Online Hypermedia Works:

Hank Lazer's selections from Days consists in a series of visual poems. Drawing on the expressivity of poems in manuscript (cf. Emily Dickinson fasicles), he melds standard typographic form with the emendations and variants typical of the editor's pen. (k.s.)

Loss Pequeño Glazier's hypertext poem is entitled E. Recalling Louis Zukofsky's lifelong, book-length poem "A", Glazier sets out to compose within the Eeee-lectronic medium. He explores the structures already becoming habitual with hypertext, creating a blissfully confusing maze of menus, false heirarchy's, and dead-end reading paths. E comes close to proving that the CD-ROM (containted hypertext) can never suffice as the site/sight/cite for this expansive writing. (k.s)

Kenneth Sherwood's Hard [HRt] Return creates a conversation between prose and poetry--writing of soft and hard-returns--accompanying hard-return passages with multiple audio "takes" on their readings.