5th Sub Voicive Poetry Colloquium

Bulletin 2 / January 2001

central London location - address to be announced

Saturday 29 September 2001

Theme: How do we perform that?

Confirmed leading contributors in alphanetical order:

Sean Bonney

Ian Davidson

Allen Fisher

Loss Pequeño Glazier

Jeff Hilson

Dell Olson

Carlyle Reedy

N.B. It may still be possible at add to this list so further proposals will be considered.

Please send an outline of your proposal, in not more than 250 words by email with the subject line SVC5 PROPOSAL OR send by post with stamped addressed envelope or international reply coupon to: SVC5, 32 Downside Road, Sutton, Surrey SM2 5HP UK

Expansion of theme: What is the relationship between what is on the page and what is performed, visually, aurally and gesturally?

This question is clearly central to the performance of visual poetry, but the Fifth Sub Voicive Colloquium will aim to look at any or all aspects of innovative and investigative poetry

Background information:- Because the event is a colloquium, the day will be structured to encourage informed talk between all present across a range of related topics.

Contributors are asked to lead and stimulate discussion on these topics, as they help to initiate them, by speaking for perhaps 15 minutes in such a way as to encourage response, for which another 15 minutes is scheduled; they are asked to try not to prepare a full text (and not to prepare an academic paper even if their work will lead later to an academic paper) and to speak extempore as much as possible. In this way, all present will be able to participate fairly fully

The Sub Voicive Colloquia grew out of the concerns of Sub Voicive Poetry readings and remain intimately concerned with the implicit evolving agenda of that reading series. It is strongly suggested that familiarity and sympathy with that agenda is a prerequisite for leading contributors to the SV Colloquia. On the other hand, it is intended that the colloquium itself will be open to all who wish to attend, attend to and join the discussions.

Those who are unfamiliar with Sub Voicive Poetry are referred to the extensive documentation at this site

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