Referee just pounced, I saw
The whipsaw broil out of
Apparent coma so the focus
Of attention finned its glassy way
To throwaway and art which
It is not without perceivers,
In my system shock pronounces
Flatly soundly ball-and-chain-
Like figmenting the underground of
Been-there-seen a wide array
Of otherness, the guilty party very much
A sponge by definition a descent into
The place we’re scheduled to land
Like capricorns thus far unannounced,
How does your life hum
After work, this striped indulgence
Cleanly matters to the house
That threatens to be brought down either
By entertainment or a dialogue gone sour
The stethoscope imprinted on high-pitched
Voices slams decision making with a factual
Array of codes, the customary screaming
Leaves lodestones of after-power,
And advances most of the semesters
To include a raw pinched dream
Of stapled spree across the dredge
Of water, being only human there is wagering and
Tact astride the factual immersion