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November 27, 1995
[glazier] hello?
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[Eryque] Well, thanks Loss :) Looks like just us ducks so far though, only you and i will see that message.
[glazier] are you experiencing any sort of lag time?
[Eryque] Sorry, my lag isn't much, and what is there is probably because of the network here, which has been wacky all weekend.
[glazier] are you on unix or telnetting in?
[Eryque] Sorry about not responding to you a bit ago, i wasn't looking. ANyway, yep, i should be headed to albany, but i haven't heard official word yet, i don't expect it to come for a few weeks.
[Eryque] I'm on a mac programm called Homer.
[glazier] you're familiar with byrd's work?
[Eryque] Actually, not a bit! One of his students, Joe Amato, is one of my teachers, so some of his ideas get filtered down to me.
[glazier] and he recommended don?
[glazier] have you been to albany before
[Eryque] Yeah, Joe thinks very highly of Don. I went ther in Sept., met Don and Chris F., even got to go to Pierre Joris' reading.
[glazier] sounds great! Pierre is terrific. You're in Chicago now?
[Eryque] Yeah, i'm in chicago. For another week that is, next thursday I go to see my parents near San Francisco for the semester break.
[Eryque] And I've been talking with Dodie B., she's keeping me up to date on happenings in the area.
[glazier] what town they in?
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[glazier] hello?
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[wrs] hello, loss. wrs is Bill Slaughter down in Florida
[glazier] oh hi! how are you?
[glazier] (not to mention lucky right now to be in florida!)
[sherwood] HEah Bill
[Eryque] Hi there to the bothh of you.
[wrs] don't know if you remember, ken, but i had poems in rift 4?
[glazier] Bill, what's new in Fla?
[sherwood] Bill, Beijing
[sherwood] you wrote: "I entered China the way Roland Barthes entered Japan. "Without
[sherwood] words."
[sherwood] So Bill, how do you enter EPCLIVE?
[glazier] Is that from memory Ken?
[wrs] right, ken. thanks for remembering.
[wrs] and thanks to you, loss, for linking myh mudlark to the epc.
[sherwood] Well, Loss...memory is becoming a complicated thing.
[glazier] Oh you are most welcome!
[sherwood] I'm running only 4meg Ram right now, so some things slip.
[glazier] How did you hear about epclive, Bill?
[glazier] How can ram be an issue? It's on yr mainframe acct., isn't it ken?
[wrs] i get your newsletter and log onto epc somewhere almost every day
[sherwood] Loss, I speak loosely, as always...
[glazier] ken, oops!
[glazier] Bill, terrific! I'm glad to hear that. We are growing ... *Eryque* I'll be there until mid-january, when it's time to go to albany. How do you know the area? Did you live there?
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[sherwood] Not out of the blue...
[glazier] hey ken i liked 'Di's Revelations'
[glazier] (just kiddin')
[Eryque] oh no! not topic wars?!
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[sherwood] how does EPC co compare to an anthology
[glazier] Now I just read something about blue ...
[sherwood] and now Bill can't answer
[glazier] ken, unfortunately we lost Bill
[glazier] ken, hold that line, maybe he'll be back
[sherwood] the funny thing about lines Loss
[sherwood] is that the more you hold them
[sherwood] the more they slip onward
[glazier] they are brittle resistance that braille
[glazier] only to those who don't find fingers
[Eryque] I hope he doesn't have the same problems people were having last week.
[glazier] Me neither!
[glazier] We need our own Internet!
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[sherwood] Speaking practically, we could experiment with DAL net
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[sherwood] Hello again bill
[glazier] (sorry, I couldn't resist)
[Eryque] I was wondering if you had that message sent automatically or what, Loss.
[wrs] i was drifting in an air of lost connections...
[sherwood] I had just tried to sway the topic towards EPC as an anthology?
[sherwood] when you left
[glazier] yes he asked 'how does EPC co compare to an anthology'
[wrs] epc IS an anthology. that's not a metaphor. it's quite literally true.
[sherwood] i'll second the gentleman from Florida
[Eryque] I'll second the second gentleman...
[glazier] whew
[wrs] one of the tests of any anthology, for me, is whether i can live both with it and in it. does it give me reason enough to keep coming back to it. and epc does that.
[sherwood] one reason i sometimes don't go back to an anthology, even a 'good' one, is its static state
[sherwood] it stays, holds the line, fillibusters for its candidates tirelessly
[glazier] good point ken ... bill, are there particular areas especially active for you?
