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E-Poetry at the Electronic Poetry Center

The E-Poetry Festivals (Archival)

Translating E-Lit Conference Paris Program (Archival)

Report to the E-Poetry Community 2012

E-Poetry: An International Digital Poetry Festival

EPC List of E-Poetry Authors

CAPTA: Conversations with Poets about Technology (jhave)

The E-Poetry Board: Director: Loss Pequeño Glazier (USA) / Advisory Board: Amaranth Borsuk (USA), Serge Bouchardon (France), Giovanna de Rosario (Spain/Italy), jhave (Canada/Hong Kong), Leonardo Flores (Puerto Rico), Ethan Hayden (USA), Claudia Kozak (Argentina), Manuel Portela (Portugal), Minerva Reynosa (Mexico), Laura Shackelford (USA), Scott Weintraub (USA)

Thanks to Board Member Emeritus Yves Abrioux (France) & Past Festival Organziers (below).

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