A Report from the Field

The attached log entry was discovered "folded, sealed and wedged eye-level in the South-West wall near the beginning of the 4th Corridor" by the Sous-Lieutenant of the Second Upper Nile Expeditionary Force under the Command of Major Silas Tomkyn Comberbache, and was dispatched, by relay, to Expedition Camp I, along with a request for supplementary rations and "further instruction":

14 September 18**

It would be fair to say that those transcriptions of the design with which they supplied us, that even now we continue, must continue, to employ, are quite simple, are, in fact, elementary: 16 turns and 16 curved corridors and not a wrong turn to be taken: any child with a lead could have traced it, and we do.  However, what they failed to provide with their in-all-aspects elegantly drafted transcription was an accurate scale.  Already we are few.