[wrs] re static states: a good anth. doesn't reflect light, it refracts light. language light.
[Eryque] Isn't anything in print a static fillibuster, though?
[wrs] in point of fact i'm using epc to educate myself in poetries and practices that, though not always new to me, are mostly different than what i'm used to and do myself. reason enough to stay tuned.
[glazier] Print does tend to be more static ... there's no comparison with an online source
[sherwood] re: good anthology--some still represent Ashbery with "Portrait in a Convex" because it won the pulitzer, period.
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[jdavis] howdy
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[sherwood] jdavis hello
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[sherwood] a flashback for Jordan
[sherwood] [wrs] re static states: a good anth. doesn't reflect light, it refracts light.
[sherwood] +language light.
[sherwood] [Eryque] Isn't anything in print a static fillibuster, though?
[sherwood] [wrs] in point of fact i'm using epc to educate myself in poetries and
[sherwood] +practices that, though not always new to me, are mostly different than what
[sherwood] +i'm used to and do myself. reason enough to stay tuned.
[sherwood] ] re: good anthology--some still represent Ashbery with "Portrait in a Convex"
[sherwood] +because it won the pulitzer, period.
[sherwood] [Loss] Print does tend to be more static ... there's no comparison with an
[sherwood] +online source
[Jorban] ah, thanks K
*** Jorban is now known as Jurgen
[glazier] the pulitzer, period
[sherwood] Eryque; print is sure fixed. But doesn't some print (and print anthologies particularly) enforce this static quality?
[wrs] anthologies vs. individual books as teaching tools: I favor individual books, typically, but am going to use epc in a graduate class i'll be teaching spring term. virtual worlds.
[glazier] it depends whether the print is trying to fix in the sense of control
[glazier] is that offered by the english dept. or otherwise, bill?
[sherwood] Individual books often individuate the authors poems therein... which is not something the Norton Anthology seems concerned with.
[wrs] english dept. but i'm doing my best to re-/un- define its limits.
[wrs] one of the things i like about having my printer attached to the machine i'm using to read and write online is that i can print individual poems...pieces of language, change fonts and faces, etc.
[Eryque] However, I find a lot of mutable texts extremely frustrating to read. My mind wants something static to grab onto.
[Eryque] Hi, Jor?b?an
[Eryque] Ken, I agree, except in some cases i find anthologies useful as guides to other texts,
[Eryque] which in such a case i don't think of the anthology as being static at all. On the contrary, it seems very active to me.
[wrs] anthologies as shopping lists...guides to libraries and bookstores, what to look for and what not to look for, great time-savers.
[sherwood] for me EPC could, someday, become like a conventional anthology...
[sherwood] too many anthologies aren't as good as they could be , even as shopping lists--withholding easily provided information about book titles and distributors which (if included) COULD give the sense of openning out into MORE poetry, rather than clo sing it down
[wrs] you'll not likely like the analogy, loss and ken, but there's always the possibility that epc will be written up or down in the future histories of am. poetry as the electronic age's equivalent to harriet monroe's poetry in 1912.
[Eryque] Great time savers in the beginning, that uuse only goes so far.
[Jurgen] I'd be intrested to hear of a poet who wasn't led farther into poetry via anthologies
[sherwood] wrs: an then it will be something like Poetry Chicago--a historical artifact.
[sherwood] Think how Poetry Chicago then worked, however. Publishing Joyce's Ulysses for the first time, etc.
[sherwood] Are all anthologies retrospective?
[Jurgen] not the art of practice
[Jurgen] or it's a retrospective in process?
[glazier] Or are they introspective
[Eryque] Ken, i've got an anthology of essays here that only seems to look back twice.
[sherwood] Potes and Poets _Art of Practice_ is also one of few anthologies that prints book titles in the back, instead of 'credits'.
[sherwood] Eryque, what's the anthol's title?
[sherwood] And, how does it manage to be so forward?
[Eryque] It's not a poetry anthology, though. "Cyberspace: First Steps" ed. Michael Benedikt.
[sherwood] Jurgen: retrospective, even in process, seems to assume a "we've arrived" sensibility.
[wrs] re anths. as retro: i have students who never look back. i sometimes think it's my function and responsibility to get them to do that from time to time. and it's their responsibility to get me to look forward all the time.
