX5, his latest automation of one of my diastic procedures developed in 1963, using the 7th paragraph of the source as seed, and subsequent editing: exisions of words; changes of word order, tense, and suffixes within lines; and additions of capitals, periods, spaces, and a few structure words.

Jackson Mac Low
New York: 8-9 May 1998

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