If your local access server does not support IRC, there are many public sites with telnet access. The Net which hosts our channel offers several public gateways.

During peak times it is often difficult to make a connection. Be patient and try clicking here or here or here or here.

There are also several European sites which provide access; because of time differences it will sometimes, paradoxically, be easier for U.S. users to connect through these more distant sites: click here or here or here.

Once you're logged in, as above,type:"/serve undernet.org"
then "/join #EPCLIVE [ret]"

You should be able to talk to anyone else logged in by typing. For a list of other users type: "/whois [return]" You can set your onscreen nickname: "/nick Your_Name" Sending a message backchannel is achieved with the "/msg nickname * your_message here_" command. When you want to quit, type: "/quit [return]"

Because #EPCLIVE is a private channel, you will not see it indexed when you use the '/list' command--but it can be joined by anyone who knows its name.