[glazier] The way the epc is an *active* anthology is that
[glazier] it not only is able to give book 'titles' but
[glazier] the links there jump you straight into another
[glazier] flow of discourse, whether the piece comes from
[glazier] an issue of rif/t or from an author's work
[glazier] then also it can change. I'd be interested in
[glazier] how a print antho can do this. Some *do* stay
[glazier] interesting. What's the catch there?
[glazier] Actually Bill brings up an interesting point
[glazier] Many anthos are for folks who
[sherwood] Well, WRS, that's a different issue--students. But institutions, they seldom have trouble looking back.
[glazier] 'don't have time to read the opus'
[Eryque] I think i sort of break this idea down a little when i think of magazines as anthologies.
[glazier] so they want to read the 'best'
[glazier] whether it's 19th c. 20th or etc.
[glazier] Eyrque's point may be the best (for paper works)
[Jurgen] the only anthology is in a now?
[glazier] magazines are for "March" or "Spring" not
[wrs] question: why not think of any groupling or gathering of poems as an anthology, at least poetentially, in the making? Only the individual poem as poem resists the move toward that larger context in any visible way?
[glazier] "the twentieth century"
[glazier] but Bill, do you mean pomes by *different* authors?
[glazier] maybe there's a line
[wrs] no, actually, i wasn't making that distinction.
[Jurgen] isn't it the case that the most interesting page of an anthology is the table of contents?
[glazier] so that even if by the same author
[Jurgen] whatever "interesting" might be
[glazier] J. I agree, it's like looking at a skeleton in a museum
[glazier] and thinking
[glazier] wow imagine all that in the flesh!
[Eryque] The idea that we could anthologize an entire century seems a little ludicrous to me, which is why i look at them as starting points, a singularity or a cluster of hypertextual links to other sources.
[wrs] my point being, loss, that the poem changes as soon as it coexists in a larger space with another poem, even if that poem is by the same poet...who is no longer the same poet.
[Jurgen] ah links, 404 not found
[Eryque] At some level, i look at magazines to be an anthology of whatever niche they choose to document.
[glazier] i do agree, bill, what might be interesting is for those relations to be able to reconstitute
[Jurgen] magazines don't hope to show the _best_ work by a given author, just _this_ work
[sherwood] WRS--yr sense of context is provocative; but it's also a way the anthology can reify, by providing a context which pretends to be absolute.
[glazier] ie for the same poems or their variants to appear in different 'orders'
[Eryque] So, it seems to me that a magazine (or anthology) paraphrases whatever it presents
[Jurgen] o if it's absolutes we need to undermine we have strategies
[sherwood] or better, _this_ work 'now'
[glazier] J. yes but _this_ work is the best isn't it? you send in three poems, they take one, right?
[Jurgen] LOL, if I may call you that
[Jurgen] that process seems more like allergy to me than canonization
[glazier] yes, particularly in the buddhist sense
[glazier] how allergy?
[wrs] re/constitution: the kinetic anth. I had a friend once who had a book ms pending at a university press. before she heard back at all, she had sent three entire revisions of the ms. i told her that if her book was accepted--it wasn't--she ought to re quest t
[sherwood] Loss, I don't see 'best' working in the same way with magazines, even those intent on their own local, immediate canonizing.
[Jurgen] something fits (accidentally) and takes up the space of a nutrient
[Jurgen] gets used, causes a convulsive reaction
[Jurgen] makes the editor sit up and take notice
[glazier] great explanation J!
[Jurgen] grazie L
[wrs] cont. she ought to request that it be printed on tear-out pages so she could. And then re-consitute her book.
[glazier] Bill you would've been interested in a program we had here in Buffalo. When Charles gave his paper he had it on cards. He sat down
[glazier] ]before the event, shuffled the cards, then read his paper
[Jurgen] hanging loose mag used to be sent out on loose sheets
[wrs] i write like charles shuffled deck; i'm working, hard, to get myself to the point that i can read like that. wish i'd been there.
[glazier] hmmm, it's in the epc under documents then conversations, Jorgen
[Jurgen] ah I'll go look in a bit
[wrs] kostelanetz used to do _assembling_ loose leaf too.
[Jurgen] Paul Eluard: "the best anthology is the one you make for yourself"
[glazier] and there's the great piece by is it Grenier Ken, a box of cards?
[Jurgen] but the binding is more than commodification..
[wrs] in my memory _assembling_ was twenty years ago. had it been ten years ago, k. might have called it _dissembling_.
