A nickwarm cast of stove light catches
Freebees sane and stashed near,
Weathervanes weigh tension and resort
To distances that upgrade solitude
To a fine art, swath approved fabric
To engineer a dress code
Of invention, nearness to some presences
Distorts the replication of a likely pleasure,
Sentences draft points of care,
The sugarwear presumes a past
Unworthy of a flared resilience
We acquired just as protective coating
Homes our featherweight’s englassive
Shore to ship toward in the gloaming
When a wavy sort of breeze comes close
To touching who we never are when
Suppositions offer shareware as a form
Of clasp, a greeting in the aisle
Appurtenanced to matter soundly
As the fury dreams the temperature
Of constables and reason
Flatlined where the shores most likely are
Amid our drift approved by
Silences complicit as a doorframe
Near the clatter with soft mallets
Pressing on conceptually fine doors
Advising company of status
And inviting depth that follows