Digital Poetry & Dance 2015



The call is now open for E-Poetry/Video Poetry/Cinépoetry works for choreography for Digital Poetry & Dance January, 2015. You are cordially invited to submit a piece for choreography for this year's concert! We have an ongoing tradition here at E-Poetry of putting works into a vivid setting. It's an opportunity to extend your work to a wider audience as well as to learn from the experience, from seeing it "located" in space with different coordinates -- simply another view.

We seek mp4 video versions of digital/video/cine poems of 4-6 minutes in length. "Poems" can mean any sort of text or language as material presence. They may have music or spoken voice. The screen should be devoted to moving images of some sort, rather than the close-up of a person speaking. (We do love your face but images as compositions have worked out best for choreography in the past. Compositions work best that have an inherent rhythm or flow with images/words ranging from geometries to words-in-movement to waterfalls to any abstraction of the human, as "being" within sensory flow.) "Words-in-movement" may include words, larger than life letter forms, fractions of letters, or even visual presentations of human-shaped or other mechanical "grammars".

This choreography is, of course, NOT meant to change to your work. The film you submit is just ONE version; one that will be shown in a different light within a larger frame. In one sense, it's an opportunity for you to receive feedback about your work. This can at times be immensely informative to you as an artist. We encourage you to look at our online video archive ( to see how works have been adapted to dance in the past. (Note: As with any submission, PLEASE look at some of the works we have performed to get a realistic sense of our interests/abilities to choreograph.)

Deadline for submission of videos is August 1, 2014. Videos may be accessed from Vimeo, YouTube, Dropbox, your own site, etc. Please send the direct URL to your submitted video. (If you wish to password protect access via any given site, please let us know, using the password "DPD2015".)

Though our concert will take place on January 31, 2015, there is much advance preparation to be made with choreography and rehearsal. We treat your composition with the greatest of respect and our best to bring it to the performance stage with clarity and care.

If you have any questions, or would like suggestions, input, or feedback regarding your submission, please do not hesitate to contact us at emerginglanguagepractices [at], with the subject line "DPD2015 Submission - Your Name".