[Sp. biblioteca, Gk. bibli + theke] book + case, akin to Gk tithenai: to put, place; a collection of books, library, list of books.

Between 1993 and 1995, Rif/t (electronic serial, ISSN#: 1070-0072) was published in five issues accompanied by separate Chapbook Extensions of poetry and prose. As a way of recognizing the growing importance of texts published primarily in electronic form, Biblioteca project was formed, to consist of autonomous texts published through the Electronic Poetry Center (Buffalo) including those already published in conjuction with Rif/t.

Loss Pequeño Glazier's hypertext poem, _E_, marks the growing interest of writers in producing medium-specific works. Often these works, by nature of their format, cannot be practicably distributed. Subsequent to Rif/t 5.1, Chapbook Extensions (in cluding hypermedia works) will be published individually rather than being issued with the serial, which will now be reserved for shorter texts.