cloud to cloud
Make a poem that is nothing other than a Poem.
With no extraneous elements, something completely pure,
absolutely separate from everything.
A poem is a page in the sky.
Vincente Huidobro, 1916
Recorded by James Wilk
at Cornelia Street Cafe
New York City
January 11, 1998
Nicole Zdeb
Elise Fischer
Carlisle Yearwood
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(all skies to be read full chorus)
Strophe I
                      .                                      .                                                            ?
  Harmony:   Guilty   We all care too much  Should beauty approach the stage or dais

  Melody:      Ego soufflés.  Puffed up.  And pretty.  Take this pebble for good luck.  Plymouth Rock.

  Bass:           Theorems explain   The outcome   A conductor champions a score   Alone
           .                       .                                                      .            .

Strophe II
                                       .                                          .                                       .                                  .
 Harmony:   Scale me   Sound escapes a suitcase   Hear  it cloud to cloud   A lateral movement

 Melody:      Kissing back desire.  Look at tiny you.  You are sillier than pepper.

 Bass:           We are notes in a bar   Percussion holds our tempo   Mathematicians order another round
             .                                              .                                                                .

Strophe III
                    .                                              .                                      .
 Harmony:   A campfire heralds providence   Get up from the classroom   Up from the audience

 Melody:      Fetch a sturdy tune to scale.  The workers will whistle.  1 2 3 4

 Bass:           Rhythm   So odd   Up from the water   Exhale   Numbers discover existing land
          .             .                                .               .                                                    .

Strophe IV
             .                 .                    .                  .                       .
  Harmony:   A small town   Kindling   Forgive me   Propriety   You are gone

  Melody:      Composition.  The sky is song.  Each cloud a note.  Have I pulled you along?

  Bass:           Look   Catch   Think   Wait   Fetch   Breathe   A contemporary sweep
                      .           .             .          .           .               .                                        .

Strophe V
                                                     .                                       .                          .
  Harmony:   Modeling with bare shoulders   Like green and orange   Primary colors

  Melody:      Heroine to heroine.  Rapunzel you hair is a let down.  An archetype giggle.

  Bass:           A hook and eye pulls insight through   Attached   I see heaven beyond sky
                                                                .                 .                                         .

Strophe VI
                        .                            .                      .                            .
  Harmony:   A day breaks   As do most humans and eggs   Spin   Things get interesting
  Melody:      You heard Christianity is out of fish.  So I stand on McDonalds.

  Bass:           Applause waits on the coast   Be a dollar taller a day sooner   Wear read stilettos
                .                                                   .                                 .

Strophe VII
                                                                 .                           .            .                                  .                       .
  Harmony:   Pity   A complication   Hearts   A game in America   We re-image

  Melody:      A private investment.  My ten percent is on the table in a pool of ice.

  Bass:           Talking to Buddha I thought up and swam sky   Up and down  A white coat
                            .                       .                       .

Strophe VIII
                                                                        .                                         .                           .                         .
  Harmony:    No is wallpaper    A smart child tears it down   Religious freedom   An old standard

  Melody:       Beyond escape/day and night.  A new school opens.  Good intentions are a miss.
  Bass:            Sad ingenue   You must be dry cleaned   Egregious hometown fashion introduced you
                       .                                          .                                                                            .

Strophe IX
                                                             .                                             .                                      .
  Harmony:   On pilgrims at supper   Playmate you are sliding down   A black and white picture

  Melody:      Hurrah for opened doors.  Generation V found its signature.  In flight soaring.

  Bass:           Swoosh   Seeing you below   I let go   An interior jumps from a fire escape
                   .                             .              .                                                              .

Strophe X
                             .                                .                                                                           .
  Harmony:    Love   Measure me whole   Erase all the rainbows or separate the colors

  Melody:       A gingham mess.   A persistent combination.  Yellow and white.
  Bass:            Splat   Here I am   Perpendicular   A holy woman understanding Ms. Universe
                        .                  .                          .                                                                         .

Strophe XI
                               .             .                 .                                                     .
  Harmony:   Sensitive white   Falling   Breaking   Witch-like I defer to my broom

  Melody:      A housewife sits on her eggs.  In enter:  Indigo and Violet a rescue duet.

  Bass:           Morals and values are at battle   A particular angle   Take this led apron off my chest
                                 .                               .                                                       .

Strophe XII
                   .                                          .                                .                            .
  Harmony:   As lungs fill   Cut the deck and gamble   Yellow I need you   Let’s be a trellis

  Melody:      I never learned the dress code.  Upward mobility.  It’s all rungs and no structure.

  Bass:           Trajectory   A nudist colony   Height of style   Uncovering up and across
        .                            .                          .                                             .

Strophe XIII
                                   .               .                        .                                                                     .
  Harmony:   Tired past   Descend   Seduce a note   A priest pulls me up and falls down stage

  Melody:      Superficially.  We are naked and in love.  A priest pulls me up and falls down stage.

  Bass:           Trajectory   A nudist colony   Height of style   Uncovering up and across
                                 .                            .                          .                                             .

Strophe XIV
                        .                            .                       .                                   .
  Harmony:   Waking from slumber   Feeling stronger   I want to love   But prefer dry land
  Melody:      A cover up.  My heels.  My wrap.  My hat.  My Clutch.  All propped up.

  Bass:           Melodrama   Hero   Villain   Our denominations differ    Break   Separate
              .          .              .                                           .              .                .

Strophe XV
                                                                             .                            .                  .                                          .
  Harmony:   Poker faces   Everyone bluffs   You and I   Let’s climb another time

  Melody:      Buds respond obediently after the fall.  In bloom.  This ascension is unusual.

  Bass:           When we reunite we will serenade white roses  Until then be pleased
                    .                        .                                     .                          .

A Chorus of Skies
Soprano Sky  

A daffodil trumpet 
Most ears are far away 
Listen for a pot of gold 

A ready wall 
Singing off a mid-century median 
Things look up 

Variable insults shake equations 
Machines keep us faithful 

The first impulse marks a canvas 
Hiding places sell well 
Oceans hold tears hostage 

The subject is not necessary 
But busy 
Trapped between here and up 

Mezzo Soprano Sky 

Emigrant feet love this pivot 
Together or broken 
Feelings are furniture 

A girl leaving her religion is 
Up in the air 
Meet her on a mountain top 
In the whirlpool 

I had to fold 
Now I think 
Dizzy from flying 

Passion cradles passion 
Bewitching accidentally 
I want to be thrown through 

A pioneer shouting above 
Muted colors 
Insides looking beautiful out 

Alto Sky 

Tabula rasa 
Clear water 
A stone hits a forbidden window 
Vicarious thrill 
Yesterday will lie 

I want to fraternize on shop time 
We all lose our color 
Into black 

My preoccupation 
The disenfranchised 
Patch things up 

A tree orders leaves 
To be a yolk without 
Her white 

I must scale the nose of a saint 
Strong voices must solo and 
Female parts burst out 

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