Electronic Poetry Center

Mission Statement

The Electronic Poetry Center (EPC) is a World Wide Web resource for innovative writing. Founded in 1994, the EPC produces the literary journal RIF/T and comprehensively archives related electronic resources. It provides a needed focus to internet poetry by hosting select publications and organizing connections to others. The EPC is a resource for scholars, students, and writers. The EPC also offers a signifcant new vision of distance education, not only providing course syllabi and texts, but creating a variety of interactive spaces for poets, critics, and students within the Internet community.

The EPC recognizes that distribution has been a central problem for poetry (and poetry communities), the bulk of which has been and continues to be printed by the small press, throughout this century. Our aim is to provide access to generous range of writing which mainstream bookstores, publishers and, increasingly, libraries are unable or unwilling to make available.

Among the resources specific to the EPC are the Author Pages (a comprehensive index of writers' online publications), the Poetics list, LINEbreak (nationally syndicated radio show), the small press directory (including lists of publications and ordering information), online poets directory, EPCLive (online events), and Biblioteca (hypermedia publishing project).

The EPC is a non-profit, non-commerical organization committed to providing free access to many copyrighted materials of artistic interest, with the provision that no commercial use be made of them. EPC is administered through the uncompensated labor and skills of its staff and others.

See also the EPC Development Team page.