[Jurgen] :)
[sherwood] "Sentences" by Robert Grenier...500 index card poems
[glazier] how more Jordan?
[sherwood] just shuffle and play
[Eryque] Geez, i just got stuck in a horrible fit of lag, but i thought you all might like to know that it's starting to snow here in chicago!
[glazier] I'm not even look outside here in Buffalo!
[Jurgen] the binding... the standardization is um well gee
[sherwood] 19:18 Buffalo, NY 31 deg. F, overcast -- DO NOT extrapolate from Local Conditions
[sherwood] It's not just commodification, but situation. And we don't mind watching you get situated, if you plan to do something once you get settled.
[Jurgen] most times I get situated I just drop right off to sleep
[glazier] I guess anthos are the tie that binds
[Jurgen] the government that binds
[Jurgen] what was the gist of the poetics anthslide thread
[Jurgen] dissatisfaction?
[Eryque] Yeah, but they won't pay!
[Jurgen] so an anthology is the blueprint of a plan?
[Jurgen] that's how I read "american tree"
[Jurgen] blueprint/plan = redundant
[sherwood] ahem...of a plant
[glazier] hmm, that's not negative? isn't it bluprint/plan = postulation?
[glazier] or ... = proposal
[glazier] ?
[Jurgen] always seemed to me like a blueprint.. some poets inside where it's warm, some out in the cold
[Jurgen] sorry Loss, cancelling my own nattering outloud.. blueprint is forward..
[sherwood] American tree is the proposal of a program (not so much a plan), also a commodity playing 'mongst the other com's in a political econ game.
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[Jordar] I mistake anthologies for unfinished products all the time
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[Jordar] hey the ground's moving
[E_Pound] File not found is sometimes translated "unfinished product" which may or may not be mistake
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[anthos] where are you Jordan?
[Jordar] nyc tonight
[E_Pound] Any advice as to how to encourage this mis taking
[anthos] I don't know. Loss knows best.
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[Jordar] but all the names just shifted on me.. felt kind of nice
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[Boss] Okay youse guys BoopsieIsn't that williams, 'if you name it it exists'?
[Boss] "anything is beautiful if you say it is"
[Boss] Williams=DOS/WINDOWS, STEVENS=mac
[E_Pound] "words are handles on nothing"
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[Loss] (whew) back in the old skin
[E_Pound] "but windows open on the local"
[Boss] are there collaborative anthologies?
[wrs] I just tried to change my name to The Countess--only to discover, alas, that name is "already in use."
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[E_Pound] ...what was I saying about 'getting situated'
[Eryque] Jordan, what do you mean by collaborative anthologies?
[Eryque] An anthology of collaborations?
[Jordan] ah.. that would be nice too
[Jordan] Locus Solus II is the only collab anth I've seen
[Loss] I doubt from a commercial press
[Jordan] but what about an anthology by potluck
[Jordan] something started on the POETICS list, akin to renga
[Loss] Jordan there's also that one by Bernstein, Silliman, etc.
[Loss] Then Jordan you mean a line-by-line anthology
[Eryque] I was going to say, there's an issue of _interruptions_ that contains only collaborative work.
[Jordan] each list member adds a poem to a growing Table of Contents
[E_Pound] Well Rothenberg and Joris have _millenium_; the earlier Rothenberg and Quasha _America a Proph_; Paris Leary and Robet Kelly _A Controversy of Poets_
[Jordan] those are good but they seem to be collaborative in the sense of confirming, checking work, etc
[E_Pound] Now I'm lost...aren't all anthologies collaborations?
[Eryque] Jordan, I think EPC is or is becoming that.
[Jordan] well that's self-nomination right?
[Loss] howso?
[Eryque] Ken, I think think that anthologies are collaborations, yeah, but unwillingly (or unwittingly) on the part of the poets.
[Jordan] what about an anthology of work with a nominating committee of 279
[Jordan] and a vetoing board of 0
[Loss] antho's are not collabs because collaboration suggestions some participation
[Loss] antho's are edited
[E_Pound] Loss, you sent me that poem...I thought that meant we were collaborators?
[Loss] but did we make an anthology?
[Jordan] Loss, I mean self-nomination as in one sends ones work to EPC
[Jordan] crucial difference about anths is it's someone else's taste involved
[wrs] It was Ray Bowne's idea originally to accept everything that was submitted to the Journal of Popular Culture. Now that'd be a truly popular editorial move. I like the notion of any committee that's made up of all nomnator's and no vetoers, Jordan.
