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EPC Little Magazine/Small Press Alcove

This area features citations to non-commercial magazines and presses with an emphasis on poetry and poetics.
* Little Magazines
Citations to and descriptions of current print magazines in poetry and poetics
* Small Presses
Citations to and descriptions of print publications by publishers in poetry and poetics
* Small Press Bookstores
Some recommended stores for poetry books
* Small Press Sources
Citations for material about small presses
Also relevant to this area:

* Brink Magazine #1 Bookmarks
* Brink's list of British magazines
* Password Distribution (England)
An international distributor of poetry and literature from writers around the world, based in Manchester, England, Password distributes books, cassettes, and electronic poetry by international mail order, through bookshops, and electronic poetry by e-mail.
* Selby's List of Experimental Magazines
* TREE: TapRoot Electronic Edition
Reviews of small press and little magazine publications
* U.K. Small-Press Poetry Scene Online
by Nate Dorward

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