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Biblioteca: A Project Extending Electronic Publishing

Biblioteca testifies to the growing importance of electronic media in the composition and distribution of contemporary writing. It consists of chapbook-length texts published through the Electronic Poetry Center (Buffalo), in cluding those already published in conjuction with Rif/t as well as hypermedia works and archival republications of significant typographic works.

Consult Biblioteca holdings arranged chronologically below or the complete EPC listing of authors.

List of Extensions:

  1. Adonai by Lydia Gil, translated into English by Jorge Guitart and Susan Carhart.
  2. Lessons in Ecstatic Biology by Matthew Huddleston.
  3. Two Versions, collaborative poems by Richard Kostelanetz and Kenneth Sherwood.
  4. The Lost Country, a chapbook long-poem by Susan Schultz.
  5. An assemblage of Riffs considering the possibilities of electronic poetry by Kenneth Sherwood.


  6. Perpendicular and Parallel Theses For Reading Alongside Riffs 1-10 by Benjamin Friedlander.
  7. Morphbabarchant & The "Noit Air" Av Variation, a group of poems by Jorge Guitart.
  8. The Invaders by Robert Kelly.
  9. It's The Fault Of The Tlaxcaltecas, by Elena Garro and translated by Patricia Wahl.
  10. Message to Rif/t by Robert Anbian.
  11. for rif/t: CUTS by Matthew Huddleston.
  12. Madame Bovary, The National Inquirer, Capital, And The Hardy Boys, Published, For The First Time Together In A Single Volume by Tenney Nathanson.
  13. Myopic Village by Purkinge.
  14. High ASCII by Frank Stevenson.
  15. ...Words cannot be wholly transparent by Katie Yates.


  16. A Dialogue on translation between the editors, with the assistance of Walter Benjamin (Including an Open Series of questions on translation for Rif/t readers.
  17. "XXX" by Dubravka Djuric.
  18. Poems from the Xul group of Argentina, and commentary by Ernesto Livon Grosman.
  19. Avant-Garde Chinese Poetry 1982-1992: 6 Poets, translated byWang Ping with comments by the translator and Yunte Huang.
  20. Thread of the Voice by Cecilia Vicuña (transcript of a talk}.
  21. _e_ by Jacques Roubaud, translated by Katheryn McDonald with comments by the translator.
  22. Versions of Baudelaire by Robert Anbian and William Howe.
  23. Reriffs: Three Poems by Eric Satie and Martin Spinelli.
  24. Two sections from Ipocalisse by Nanni Balestrini, translated by Carla Billiteri and Martin Spinelli with comments by Billiteri.
  25. Transpoesis Riffs by Kenneth Sherwood.
  26. from Splintered by Peter Ganick.
  27. Electronic Projection Poetries by Loss Pequeño Glazier.
  28. Infinit(iv)e by Juliana Spahr, Lori Lubeski, and Jen Hofer.
  29. rain rain, rain by Mike Higgins.
  30. from Days by Hank Lazer.
  31. Loose Antennae by Sheila E. Murphy.
  32. "Untilted" and "Georgia O'Keefe Talks with Karl Marx Over Cappuchino at a Point Equidistant from Sante Fe and Manchester (New Hampshire)" by Tenney Nathanson.
  33. Plain/Text by David Dowker
  34. Hard [HRt] Return by Kenneth Sherwood.