Begin big singing not asking.

If every preceder bites a piece the whole piece is still eaten.

Happy peculiar people refuse refinng any time.

Refusing certain material choose a regular necessity.

Every piece of a whole precedes all pieces.

Little eaten rhubarb lengths ask for light and cloth dearest.

That hearer began refusing learning lighting little.

Refined matter there comes singing of long red pears.

Refuse refusal pleasant refusal and sing.

Enough thick talking sing whole puddings.

At the beginning every little seat is there.

Then we materialize no more days as there are none.

No fish will follow preceders all follow pressure.

Which preceder filled with merriment cooked the beginning.

Ask the little father to begin.

Every preceder bites a piece of the whole.

Derived from a page (and preceding line) of Gertrude Stein's "A Long Gay Book" (A Stein Reader, edited by Ulla E. Dydo, last line of 240 thru 241--determined by a logarithm table) via Charles O. Hartman's program DIASTEX5, his latest automation of one of my diastic procedures developed in 1963, using the 7th paragraph of the source as seed, and subsequent editing: exisions of words; changes of word order, tense, and suffixes within lines; and additions of capitals, periods, spaces, and a few structure words.

Jackson Mac Low
New York: 10-11 May 1998

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