[Loss] Ez. we are collaborators but there's trust there
[Jordan] what kinds of anthologies would be welcome
[Jordan] or, waht kinds are missing
[Jordan] an anthology of early writing by L=A poets
[Jordan] an anthology of letters by family members of poets to the poets
[Loss] that gets toubh Bill because some people will really start to send a lot
[Jordan] there are magazines that publish everything received
[wrs] i'm not highly serious here, loss.
[Loss] but Bill, wasn't that key to 'assembling' or was it a similar work?
[Eryque] Does anyone want on unmoderated forum, though? And i just thought, to what extent is EPC moderated? I've always viewed forums that provide a link to work, whether it's on the web or elsewhere, as "publishing" that work.
[Loss] I would call the epc moderated ... just the way rif/t is
[Loss] For example
[E_Pound] Even the notion of a journal or anthol or e-space accepting all contributions still doesn't provide for an 'open' space
[Loss] I got a bunch of limmiricks from an elderly person some time back
[Eryque] Having a space where the contributors nominate themselves and are not "edited" or "critiqued" or etc opens the floodgates for an awful lot of crap.
[Jordan] the "serious" function of anthologies isn't useful beyond the narrowing circle of poets, perhaps
[wrs] i don't think kostelanetz ever promised to accept all submitted work. his requirement was that it be submitted in the form that the author desired to have it published in, were it published. but i could be wrong.
[Eryque] and these last lines may be very late as i just got another lag sesstion.
[Loss] and of course i was happy for the person but ....
[Jordan] no the condition of this listserv anthology would be--one cannot nominate oneself
[Jordan] Loss were the limericks in html?
[Loss] usually from the place i've just come back from
[E_Pound] well, an anthology like Revolution of the Word brings a series of poets 'into' readership, poets like Mina Loy who were then out of print, and establishes them in relation to more famous peers like WCW
[Loss] No Jordan ascii-kicking limiricks
[Loss] ah that's history ken
[Loss] that's what p
[wrs] wouldn't it be interesting to have books published with rejection pages as well as acceptance pages. many very fine--in my opinion--poets have low batting averages. we just don't hear all that much about it.
[Loss] that's what 'professors' orginally did
[Loss] set things historically
[Jordan] Achebe has a thing about a magazine called "Reject" in anthills of the savannah
[Loss] Bill tehre are those rejection books by Pushcart (u know the 'Rotten Reviews" series
[wrs] i confess to ignorance re the 'rotten review series.' i'll do something about my ignorance tomorrow.
[Jordan] hey good to type to you all but I have to take off
[Jordan] all the best
[Loss] Oh, they're not _that_ relevant to contemporary stuff
[Loss] but it is interesting to see rejction slips for Mark Twain etc.
[Loss] by jordan!
[Jordan] bye now
[Loss] yall come back y'hear
*** Signoff: Jordan (Leaving)
[wrs] aside: re pushcart. are you nominating an rift work for their 'prize' anthology, loss. why not infiltrate as many places as possible, make the e-argument, etc?
[E_Pound] Paul Eluard: "the best anthology is the one you make for yourself"
[Eryque] It's interesting to see the rejection slips for writers that managed to prove themselves (in whatever sense), but who wants to see the rejections of the truly bad stuff?
[Loss] Not a bad idea Bill time has just been so short
[E_Pound] how about we each make an anthology of rejection slips we'd like to send to all the writers who would never send our anthology any material to reject anyways
[Loss] I'd sorta be interested in an anthology of anthologies
[E_Pound] BIll, has Pushcart made the foray in the ways "BEST American Po" sometimes does?
[Loss] But I guest that's what this ahs been
[wrs] i've taught a course, from time to time, called american poetries, in which each and every student has to make his/her own anthology as a term project: write an introduction, commentaries, mini-bios, annotations, etc. it has worked beautifully.
[E_Pound] When last I checked, there seemed an invisible (or not) line
[Loss] That sounds great Bill!
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[wrs] the notion being there's a poetry for everybody. some people just haven't found theirs yet. my job is to point them in what i think might be the right direction.
[Loss] (I'm unconfortable talking to Puond)
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[Loss] Mabye that's an idea for an event ken, everyone is an author and
[E_Pound] Bill, any striking differences between some of these experimental anthols and those we usually see in print?
