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The Electronic Poetry Center is sponsoring a channel for live discussion on IRC (Internet Relay Chat). Periodically we will host special performance events and organized discussions on the EPC channel.

"Scheduled" happenings on EPCLIVE will take place mondays from 6:30-8pm EST (11:30pm GMT). "Events" are semi-formal discussions with invited guest(s) and a prearranged topic, "Open Field" is a collaborative improvisation session, and "Exchanges" are informal discussions around a general theme.

NOTE: There are presently NO topic-specific EPCLIVE happenings. However, feel free to drop by any Monday night FROM 7-8 pm EST and participate in non-structured conversation and writing.

Transcripts of selected events are archived.

Recent scheduled events included the December 11th Event at 6:30pm EST--Poems for the Millennium: a discussion with Pierre Joris and Jerome Rothenberg on their newly released anthology of Modern and Postmodern Poetry. The Introduction to the volume, an announcement of the volume's publication or its table of contents can be read prior to the event.

Connecting to epcLIVE

Connecting if your system supports local access to IRC; your system does not support IRC.

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