Wonderful, yes, brilliant, yes dazzzzling! she said, taking off her scarf.  Perfect, just, simply perfect, she said, pulling off rings and rings and rings.  Fine, fine, fine, she continued, continuing, in compliance with the latest directives, to 'remove.'  I am removing now, she said, rolling her rrr and removing a red silk dress revealing a blue silk dress which gave onto green and then yellow and then turquoise and then etc. silk dresses beneath.  We worked in relays.  We often, because she removed so quickly, fell behind. Bravo, mes braves, she would say as we pulled off a pile of satin, or cut velvet that had been encumbering her progress.  Magnifique! she said, several years having passed, as she bent to slip off her stockings, endless stockings, they were unusually sheer and, as soon as they had left those long long fingers, were swept up by the warm air to vanish, erased, when the warm warm wind swept them across the sun.