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[Loss] we hack it out
[Flossie] and if you make a move, loss, toward exra, i'll change my name to olga or dorothy.
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[Loss] ouch eryque got pinged!
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[Loss] you guys have no sense of tradition
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[Loss] a sonnnet is the most beautiful thing
[Loss] if done with craftsmanship
[mina_loy] How is the work of a critic different from that of anthologist?
[Loss] we need to capture the noblest of the human spirit
[Loss] a critic explicates, of course
[Loss] an anthologist is like a mosaic artist
[mina_loy] Seems like some critics (e.g. Vendler) write to contain work in ways the editors of any Norton would approve.
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[Loss] makes a sunburst outa the bits of poems
[Loss] (shhh)
[mina_loy] Others write to make it perform
[Eryque] whee! what a ride! just got a trip through the reboot ride!
[Loss] or to make it pro form
[mnamna] names
[Loss] how was it eryque? you just get blasted off?
[mnamna] say what up?
[Eryque] Yeah, eveyrthing jsut shut down real quick.
[Loss] Like diving in an F14
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[Loss] Wow, this is scaring me. everyone's gettin' bit!
[Loss] ken you got your irclog on?
[mina_loy] loss yes, but last time it failed, recall...
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[mina_loy] don't worry, we're running out of pages anyway
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[Eryque] before i get kicked off again, i'm going to surrender. Goodnight
[Zinnia] goodnite!
[mina_loy] cia
[mina_loy] ciao
[mina_loy] ow
[Zinnia] ooo
[mnamna] [J. Timmons] Can someone tell me if this isherere the poetry people are talkking their talk?
[mina_loy] hallooo Timmons
[Zinnia] yes, this is it but we're windin' down methinks
[Zinnia] The way the epc is an *active* anthology is that
[Zinnia] it not only is able to give book 'titles' but
[Zinnia] the links there jump you straight into another
[Zinnia] flow of discourse, whether the piece comes from
[Zinnia] an issue of rif/t or from an author's work
[Zinnia] then also it can change. I'd be interested in
[Zinnia] how a print antho can do this. Some *do* stay
[Zinnia] interesting. What's the catch there?
[mina_loy] we're here but yr time zone must be tangled
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[Zinnia] a belated
[Zinnia] -------------------------
[Zinnia] |
[Zinnia | Welcome to EPCLIVE ! |
[Zinnia] |
[Zinnia] -------------------------
[Zinnia]major lags or just universal silence?
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[Zinnia]hi bill!
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[mnamna] timmons: wel im ere betah late than not
[Bill] so there i was again "drifting in an air of lost connexions"
[Zinnia]Timmons you there?
[mnamna] timmons: yea
[mina_loy] And the links that jump you
[mina_loy] are in the work itself, always, but
[mina_loy] thinking of Bill's students (for example)
[mina_loy] these links aren't always, in themselves, readable.
[mnamna] [Timmons] redabble?
[Zinnia]So Timmons
[mina_loy] Which is why Terrell wrote a guide book to my friend Ezra's cantos
[Zinnia]Usually we go from 6:30-8 EST
[Zinnia]Where you dialin in from?
[mina_loy] 19:59 EST
[mina_loy] type quick
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[Zinnia]Well, that was quick!
[mina_loy] ______________________________________________________
[mina_loy] * *
[mina_loy] * where the topic has been? *
[mina_loy] * EXCHANGE: On Writing and Anthologies *
[mina_loy] * *
[mina_loy] * 28 November 1995 (20:00 EST/01:00 GMT) *
[mina_loy] ______________________________________________________
[Bill] i've enjoyed listening in tonight and making a few small remarks too, good people. ta ta. goonight. goonight. Bill
[Zinnia]Bill, just to say it's been an immense pleasrure!
[mina_loy] good to hear from you Bill
[Bill] thanks, zinnia and mina.
*** Signoff: Bill (Leaving)
[Zinnia]Bye Ken, let's get together to talk soon. A success methinks!
[mina_loy] sure as shooting zinnia
[mina_loy] don't lose yr log
[Zinnia]u betcha
[mina_loy] 'this has been out of frame activity'
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[mina_loy] mnamna...
[mina_loy] can you come back next week
[Zinnia] mnamna what time zone you on?
[mina_loy] we're missing dinner on the east coast
[Zinnia] wot city
[mina_loy] Tucson?
[Zinnia] sanfran?
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